Friday, June 16, 2006

Marxist Blowhards For Mumia

All great historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice ... the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.
-Karl Marx

(Scene of the crime. Notice the blood of Officer Faulkner on the sidewalk)

Howard Keylor, a hardline communist being his only credential “wrote”, recently, an article posted at that criticized a bill introduced by Pennsylvania lawmakers that would condemn the French city of St. Denis for it’s naming a street after Jamal.

The problem is of course, that Keylor in true Stalinoid form cannot separate fact from fiction.

He claims for example that:

“Mumia's brother did NOT travel "the wrong way down a one-way street." They lifted that out of the description of the events on the cop's website, but had those folks read their Bible, the trial protocols, they would know that Cook came on LOCUST from the direction Juniper/Broad Street

First of all, there is no such thing as a “trial protocol”, at least in the context Keylor is attempting to use the term in. There are, however, trial transcripts and Keylor would do good to read them.

According to everything I have seen, William Cook was traveling the wrong way down a one way street. He was heading down Locust and towards 12th street where he was pulled over.

But even if Keylor is correct in his assertion, the facts in regards to Jamal shooting Officer Faulkner do not change. And if anything is particularly relevant as far as William Cook is concerned it is the fact that when he was given the chance to exonerate his brother at the scene of the crime he chose not to do so.

Keylor is correct in one of his arguments. It is true that no one has ever argued that Mumia struck Faulkner in the back four times. But in the realm of fact versus fiction the glass house that Mumia’s supporters have built has long since been shattered. For if anyone should be condemned for egregious and purposeful misinformation it is the movement to “Free Mumia”.

Here again, we have Keylor resorting to the age old tactic of making shit up in the face of facts that do not conform to his convoluted sense of reality. Again, Keylor:

In actual fact, the prosecution claims that Mumia shot three to four times at Faulkner's FACE while the latter was lying prone on the sidewalk, shots the traces of which were never found in the sidewalk besides Faulkner's head, for the simple reason that they were never fired and the central part of the prosecution's case is a lie.”

Thankfully, we have witnesses to the crime who can refute Keylor’s politically inspired, yet crude attempts at propaganda.

According to Michael Scanlan, who was a mere sixty feet away from the scene of the crime, the following chain of events occurred

"Then the guy running across the street pulled out a pistol and started shooting at the Officer. He fired while he was running at the officer once, and the officer fell down. Then he stood over the officer and fired three or four more shots point blank at the officer on the ground." (12/9/81, 4:24 AM) Michael Scanlan affirmed this testimony under oath while on the stand at trial. He was asked whether or not Jamal’s gunfire hit the officer and responded affirmatively, "Yes sir. I could see that one hit the officer in the face. Because his body jerked, his whole body jerked. (N.T. 6/25/82, 8.8).

Since Keylor is so utterly convinced that it was not Mumia who blew Faulkner’s brains all over the sidewalk, than perhaps he could explain who did. And while he is at he should also explain why every round in Jamal’s gun had been fired. And finally, how is it that Keylor can so smugley dismiss the five witnesses that saw Jamal firing his weapon.

And here we have Keylor again, this time taking vulgar cynicism to a new and disturbing level

“Third, no one, not even the prosecution, claimed Mumia was found with his gun in his hand.”

The above statement is true in a half ass and obvious attempt at obfuscating the truth kind of way.

No, Jamal was not found with the gun in his hand. He was found reaching towards his gun that had fallen to the ground a few feet from him after he stumbled away from where he had shot Faulkner and had himself been shot in the exchange of gunfire. He was also wearing a shoulder holster for his pistol. And I say again, multiple witnesses saw Jamal shoot his weapon and witnesses saw Jamal running across the street gun in hand just prior to Faulkner being shot and killed.

And here Keylor goes again...

"In sum, this bipartisan resolution is a national disgrace (and were it not for the danger to Mumia's life, I'd say a laughing stock) and piece of trash, and the Philadelphia electorate should do their best to tell the representatives who submitted it where it belongs, namely on the trash heap."

The only thing remotely funny about this is the fact that aging Marxists are still trying to dry hump the Jamal mythology machine for their own personal gain. And I would be remiss if I didn't add that the only thing that belongs on the trash heap are the stupid and impotent communist rags that Keylor and his ilk squander their time writing and attempting to sell on street corners.S


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