Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Report From the "News Conference" At The FOP

Reprinted from And I must remind people that articles that I do not write on this blog do not neccesarily reflect my own views or opinions.

Today's protest outside FOP HQ was attended by Pam Africa, one (1) Black Panther Party wanna-be in his fake commando uniform, some whiny liberal white woman who looked older than a mummy, and some 6' 3" woman in need of dental work. They proved their stupidity with every word out of their collective mouths, and were countered by MULTIPLE concerned citizens.

(Picture of Scam Africa hard at work lying about something)

Construction workers were going into the lodge to buy Justice for Danny Faulkner shirts, concerned citizens and off-duties were out there to show support to our Lodge, and the construction crew had a "Fry Mumia" banner at their jobsite. We defended the memory of our fallen HERO Daniel Faulkner.

To the construction workers, OFF-DUTIES and everyone else who showed up to counter these MUMidiots---THANK YOU!

I think the best part was when they held up "HONK TO FREE MUMIA" signs and the got no beeps, just a slew of EFF yous and the like.

Real Philadelphians know Wesley Cook (Mumia Abu-Jamal) is a cold blooded cop-killer!!

P.S.--Screw FRANCE


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