Monday, May 29, 2006

MOVE Compares Journalist to "Hitler"

I am really starting to like the “Official” MOVE Statements too much. I doubt that they are meant to be so intentionally humorous, or they just end up that way, but I find them to be on some kind of strange dimension of the bizarre. They are like a child’s temper tantrum in pseudo-political form. They have reached the point of being completly unhinged and if they ever did have some form of relevance, they certainly don't know.

And what is even more fun than reading MOVE statements are picking them apart. I can’t control myself.

Perhaps a little context is necessary. Stu Bykofsky has been a Philadelphia columnist probably since I have been alive and he has probably written over a dozen articles about Mumia and MOVE, and of course this means they don’t like him.

Apparently, because he does not write for the “Revolutionary Worker” he is evil and bias. Well, like many in Philadelphia Bykofsky felt the need to write about “Mumia” street and what follows is the “Official” MOVE statement. The Bykofsky column is reprinted further down my blog. My own comments are in "italics"

May 26, 2006
To Stu Bykofsky
From: MOVE/Ramona Africa
We know that because you’re an American Patriot, it’s hard for you to understand anything that’s not dictated to you by your government’s propaganda,

I know that unless MOVE's leaders order you to that going to the bathroom is a struggle and that your Organization is so solipistic that it cannot fathom why anyone could be angry about a street named after an unapologetic killer.

...but you need to try to stop and think about this- The U.S. is the U.S., France is France, and not the U.S. When are you people gonna get it thru your heads you don’t control the world. There’s a whole world out there, outside of the U.S., full of people who have their own cultures, their own way of life and they haven’t asked for, nor do they need the U.S. dictating to them how to think and how to live

You mean France and the U.S. are different countries? Dear God! Does anyone else know this? Ramona just blew the lid one of the grandest conspiracies there ever were. Da Vinci Code my ass.

Correct me if I am wrong but is it not the French who are coming to the United States to tell us what to do with our murderers? Certainly we didn’t ask the French to come and “dictate” to us how to think and live. Good point, Ramona, just try to think about what a complete hypocrite you sound like

That’s been the problem with America’s relations with the rest of the world since time immortal, America, so bigoted, so high in the in-step, so opinionated, so judgmental, so dictatorial, just like you Stu Bykofsky.

What a promotion for Stu. Right up there with the great and evil empire. Was it not MOVE who tortured their neighbors and beat their neighbors and destroyed their neighbors for not thinking or agreeing with them?

Look at the way you’re talking about France and trying to tell the French what to do based on America’s dictates. Look at how you’re trying to trash Saint-Denis because they named a street after Mumia Abu Jamal.

Saint-Denis trashed themselves by allowing themselves to be tools of hardline communists who are so impotent that they have so few tactics left that they have been relegated to naming filthy streets after their murderous hero.

Talking about Saint-Denis had riots

Did they not have riots in the Saint-Denis area? that is a blight on the character of those people and the reason why they would do such a thing like name a street after Mumia Abu Jamal, who, to quote you, is a “criminal.” How do you know Mumia Abu Jamal is a criminal, just because he’s in prison!?

Mumia is a criminal because he has been adjudicated as such, because he was found guilty by a jury of his peers, because of the fact that the evidence demanded he be found guilty. How does Ramona know that Mumia is innocent? Because John Africa said so?

Do you know there are people being released from prison because they are found innocent, after the courts have found them guilty and labeled them as criminal. Obviously the courts make mistakes, you call yourself a columnist, you should know these things

That is true, but most of the people in jail deserve to be there and even MOVE members have candidly admitted to me that is the case. If our justice system were so vile, would not these innocent people stay in prison?

One thing is for sure, however, that is you don’t know nothing about Mumia Abu Jamal, but you do know a lot about being unfair, even though you are Jewish and you and your people are always crying about The Holocaust, expecting people to be sympathetic with you over Adolf Hitler and nazis but here you are being the Adolf Hitler, the nazi trying to kill off Mumia, a Black man, just like Hitler tried to kill off Jews, your people.

Stu does know that Mumia was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers that Jamal helped to chose. Should not the Jewish people “cry” about the Holocaust? Is six million people not a high enough a death toll to meet the standards of MOVE? Does Ramona and her cohorts travel the planet “crying” about the eleven people killed during the confrontation that MOVE started? And Hitler? Are you serious? Bykofsky did not even call for the death of Jamal. How hyperbolic can one get?

The U.S., its citizens and you Stu Bykofsky need to be concerned about child pornography, child rape, child abduction, molestation.

Is this perhaps not a Freudian slip? The U.S. should be very concerned with the fact that MOVE forces it’s 11-12 year old girls to become pregnant and “married” to older men. Is this not child rape? is this not molestation? Perhaps Stu should take up MOVE’s advice and pen an article about MOVE’s child abuse. Not to speak of the educational deprivation and psycholgical torture of MOVE kids being virtual slaves inside an authoritarian cult.

Saint-Denis had riots, America’s got babies being raped.

Yes, Saint-Denis has had riots and maybe this latest stunt is designed to divert the French people’s many domestic problems by pointing towards the United States. And yes, America has babies being MOVE.

Saint-Denis named a street after Mumia Abu Jamal, America dropped a bomb on MOVE, on a street May 13, 1985. You got your priorities mixed up Stu. All you wanna do is build a reputation for yourself and further your career, you don’t care about Saint-Denis or Mumia Abu Jamal one way or the other. It’s all about maintaining your job and making money, even when it’s off the blood of a living being, in this instance, Mumia Abu Jamal

Stu’s journalistic reputation is sterling and he doesn’t need to play the role of hack as does Mumia Abu-Jamal,


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