Sunday, October 02, 2005

Guess Who Is Back???????????????????????

In Response to the Month-long MOVE Exhibition at The Africa-American Museum In Philadelphia Starting October 7th

One wonders what should be done about an “Organization” that at one time kept it’s mostly African-American neighbors under a state of siege for nearly a year. An “Organization” who’s founder sacrificed the lives of eleven African-American’s in pursuance of his convoluted and hopelessly violent delusions. An “Organization” that to this day deprives the African-American youngsters in it’s midst of any semblance of an education.

The people who run the African-American Museum in Philadelphia seem to believe that such a group should be given a platform to spread their nihilistic fantasies and revisionist history

This group is MOVE, and even now, as I write these words, a specter of suspicion lingers over the group due to the still unsolved murder of one of it’s former members, John Gilbride. Eight members of the group are currently imprisoned for the 1978 murder of a Philadelphia Police Officer and the groups chief proponent Mumia Abu-Jamal, is himself on Death Row for the slaying of another Philadelphia Police Officer.

So why would a Museum which has received funds from the city be providing a forum for a group that has been found responsible for the deaths of two city employees?

I am of the opinion that the administration of the African-American Museum owe an explanation to not only the victims of MOVE’s violence throughout the years, but also to the taxpayers who are unwittingly helping to foot the bill for MOVE’s month long propaganda mission. I say this as someone who was once close to MOVE, lived in their homes, spewed their lies, and who has since come to reject the groups, message, tactics, and hatred.

Having MOVE set up an exposition at the African-American Museum would be like having a neo-Nazi group set up camp at the Holocaust museum in D.C.

It was MOVE who violently attacked their black neighbors on Osage Avenue. It was MOVE who tormented these same neighbors with a bullhorn at all hours of the night. It was MOVE who took an African-American neighborhood hostage for an entire year and than turned the neighborhood into a war-zone, complete with a heavily fortified bunker. And it would be MOVE’s leader, John Africa, who would send 10 African-Americans to their death in his pointless war against the city of Philadelphia. A war that would lead to the devastation of a nearly all black, working class, neighborhood in West Philadelphia.

It was MOVE who constructed the now thoroughly discredited movement to “Free Mumia”. A movement that would ensnare in it’s deceptive grasp a number of well-meaning, but misguided, black politicians, intellectuals, and activists, who have found their respectability diminished by their involvement with the faux Jamal cause.

As if this were not all bad enough, it is MOVE’s leaders who actively work to keep the children in their grasp as ignorant as possible. Girls of twelve are expected to not only have sex, but have children. These same girls can barely write their own names. They know nothing but MOVE and they have almost no chance at freedom. They are, for lack of a better word, slaves.

Perhaps the African-American Museum should have an exhibition on MOVE. One that chronicles the war that the group has waged on the African-American community for over thirty years.

I would encourage people to contact the Museum directly and query them as to why they are providing a group that has wrought so much destruction and death upon the African-American community a voice.

The African American Museum in Philadelphia 701 Arch Street (7th & Arch Streets) 215.574.0380 | Fax: 215.574.3110


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