Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Can't Make This Stuff Up!

It seems that every time I think that the "Free Mumia/MOVE" crowd cannot sink any deeper, I am proven wrong.

A couple of days ago this little gem was posted on the website of the International Concerned Family And Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal website. It says in part that:

"The MOVE 9 have been in prison since 1978 serving 30-100 year sentences following a massive police assault on their home in Powelton Village, Philadelphia where a police officer was killed by an unidentified bullet.""Unidentified"?


This is a new one to me. As long as I had been around MOVE they had claimed that Ramp was shot by the police. Now they want to claim that the bullet was "unidentified"?

This new story put forward by MOVE, just the same as the old, is simply not true.

As anyone who reads this blog, or bothers to investigate the case of the "MOVE 9" knows, the bullet that killed Ramp came from a MOVE weapon. A weapon that was purchased by a MOVE member. A weapon that witnesses testified they observed MOVE members clutching in the basement.

Maybe the next theory about Ramp is that he is not actually dead at all. Maybe he is chilling in the same tropical paradise that John Gilbride is at. Or maybe MOVE is just full of shit...I'll place my bets on the latter.


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