Wednesday, April 27, 2005

When Hate Goes To Far

"...Isn't it essential, right away, isn't it vital to stand fast, not to give in, to plead, more than ever, for the truth,...-Bernard Henri-Levy, War, Evil, And the End of History

Since leaving the MOVE cult and speaking out about my experiences with the group over a year ago, some pretty lurid and derogatory invective has been slung my way. Most of it has come from my former friends and comrades within the group and a much smaller contingent of individuals who have appointed themselves to be apologists for the sect's misdeeds.

Of course, being the target of vicious and often deceitful accusations, comes with the territory of being a "whistle blower". I knew this before I said one word about MOVE and over the past twelve months or so, my lily white skin has grown more difficult to puncture by rhetorical barbs flung constantly in my direction.

But yesterday, a MOVE supporter went too far.

Yesterday, threats were made, my beautiful child was brought up by name in a despicable context, and my wife, who has suffered much more of MOVE's emotional cruelty than have I, was repeatedly disparaged. After it was clear to the author of these posts that he and his threats were not wanted, he persisted, and even tried to disguise his identity in a pathetic and desperate attempt to post more of his deranged screeds.

As much as I have an obligation to speak out about MOVE and allow at least a modest kind of debate about the sect to occur, I have a much larger obligation to my family's safety, security, and well being.

I also have an obligation to see to it that nobody who would come on to my website has to deal with threats of physical violence made against them because of their comments or opinions. The last thing that I would ever want would be someone from either side of the debate about MOVE to be hurt or worse because of something written by someone on this blog.

So, for the time being, at least, comments will be discontinued from this site.

It bothers me greatly to do this and it is not something that I do lightly. I have put up with people coming on here bashing my wife, as well as myself,. Like I said, it comes with the territory. And let's face it, I have dished it out just as much as I have taken it. But when someone comes onto this site and takes things to a physical level while at the same time speaking perversely of my beautiful child, that is where I have to say enough is enough.

There has been enough violence associated with MOVE, and this site will not be a forum that will allow anyone to encourage it. For we all know that death and pain needs no advocates, especially within the context of a cult that is awash in the blood of its victims and whose apostates carry deep emotional scars from their time within MOVE.

Yesterday's episode of MOVE inspired hatred once again reminded me of how the two most salient elements of an authoritarian sect a commitment to deceit and a willingness to inspire and commit violence, are indissolubly related.

In order for a group like MOVE to exist, it can never become tolerant of its critics views. This is because, as an extremist religious cult, its membership considers the group infallible. In reality, no one can bear claim to such a thing. So it is oftentimes necessary to rearrange past events, in order to show that mistakes were not made and to display to adherents imaginary triumphs, where in reality, there is a swath of defeats.

The other, more dangerous, aspect of this constant historical revisionism consists of writing people right out the groups history, or at the very least, making up fantastical and outrageous stories about people. This is done through the incubation and circulation of outrageous conspiracy theories spread about as a means of obfuscation and a very good way of controlling current members of the sect.

For if MOVE members and supporters learn anything from my plight and that of my posthumous friend, John Gilbride, it is that if you cross MOVE, you will be confronted with shameless and oftentimes perverse accusations created in order to cause maximum mental anguish and fear.

For example, the silly lie about me being a teenage police informant and the grotesque lie about John Gilbride sipping Mai-Thais on a tropical paradise after he was murdered in New Jersey display this paticularly Stalinoind tendency of the group quite well. With MOVE, the examples of such contempt for truth are as plentiful as they are just plain creepy and stupid.

But I would be remiss if I did not take talk of threats from the MOVE camp seriously, for we know that on multiple occasions members or supporters have tried to make good on such threats. Nobody who cares should forget that just days before John Gilbride was brutally gunned down, he was in court recounting how a MOVE supporter had threatened him in the midst of an ambush at the home of his ex-wife, MOVE leader, Alberta Africa.

The legacy of MOVE and its violence is long and arduous and very telling. Let nobody be deluded by this group's flowery propaganda of peace and love ad-nauseam..

The real MOVE is what we saw on this blog yesterday. The real MOVE is what we have seen in days past and, if left un-checked and free of monitoring, it is the MOVE that I am quite sure that we will see again.

For me, I have seen enough of MOVE's violence and it's misguided and pathetic band of apologists.


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