Saturday, October 04, 2008

News on Mumia Documentaries

(filmaker Tigre Hill and author David Horowitz)

In an enormous display of poor taste and an obvious jab at the family and friends of Daniel Faulkner, the Sundance Channel will be airing the pro-Mumia film “In Prison My Whole Life” on December 8 of this year.

The film, financed by British actor Colin Firth, is grossly sympathetic to Faulkner’s murderer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Stocked with the usual parade of celebrities and activists, the film is low on substance and high on hype.

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Another film, this one by Philadelphia native, Tigre Hill, is still in production. Titled "The Barrel Of A Gun", it is a sweeping and ambitious project that has taken Hill around the world. Unlike all of the other films to take on the Jamal controversy, Hill’s may be the first to actually delve deep enough to get to the truth, that is if it to doesn’t fall into the abyss of celebrity worship.

It is reported that Hill has enlisted writer Gerald Posner to be a part of the production. Posner, an acclaimed investigative journalist has taken on the Kennedy Assassination, the Saudi connection with 9/11, and other controversial issues, will hopefully not shy away from the truth of the Jamal case.

Hill’s film, set for release in 2009 has a website with links to it's Facebook and Myspace pages at


At 1:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is NO truth that Gerald Posner hasn't shied away from! A shill and "professional debunker" (one of the most noxious breeds on the face of the planet), Pooze's function is to muddy and sully the truth so badly it can't ever be discerned.

"Investigative journalist" MY ASS! HE IS NEITHER!!!


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