Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Murdered By The MOVE Organization

(pic of John Gilbride)

As the summer season ends and as fall begins, John Gilbride should be busy enjoying the love of life with the son that bears his name.

John ought to be going to his son’s school orientation and absorbing the fact that his little boy isn’t so little anymore and is another year smarter and stronger. Father and son should have already started the debate over what the latter should be for Halloween. And as football season kicks in, the two should be hollering at the TV during Sunday NFL games.

An ordinary life was what John demanded for his son. It was a demand un-heeded, a demand responded too with threats, a campaign of terror and disinformation, and one that ultimately ended in John’s murder. An unsolved killing to be sure, but one that all know who bears responsibility for.

All of the things we who are parents take for granted was all that John Gilbride wanted for his little boy. His dreams for his little boy are not unlike the dreams that any parent has for their son. Freedom, an education, hope...all the things that are held to be inalienable rights were all of the things John wanted for his little boy.

John also wanted to love his son without the overbearing cruelty and yoke of absolute, cultish, control that John had come to loathe in MOVE. He wanted to care for and love his son without having to lay prostrate at the throne of MOVE’s resident little Cesar, Alberta Africa. MOVE’s leader, Alberta, was also John’s ex-wife who hated him, his desire to be with his son, and most importantly, hated the fact that John had moved out of the yoke of her oppression and was thriving without her and without MOVE.

She killed him with her hate. She may have not pulled the trigger, but make no mistake, she killed him with hatred as sure as the bullets that tore through his body killed him. Without her abiding contempt for him those cowards who stalked him and gunned him down would have never received their killing orders. Make no mistake about that.

It has been six years since John was murdered. I predicted that his killers would be behind bars by now, but I have been proven wrong. Those responsible for John walk the streets as free men with shackled souls. I hope, if nothing else, that the un-avenged apparition of John haunt their nights and twist their days into a mixture of tension and fear that the hammer may fall at any moment. I hope they live with the reality that justice may come from either the authorities or from MOVE itself, fearful that a traitor will be made and that the truth may set someone free, the cult of death may just kill again.

Six years have gone by and all of MOVE’s bullshit theories about John have been thoroughly repudiated and cast into the dustbin where they belong. All of the cult’s vapid and self-serving attempts at post-mortem, character assassination, attempts have long since passed the point of diminishing returns and similarly have been discarded.

What MOVE wants most right now is for John Gilbride’s name to not pass anyone’s lips. They want people to forget that the little boy he fought and died to protect and free from MOVE remains imprisoned by the cult. The little, white, genetically engineered messiah, is a commodity for MOVE and not a child with independent worth and a free mind. He is a slave to the whims of a bloated, wannabee Caligula with blood soaked hands. A hypocrite who lives in complete defiance of the very moral code she claims to be the representative of. She keeps John’s son close to her, like a coveted spoil of war, not the innocent child that he is. I don’t consider her a parent, because a parent cares for a child. Alberta is programming a child.

In the memory of John Gilbride I struggle onward.

(For more about John Gilbride's murder go to themoveorganization.com)


At 1:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“If you murder an innocent man you are responsible for the blood of his son and any unborn descendants, and the weight of this responsibility is yours to carry to the end of time”

"If murder is forgiven, Heaven will find it hard to bear"

Long Live John Gilbride....

At 8:24 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This puts another spin on a side effect of Johns' murder. His son is going to someday want answers and hopefully he will not just take the word of MOVE on what happened.

I am sure MOVE has been telling him their spin on things.

I feel so sad for this child. I pray that someday he will be able to escape the brain washing of MOVE.


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