Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Police Say No To Honoring Mumia Supportive Politico



The Fraternal Order of Police – New Jersey State Lodge has asked organizers of Newark’s St. Patrick’s Day parade to reverse their decision to dedicate this year’s parade to U.S. Congressman Donald M. Payne.

The police organization made its request by letter to Kevin P. Frey, general chairman of the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee.“Congressman Payne does not deserve this honor,” said FOPNJ president Edward R. Brannigan. “His disrespect for police officers and apparent sympathy for a convicted cop killer is repugnant and undeserving of any honor.”

On December 6, 2006 the U.S. House of Representatives voted to condemn a decision by St. Denis, France to rename a street in honor of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Known at the time as Wesley Cook, Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering 25-year-old Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner on December 9, 1981.The House resolution condemning the street renaming passed by an overwhelming 368-31 vote. Payne was one of the 31 House members to vote against the resolution.“Congressman Payne’s vote against condemning an honor for a convicted cop killer is a slap in the face of every law enforcement officer and the family of Daniel Faulkner," said Brannigan, a retired Newark police officer and Grand Marshal of the city's 2004 St. Patrick's Day Parade. "Newark’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee should reverse its decision to honor Payne, or risk sullying it’s own reputation by disrespecting Officer Faulkner’s sacrifice.”

The Fraternal Order of Police is the world's largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 318,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges. The FOP is the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities. It is committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation.

CONTACT: Ernest Landante, Jr., Novita, 609-989-1000

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Death of "Mumia Street"

At last count over 31,000 have signed the petition to keep the streets of NYC from being sullied by the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

For me, and I think many others, this has been quite a learning experience.

First of all, I never expected such a successful campaign, especially with such little mainstream media coverage. Aside from a small blurb in the Philadelphia Inquirer there was little in the way of interest on the part of journalists.

However, where the newspapers had no room for this story, the blogosphere was another issue altogether. The petition was spread all over the country and in fact the world by regular people who were compelled by moral indignation to make a stand against the deification of a murderer.

The success of the petition was that of those many people and had little to do with me.

Another surprise for me was the amount of email I received from those people who were actually nominally supportive of Jamal, but who thought that naming a street after him to be a stretch of faith that not even the best efforts of the Jamal propaganda machine could support.

There was a time, and it wasn’t too long ago, when an effort to name a street after Jamal would have been met with widespread support. Those days are gone. As of this writing, the pro-Mumia street petition has just barely reached over 500 names after being hyped by the Jamal devotees since late September. This can be seen as nothing more than an unmitigated failure and it certainly should escape nobody’s attention that barely any of those who signed are neither from NYC or Philadelphia.

As I reported before, a member of the NYC City Council did finally respond to the issue of "Mumia street", a statement that was morally ambiguous and has been criticized for not going far enough, but this is what one can expect from politicians so far removed from the facts and reality of Mumia and the depths of lies propagated on his behalf.

In the aforementioned statement from the NYC city council member, it was said that streets were generally named for the deceased.

Mumia, in a less than abstract way might already fit that category of a being at room temperature.

His essays are as predictable as those from a totalitarian state. His slavish devotion to MOVE and John Africa which helped to seal his fate during his 1982 trial have further diminished his moral compass and intellectual capacity as the years have worn upon him.

He has to sit in his death row cell churning out cheap propaganda and books that sell less and less at each publication.

His support network, having fractured at the beginning of the decade is now chiefly composed of Marxist ideologues and other "dead-enders" who are still scraping together pitiful efforts on his behalf while pleading for money to keep their sinking cause afloat.

But perhaps worse for Mumia than even death is the fact that he is increasingly irrelevant. His supporters reduced to casting their hero as a deity of a dying faith.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NYC City Council Speaker Says No To "Mumia Street"

After a couple of weeks of silence we finally have word from the NYC City Council with regards to the naming of a street after Jamal. I think this statement pretty much makes it clear that there will be no "Mumia Street" in Harlem. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and worked so hard to get the word out. The letter from the speaker of the NYC City Council follows:

"Thank you for your e-mail concerning your opposition to an alleged proposal to rename a street in Harlem after Mumia Abu Jamal. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on an issue that is so important to you personally.

As you may know, requests for commemorative street renamings such as the one you described must be formally submitted to the Council by the Council Member in whose district the street is located.

I had members of my staff look into the matter, and was informed that the Council has not received any such request for Mumia Abu Jamal.

Furthermore, commemorative street renamings are generally awarded only posthumously. To the best of my knowledge, Mumia Abu Jamal is still alive, and is therefore not eligible to have a street renamed after him.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to me with your concerns.

If I can assist you further in any way, please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly by visiting the Council’s website at www.nyccouncil.info and following the link to contact the Speaker at the bottom of the page."

Sincerely,Christine C. Quinn
SpeakerNew York City Council

Discuss Mumia? Not At The "Independent Media Centers"

(Editor's Note: The Philly IMC still allows Tony Allen to post on their site)

I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming.

Ever since I have been writing about my experiences with the Mumia movement as well as my former affiliation with MOVE there have been those who have committed themselves to making sure that what is written is seen by as few people as possible.

These individuals, under the auspices of protecting the ideal of free expression and exchange have diligently labored to undermine my right to express myself in forums whose stated purpose is to foster such debate and discussion.

I would like to say that these people have failed in their efforts of censorship, but such is not the case at least with regards to the IMC.

A few months back I was banned by the NYC IMC after posting an article critical of Mumia and Pam Africa. Their official explanation for this act of removal was that I was a "right wing troll".
Since that time I haven’t bothered much with the IMC as I had, and continue to have, other things of greater importance to deal with. One of the projects that I have turned my attention to is a petition I started in response to one initiated by the New York Coalition to Free Mumia to name a street in Harlem after Jamal. In just a few weeks time I had over 25,000 signatures and was inundated by emails from people requesting more info etc...

Than, a day or so ago, it came to my attention that someone had tried to post my press release about the petition at the San Francisco IMC and the article was "hidden", or to put it plainly removed from public view by the administrators at the site. I tried myself to post the article on the site and it was removed within a couple of hours, at which point I attempted to post at other IMC sites with the same result.

I should mention that I have posted dozens of articles on various IMC websites since leaving MOVE and the "Free Mumia" cause, and there are usually sparks that fly after I do so. But, I would argue that such debates are integral to the whole concept of "Independent media". I would also argue that the issues that surround Jamal’s case are worthy of discussion and that since Jamal’s case and writings are often prominently displayed on IMC sites that such discussion would seem to be welcome.

This of course is not the case. For if there is one thing that the supporters of Mumia cannot afford at this point, it is rational, sober, and intelligent debate. The fact being that the whole Jamal facade is one that is as contrived, ill-conceived, and laden with easily discredited myths as any there is.

It is not an exaggeration at all to say that there are people who have tremendous personal investment in the perpetuation of Mumia mythology. And while the Jamal movement inches it’s way towards irrelevancy and the dustbin of bad ideas, there is still a pretty penny to be made off of the dread locked "voice of the voiceless". For those cynical enough, there is still some life to be squeezed out of the morally bereft and increasingly lifeless cult of personality of Mumia. There are still some t-shirts and books to sell. It is blood money of course, but when has that ever stopped people like Dave Lindorff or Pam Africa? The fact that Jamal is an unrepentant murderer who shot another human being in the back is hardly anything to give pause to those who see in Jamal something for themselves.

And it is those people who are responsible for the stifling of debate when it comes to Mumia. Such discussions are inconvenient obstacles to their ideological battles and money making ventures. They care not for the facts of the case and I think that I can say as someone who was for many years involved with the movement that many know that Jamal is guilty as hell and care not. Just in the same way they claim to be for free speech, yet when the opportunity arises they will do what they can to squelch speech they see as an impediment to their cause. The irony of course being that these are the same people who enable Jamal to write his books, publish them, put his radio commentaries on the air, and scream censorship at the moment anyone takes issue with a convicted murderer’s warped opinions being broadcast over the public airwaves.

But at the end of the day I feel no personal loss and will not loose any sleep over being banned from the IMC. It is their loss and not mine. They are the ones who are putting on display for all who care to see, the frailty of their cause and the looseness to which they hold onto their own ideals. They can censor me and "hide" inconvenient posts, but they cannot rewrite history and keep a grip on their revisions forever. Truth has this way of wiggling it’s way free of the grasp of cynical ideologues who use what petty little power trip they have to shut people out of debates.

Friday, February 09, 2007

(Press Release) 25,000+ Say No To Mumia Street


On September 27th 2006 "activists" acting in support of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal began an online petition to gather signatures in their effort to convince the New York City Council to name a street in Harlem after Jamal. To date they have garnered some 500 signatures.

On January 24, 2007, Tony Allen, a former Jamal and supporter and the founder of the "MOVE Watch" website and the Anti-MOVE blog, posted an online petition of his own, which now has received over 25,000 signatures.

It is clear that "the people" reject the idea of rewarding a murderer.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted in 1982 for the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner and was sentenced by a jury of his peers to death. Despite a quarter century of appeals that have reached all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Jamal remains in prison although in 2001, a judge vacated Jamal’s death sentence. Both Jamal and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office have appealed the ruling. Arguments are expected to be heard on these appeals early this year.

In the mid 1990's a host of far-left extremists and more mainstream groups latched onto Mumia and made him a poster child for the anti-death penalty movement. A rigorous campaign of disinformation became to take form as Jamal’s attorneys and ardent supporters spun a web of deception about Jamal’s case that painted him as a "political prisoner" who was on death row for his political beliefs.

However, as the years have wore on more of the facts concerning Jamal have become publicly available including the trial transcripts of his 1982 trial. The appearance of the truth of Jamal’s overwhelming guilt coupled with other issues have caused the movement to free him to severely decline in popularity in the United States.

In many European countries however, the "Mumia myth" persists to this day.

In April of last year a street in France was named for Jamal and prior to that, Jamal was named an "honorary citizen" of Paris. In response, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution with a vote of 368 to 31 condemning the city of St. Denis France for their honoring of Jamal.

The members of the New York City Council have remained mute on this issue despite numerous overtures towards them to take a stand on this issue and declare publicly whether or not they would support the naming of a street after an unrepentant cop-killer, who espouses an anti-American ideology that strays not far away from the 9/11 hijackers.

According to Tony Allen who started the "Say No To Mumia Street" petition:

" It is unconscionable to even consider naming a street in Harlem or any street anywhere after such a despicable human being. Mumia murdered a civil servant in cold blood and has never shown even a remote sense of remorse or regret. Rather he flaunts his "celebrity while his supporters taunt and disparage the family of the murdered Officer Faulkner.

His guilt is apparent to anyone who bothers to fully investigate the case, and those who support him are either woefully misguided or morally blinded by their political agendas. The thought of honoring this man who brutally murdered a young police officer in the prime of his life is ludicrous.

This in a city in which so many of it’s "first responders" surrendered their lives so that others may live on 9/11. A city with thousands of heroes known and so many unknown who would be deserving of an honor that the Jamal devotees want to squander of their murderous hero.
What kind of message do we send to young people by naming a street after a killer? Shoot a cop, write some books, and get your name on a street sign? It is madness.

As a former supporter and activist of who worked on behalf of Jamal for nearly a decade and who now has reversed my position in the face of overwhelming evidence, I must whole heartedly denounce this effort to defile an American street with Jamal’s name and I encourage anyone of conscience to do the same."

For more information on the "Not To Mumia Street" petition go to http://antimove.blogspot.com or email sept27th2002@yahoo.com

The information about Jamal’s case can be viewed at http://danielfaulkner.com

The petition to name the Harlem street for Jamal comes from this website http://freemumia.com

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who Really Wants "Mumia Street" In NYC?

(Pic of MOVE's Minister of Dis-Information Ramona Africa)
There is an upcoming program in NYC that is being organized by MOVE supporters will be the cast of characters who are responsible for the foul campaign to name a NYC street after murderer and MOVE-cult, apologist, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

From the website of the NYC Free Mumia Coalition:

"February 175-8pm AT THE brecht forum451 west street(Between Bank and Bethune Streets)

On Saturday, February 17, New York Friends of MOVE and the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) will be hosting an interactive forum on the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and its active role in the targeting of U.S. Political Prisoners. The program will include a panel discussion, Q and A, and a short video. Panelists include:

-Pam Africa of the ICFFMAJ-

-Michael Africa Jr. of the MOVE Organization-

-Suzanne Ross of the FMAJC NYC-

-Herman Ferguson, former Political Prisoner-

-Paulette d'Auteuil of Jericho NY-



It goes without saying that this is a band of losers trumpeting a lost cause. Their plot to name a street to name a street after Jamal is in shambles despite their best efforts. At last count the "Mumia street" petition is nearing just 500 names while the petition opposing it will likely hit 25,000 within the next couple of days.

I would encourage people to go and express their displeasure with these fanatics and their cruelly misguided efforts to profane a street after Jamal, not to mention the fact that they, if given their way, would free this cowardly butcher in a minute.

But I would warn anyone who would do so that these people are sociopaths and the MOVE crew is violent. MOVE is a murderous cult whose trail of blood can be traced through my other website and on this blog. They exist on a steady diet of fear and care not for "life" as they claim, but instead bow at the alter of death and murder and all that is wrong and ugly in this world.
Be aware and cautious...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Contact NYC City Council Members

To my knowledge no member of NYC City Council has put forth the idea of naming any street in Harlem after Jamal.

As best we can tell, the idea came from the NY Coalition to Free Mumia and they are still in the stages of attempting to build some kind of momentum for their idea of rewarding Jamal for his crime of the murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner. We know that the City of San Francisco honored Jamal with a day back in 1997. And than of course many of you know that a street was recently named for Mumia in France. So the notion of adulation being heaped upon this murderer is not at all without precedent or possibility.

Which is why of course I started the petition that has in just over a week’s time garnered over 18,000 signatures, which according to gopetition.com makes this petition the most active one in their network.

In order to get a "jump" on the Jamal fanatics I think it the next logical step in the campaign to keep "Mumia" street out of New York is to contact the members of their City Council members and obtain from them a promise that they will never vote to name a street in NYC for a convicted murderer, not to speak of a convicted and un-repentant cop-killer who is not even from New York City.

Contact the representatives of the city of New York, remind them of the crime that Jamal committed, explain that those behind this attempt to profane a street with his name are those who hate this country and therefore the city, let them know that the naming of a street after a brutal killer is unacceptable at any time and any place.

If any council members respond in any form or fashion we would appreciate you contacting us via email at sept27th2002@yahoo.com. We have attempted to contact the City Council’s speaker and have received no response

Here is the contact info for the NYC City Council members:

Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Charles Barron
District Office Phone No.: (718) 649-9495/9496

Yvette D. Clarke

Leroy G. Comrie, Jr.

Inez Dickens (represents Harlem)
District Office Phone No.: (212) 678-4505

Erik Martin Dilan

Dennis P. Gallagher

Melinda R. Katz

G. Oliver Koppell

Jessica S. Lappin

Melissa Mark Viverito

Michael C. Nelson

Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.

Diana Reyna
(718) 963-3141

James Sanders, Jr.

Peter F. Vallone, Jr.

Thomas White, Jr.

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