Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let Us Call MOVE What It is: A Terrorist Organization

I will never stop reminding people of the date of Sept 27th 2002. For that was the day that I believe MOVE members and supporters murdered John Gilbride.

That John’s killers walk the streets is an injustice. That those who are responsible for his murder are mis-guiding the life of his young son is an outrage that could almost leave one speechless.


The Burlington County Prosecutors Office will still tell you that John’s case is “active”, and that is about it. For now, this is something that I think that we should be content with.

But, in my mind, the Burlington County Prosecutors Office should not be the only ones on the job investigating MOVE members and supporters.

It is time for the city of Philadelphia to step up and end their “hands off” policy towards the Organization. It is time that the members and supporters of MOVE be compelled to live under the same laws and rules that the rest of us have to.

MOVE is an Organization that has, in the past, threatened to “hit reservoirs”, kill the President of the United States, initiated a confrontation that culminated with the devastation of an urban neighborhood, and whose members and supporters have been found guilty of murdering civil servants. They openly and actively advocate the destruction of the United States and they have provided propagandistic support to other groups that have been identified by the government as being “terrorist” entities.

What else does a group need to do to be labeled as a “terrorist” organization

Although the members of MOVE are not jihadists, they have proven that they are not above using the tactics of the Islamo-fascists that now are considered our nations greatest threat.

MOVE members have killed before and will kill again if the group is allowed to continue to exist.

Let us give MOVE the label that members of the group have earned for it, that of “terrorists”, and let us treat them accordingly.

Write and encourage the following government agencies and departments to do what the facts and the safety of our citizens demand:

Philadelphia Federal Bureau of Investigations

Philadelphia District Attorneys Office

U.S. State Department

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who Is Gary Wonderlin? And Why Should You Care?

Who is Gary Wonderlin?

Chances are, unless you have been around MOVE a good bit, you haven't a clue.

And MOVE's leaders like it that way.

Wonderlin, a middle aged, white haired, white man is not the image that is brought forth when you think of MOVE. And that is one of the reasons that Wonderlin is so valuable to the group.

Wonderlin, is also married to Alberta Africa, MOVE's unacknowledged leader and serves as father figure to her young son. The boy's real fathers name was John Gilbride. The same John Gilbride that was gunned down while in a custody dispute with Alberta and MOVE in back in 2002.

Just a couple of months after Gilbride's death, Gary Wonderlin got a big promotion within the tiny world of MOVE. He married the queen of MOVE herself, Alberta Africa.

This was quite a step up for Wonderlin to say the least. He had been a MOVE supporter for over twenty years, yet his mannerisms were strange and eccentric and there were even muted whisperings about his sexuality (not a good thing at all in MOVE). Gary was a freak amidst a collection of freaks, but his loyalty to MOVE and especially to MOVE leader, Alberta Africa was never something that was in question.

It was known around the Organization if some sly, dirty work needed to be done, that Gary would be the one to do it. Whether handing out libelous flyers about MOVE's opponents or calling reporters with cryptic threats, no task was to underhanded for Wonderlin to take on. Especially if it was at the behest of Alberta or her shrill and Nazi-esque, clone Sue Africa.

What was clear to me while I was in MOVE was that Gary was fiercely protective of Alberta and her son. To say that he loved her and the child would not be an overstatement at all. Obsession would be also be a word I could use without sounding hyperbolic to describe Wonderlins unhealthy affinity for all things Alberta.

It is a known fact that most violent crimes are committed out of "passion". It is often only a deep up swelling of emotion that drives one towards extreme and cruel and seemingly pointless barbarity. It is also a fact that it is these kinds of crimes are committed by those that we least "expect" it from. It is not likely that the killers of John Gilbride wore dread locks and smelled of garlic.

Hypothetically speaking, of course, what would it take to drive a mild-mannered, middle class, man of good legal standing, to commit a terrible and violent act?

Perhaps nothing more than the most basic of human emotions, love.

A misdirected and warped love of course. A love of a manipulative and evil woman who would be cynical enough to exploit such a base human emotion. A love of a group, a group that had long ago replaced the biological family with that of a generic one, a faux family, that oozed and dripped plagiarized emotion. Love for a child, a child that was supposedly in grave danger. A child that an evil government was bent on destroying through the means of an evil agent. A child who would grow up to lead the revolt against all that was wrong and to set things right. A child who had to be protected at any and all cost.

Sounds silly?

It is.

But this is this is a partial description of the mythological world that MOVE inhabits and when such dangerous perceptions exists, even more dangerous realities await anyone within MOVE's orbit.

MOVE's world is one where it would be perfectly acceptable to lay and wait and stalk a human being and than shoot them apart just as long as it is being done to "protect" MOVE. So long as the leaders of the cult have deemed it necessary. So long as the person or persons doing the deed have been sufficiently indoctrinated into ways of group think and of course if there is a payoff of some kind.

MOVE members tried desperately to kill police officers in 1978 and unfortunatly they completed their, John Africa, appointed, task. In 1981 Mumia sought to do the same and again met with success. In 1985, police officers lives were spared through a mix of body armor and luck. MOVE members are killers and no one should expect them to be anything else. We should, however, expect them to change their tactics every once in a while.

It is known now that after John Gilbride was killed, Gary Wonderlin got a big payoff. He married the widow of John Africa. He gets to help raise the child that John Gilbride should have had a chance to love and care for. He moved from his small, rat infested, dump of a home, to Alberta's upper middle class home in Cherry Hill. He got it all, and we all know that in the real world, and even in MOVE's convoluted one, nobody gets anything for free.

The question begs to be asked, and I have to wonder aloud, just what did Gary do to deserve his big promotion?

I do know one thing for sure and that is that Gary Wonderlin knows what he did to get his big bump up in the MOVE world. Maybe he can come out and share his big "secret" with the rest of us.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Boycott MOVE

I must preface this article by stating that math was never my strong point in school, but I think that I have pretty much gotten my statistics right insofar as this blog is concerned.

According to my research, the State of Pennsylvania has executed three people in close to thirty years.

Also, according to my calculations, the MOVE Organization, or their “supporters” must be held responsible for the deaths 13 people and as many as twenty in roughly the same span of time.

And when exactly did Mumia become an opponent of the death penalty? After he blew Officer Faulkner’s brains all over the sidewalk at 13th and Locust?

What about MOVE? Did they decide that killing was wrong after they tried to gun down a dozen or so Police Officers in 1978? (they did succeed in killing Officer James Ramp)

Or was it after John Africa effectively signed the death warrants for the six children in his care on May 13th 1985 when he forced them into his “suicide by cop” scheme that he decided to place some value on human life?

And what to speak of John Gilbride? The former MOVE member's death remains unsolved, yet a cloud of suspicion sits permantly afixed over MOVE's headquarters.

All of this and Ramona Africa still gets invites to sit on panels about “Tookie Williams” and the Death Penalty. Agents of death, pretending moral authority, all the while hiding the blood on their hands are asked to speak on protecting life.

Amazing and revolting at the same time.

Yet it is the state of Pennsylvania that is verbally bludgeoned as a “terror state” bent upon execution and murder.

Maybe my math is fuzzy, but something doesn’t add up.

This fact remains, but journalists like Dave Lindorff and the esteemed journalists at the Philly Independent Center continue to give MOVE a pass, a nod, and features Mumia on the site. All without the slightest bit of intellectual, not to speak of journalistic curiosity. Independent?....What a joke.

There must be something I don’t get. Perhaps somebody can explain it to me.

The pro-Mumia cabal has done a grave disservice to the death penalty abolitionist movement, by postulating Jamal as an “actually innocent”victim of a “COINTELPRO” style frame up. And when this well polished scheme was exposed as a merit less, subterfuge, the roaches ran to hide in the walls, leaving the mainstream anti-death penalty groups to attempt to pick up the pieces.

Amnesty International for example, after being hounded by the Mumia devotees finally capitulated and offered a sneeringly flawed examination of Jamal’s case that was riddled with shoddy research and easily refuted claims. The AI, Jamal piece remains a blemish on an otherwise positive group that has done real work to abolish the death penalty and end political imprisonment.

Another victim of the pro-Jamal thuggery was the group Equal Justice. Equal Justice, which is a product of the Quixote Center championed Jamal long before it became fashionable to do so. The work of the group, under the direction of Jane Henderson helped to place the Jamal, name, face, and cause within at least, the realm of the far-left. This work helped to surge Jamal’s case into the public spectrum and in doing so, stoked the ire of Pam Africa.

Africa, in a state of paranoid jealously accused Henderson and her group Equal Justice of nearly every impropriety under the sun. Supposedly, but not surprisingly, the main issue of contention was about money. Pam Africa wasn’t as good as raising money as was Equal Justice and so therefore a shake-down was needed. Africa demanded thousands of dollars, Henderson declined and you can guess the rest.

According to Pam Africa, Henderson was a profiteering racist at best or a government agent at worst. Either way, Equal Justice was out of the Mumia game and Pam got the Mumia funds headed her way and more importantly MOVE’s way. Henderson was demonized and the important anti-death penalty work of the group she headed was tarnished.

And who really knows where all of that money went? Financial records disappeared after supposed “government break-ins”. French dignitaries handed Pam Africa huge wads of cash, that I am sure was never reported. By the way. Does anyone know what Pam Africa does for a living? She always seems to have money. Where does it come from? I think I know. Perhaps an investigation should take place. Perhaps some new words should be introduced into Pam’s limited vocabulary. Extortion, money laundering, misappropriation of funds, fraud, etc...Something to look forward to anyway. Hey Pam, where have all of those “Millions for Mumia” gone? (and I ain’t talking about people).

Instead of boycotting Pennsylvania, as MOVE and their cronies have enjoined us to do, lets boycott MOVE, if anyone deserves to be ignored, boycotted and relegated to a corner of mediocrity, it is them.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mumia and the Madness that Follows

by Tony Allen

It seems that the quarter century legal saga of Mumia Abu-Jamal will continue on with no apparent end in sight. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal, convicted of the 1981 murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner, was granted the right to appeal his conviction to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals based on two constitutional issues, in addition to one granted earlier in 2001.

His defense attorneys called Tuesday's order "the most important decision" since 2001, while the district attorney's appellate chief Hugh Burns called it a "major blow."

The three issues include whether Abu Jamal's constitutional rights were denied in connection with the prosecutor's summation, preemptory challenge and alleged judicial bias in post-conviction proceedings.

The remnants of the Jamal cult are cautiously optimistic while Jamal’s detractors are responding with understandable frustration.

For nearly a quarter of a century the family of slain Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner have waited for the punishment that the jury Jamal himself helped to chose, be carried out.

But they have done more than sit in silent frustration awaiting the imposition of the verdict.

They, themselves, have been targeted for vicious rhetorical attacks by Jamal’s morally bereft legions of supporters. Maureen Faulkner, Danny’s widow, has been specifically singled out for abuse at the hands of the “Free Mumia” crowd. She has been spat upon and threatened, she has been accused of using the death of her husband to enrich herself, and she has had to endure the demonization of her husband who was killed so long ago.

As if killing Faulkner was not enough, Jamal’s supporters also sought to tarnish the reputation of Officer Faulkner with lurid accusations of police brutality and inappropriate contacts with prostitutes. While Jamal sits in a death row cell for the murder of Officer Faulkner, his devotees on the streets were seeking to kill the spirit of the Officer’s family with a spiteful and vindictive campaign of personal and oftentimes vulgar assaults.

It was if the Jamal foot-soldiers were making the case that even if Jamal was not the killer, that Faulkner deserved what was coming to him.
And what was it exactly that Daniel Faulkner got from Mumia Abu-Jamal, the failed journalist, MOVE cult apologist, and long-time police hater?

A cold blooded and merciless execution.

Mumia came up behind Officer Faulkner and in a fired one shot into the Officers back. Faulkner was spun around by the blast and managed to get off a shot of his own that struck Jamal in the abdomen. Faulkner, at this point was on the ground and virtually helpless. Jamal, although wounded had sufficient murderous intent to straddle Officer Faulkner and began blasting away at the fallen Officer. Jamal’s final and fatal shot struck Faulkner in the face killing Faulkner instantly. Jamal, tried to escape, but weakened by his own wound could only make it a few feet before he collapsed, where arriving Officers found him still struggling to reach the gun that had fallen from his hand.

People who knew Jamal upon hearing news of what had transpired reacted with disbelief. Mumia was a gentle man they would say, a compassionate man, a man who loved life and loved people. These were, however appraisals of Mumia that precluded the one thing in Jamals life that was starting to matter most to him.. The ultra-extremist MOVE cult. By the time that Mumia killed Faulkner, his life had started to unravel. Due to Jamal’s slavish determinism to cross the line from journalist to MOVE cult-apologist, his career had unraveled to the point that he was having to drive cabs late at night to make ends meet. At the time of the murder Jamal didn’t have much left. He wasn’t really a reporter anymore. He really wasn’t much of a family man anymore. What he was headed for was the dark world of the MOVE cult. A world that I am all to familiar with, having spent nearly a decade in it. It is a world where murder is easily justified and where lying isn’t really lying so long as done in the name of “revolution”. It is a world where you are supposed to sacrifice in order to be accepted. In order to succeed in MOVE you had to renounce those things which might allow you the chance to walk away from the sect, a job, a family, a true sense of morality.

Just how deep Mumia had fallen into the moral abyss that the MOVE cult offered when he assassinated Officer Faulkner is not clear. What is clear, is that over the years, Jamal has internalized MOVE’s disdain for truth and utter lack of remorse for the crimes that the groups members commit

For it was only three years the killing of Faulkner, that MOVE members, Mumia’s heros gunned down another Philadelphia Police Officer. Several other officers and firefighters were also shot that day while as they were attempting to extricate the MOVE cult members from their fortified, Powlehoton Village headquarters. Mumia watched the trial of the nine MOVE members charged from the incident intently. And when it would come time for Jamal to have his own trial he would repeatedly attempt to emulate his mentors attempts to turn the court proceedings into a three ring circus.

Has Jamal ever expressed any sense of sympathy or empathy towards Daniel Faulkner’s widow, Maureen? Hardly. In fact, and it has been proven to be a fact, that when Faulkner’s blood soaked shirt was held up in court, Jamal looked at Maureen and smiled. A brazen and callous act from a man who knows not shame or compassion. Qualities that also seem lacking in those that chose to make Jamal’s cause, that of their own.

The Mumia legal and organizing stratagems seems to revolve around the notion that if one flings enough excrement against a wall, that eventually something might stick.

When one conspiracy theory hits the wall of inevitable diminishing returns, the “Free Mumia” leadership is right there to conjure up more nonsensical and cynical schemes in order to con the public into believing that there is some kind of “justice” to be had for Mumia, a “voice of the voiceless”, a courageous “journalist”, a man who has been “railroaded” by a hopelessly corrupt judiciary.

But, Mumia, is none of those things. He is, and was, a master manipulator, who is the chief apologist for a cult that forces it’s illiterate twelve year old girls to be impregnated by not much older teenage boys. He is a murderer and a coward and a hack who can be expected to parrot whatever far-left political view is in vogue in order to pander to the still faithful.

And still Mumia has a few friends out there in the world. People like journalist Dave Lindorff who writes for the openly pro-Iraqi insurgent Counterpunch online journal and who dances like a fool to avoid the bevy of witnesses who saw Jamal slaughter Police Officer Faulkner.

People like Amira Baraka who had this to say about the catastrophic events of 9/11:

Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers
To stay home that day
Why did Sharon stay away?

So what does Jamal really have left at his side?

Aging Marxists who can’t accept defeat, much less that world as it truly is? Open anti-semites poets?

The usual band of Stalinists, Maoists, and other assorted imbeciles who live in a world where facts don’t matter only political affiliations?

The whacked out and murderous MOVE cult?

Why should we “Free Mumia” they say? Because he is a good leftist. That is all of the reason they need. Far leftist, faith based justice, armed with ignorance and a sickening disregard for the man that Mumia slaughtered and the Faulkner family that was broken and left behind is all that seems to be needed for the "Free Mumia" recipe.

Would there be books written by the likes of Lindorff if Jamal was just plain old "Wesley Cook", the cab driver? We all know the answer to that. People like Lindorff are much like proponents of creationism, who proceed from conclusion to evidence and assuming what should have to be proved. In his pro-Jamal tracts, Lindorff is offering our own leftist version of faith based idiocy. Because Jamal is of the left, he is therefore somehow good, or so the infantile mind might have one think. I think it just might be time for some of these people on the "Free Mumia" side of the table to start considering growing up and accepting the facts as they are and not how our political affiliations would like them to be,

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Save "Tookie"

I don’t think that I will make anyone I know happy by taking up for “Tookie Williams”.

No matter what you think about him, you cannot think that he is a great guy.

He co-founded the Crips street gang. And there is a good chance that he murdered four people.

Still, I think he should live.

Edna St. Vincent Millay got it right when she said “I shall die, but that is all that I shall do for death.”

As an opponent of the death penalty I think that no one should face murder by the state.

As someone who has looked at the work Tookie has put forward concerning educating young people about street gangs, I think that he is especially deserving of clemency.

He deserves clemency in the way that Mumia Abu-Jamal deserves nothing.

For one thing, Tookie has at least written some form of an apology

“Twenty-five years ago when I created the Crips youth gang with Raymond Lee Washington in South Central Los Angeles, I never imagined Crips membership would one day spread throughout California, would spread to much of the rest of the nation and to cities in South Africa, where Crips copycat gangs have formed. I also didn't expect the Crips to end up ruining the lives of so many young people, especially young black men who have hurt other young black men.
So today I apologize to you all -- the children of America and South Africa -- who must cope every day with dangerous street gangs. I no longer participate in the so-called gangster lifestyle, and I deeply regret that I ever did.”

Should we ever expect this kind of apology from Mumia?

Should we ever expect Mumia to take responsibility for anything that he has done?

We all know the answer to that.

I don’t want Tookie to live because I think he is a good person or because he is a better person that Mumia. I want Tookie to live, simply because he is a person.

Death has enough advocates. I cannot be one of them,

Look at Tookie and than at Mumia and you will see a world of difference.

One of the only ways that we prove that we are better than they is to choose life when they choose death.

Think on that the next time you scream for justice mixed with the electric chair or lethal injection.

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