Friday, September 15, 2006

The Vulgar Propaganda of "Bad Sis" Walidah Imarisha

(Walidah and company)

A few of us who served in MOVE’s propaganda war against the late John Gilbride have attempted to make some kind of amends and go on with our lives. It goes without saying that none of us expected that he would be gunned down and murdered in the savage way that he was, but ignorance is no excuse.

Myself, and the other MOVE propagandists like Walidah Imarisha waged a vicious ad-hominem campaign of disinformation and character assassination against John Gilbrdie, in my view paving the way for his death. But Walidah did not just write MOVE propaganda, she participated in the MOVE “activities” set to destroy John’s life and ruthlessly slander him.

I have done what I have to right this wrong.

Those like Walidah, however have chosen to go another path. Walidah has a “live journal”, a kind of blog of sorts. You can read it if you have the intestinal fortitude at Go ahead and leave a comment, she likes that kind of thing.

On this site, Walidah has amassed a veritable tribute to killers and murderers and other self-appointed “revolutionaries”. I have written before about the fetishization of Mumia, but Walidah takes it three steps backwards into the gutter of killer worship with bad poetry and the worst of identity politics. She proves that if you look hard enough, the lowest common denominator is easy enough to find.

The result is a website that is as creepy and backwards as any I have seen.
As if the excrement on her site were not enough to convince of my point I have brought some of the profound wisdom of this “sistah” to you, the ignorant Caucasoid masses or the Uncle Tom or otherwise “unauthentic” Negroes whom Walidah has come to detest..

Like I said before, Walidah and some of the rest of us were immersed in MOVE’s war on John Gilbride and offered not journalism, but instead crude repetitions of MOVE’s vile invective.

How much research did Walidah do in her articles? About the same amount as the rest of us I am sure.

But don’t let me get in the way of your enlightenment. I will let Walidah’s own words speak for themselves.

What follows comes from one of Walidah’s “articles” and it is almost entirely is a lie. It is just a series of non-sequiturs strung along by the narrowest of premises full of unsubstantiated allegations and libelous claims. This is, with a few changes in tense and alteration of adjectives almost a complete replica of a MOVE statement.

Gilbride had been involved in a four year long custody battle with the radical naturalist organization MOVE over the child he had with MOVE member Alberta Africa. MOVE says the issues began when Gilbride deserted his family when Zachary was two, disappearing without warning for six months. When he resurfaced, he demanded custody, which Alberta denied him, claiming he had a history of abuse and instability. She offered supervised visits whenever he wanted, which Gilbride refused. A recent court ruling gave Gilbride partial custody, including unsupervised weekend visits with the child. His first scheduled visit was to begin Sept. 20, but he was in Las Vegas. “

Walidah would go onto to illuminate the world with her staggering insights.

At a press release held the day Gilbride's body was discovered, the organization invited the press inside their barricaded home, into a comfortable living room, where Alberta Africa sat in a plush arm chair, obviously distraught.
“She stated that she and MOVE had nothing to do with Gilbride's death, and instead pointed the finger at the government, referencing the horrific history MOVE has with city administration which culminated in Philly police dropping a bomb on MOVE's house in May 13, 1985, killing 11 people including five children, and setting fire to an entire city block. "I've experienced a lot of pain at the hands of this government, and I believe this government is behind this," Alberta stated. She pointed to the professional nature of the murder, saying it sounded like government agents or military Special Forces. "That may sound far fetched to you people, but any government that would drop a bomb on babies is capable of anything

It doesn’t sound far fetched, it sounds fucking stupid. I was at that “press conference” or rather the pathetic and disturbing “press performance” and can swear on the life of my child that I have never been a witness to such an obviously contrived and pre-packaged mish mash of shit.

According to Walidah:

“Far from wanting Gilbride's death, Alberta says they were beginning to mend their differences, and find peace. "I never wanted anything to happen to John because as long as he was alive, there was hope. We still loved each other very much," she said, then broke off, crying.”

Alberta wasn’t crying, she was burying her head in her arms making noises and rubbing her eyes on her sleeve in a crude way to make it look like she had been crying. It goes without saying that she wouldn’t get an award that night for her performance. Moreover, there was never any evidence produced giving credence to the notion that John and Alberta were on the way to “mend” their differences. In fact there is every bit of evidence indicating the contrary.

Walidah would go onto to write that:

"MOVE says Gilbride was murdered because if he and Alberta mended their relationship, the government would lose its excuse of the custody battle to persecute MOVE. "They knew that John Gilbride had the potential to come back to MOVE, which took away their justification to continue this court battle. So they upped the ante," said a statement by MOVE supporters. The press release ended by saying, "We as supporters are not going to sit by and allow this system to create another May 13, 1985. We are not going to allow this system to get away with murder."

So what really happened? John was killed, the slats barricading MOVE headquarters came down and people like Walidah went on making up bullshit about other things that suited her fancy. Idolizing and swooning over convicted and clearly guilty murderers seems to float her boat. And what did MOVE have to say to it’s supporters after John’s death? Just two months after John’s death a MOVE member had this to say in a letter to supporters;

“The situation concerning our sister, Alberta and Zack is resolved. We want to thank any and all of you who helped in the situation with Alberta and Zack....Y'all are the greatest

Another MOVE member would go on to say:

Well, anyways it all worked out (the custody case). The folks out there really didn't believe the city would attack. Later I saw the psychology behind what happened & how it was handled. The city just couldn't afford to be aggressive becuz of May 13th and people were too aware of what was going on then? Do you understand what I am saying? It was really unlikely that things would turn out like they did. But, I was so relieved that things worked out. I don't need no more of my family killed, hurt, or imprisoned, as well as my friends and supporters."

Things worked out huh? A man is dead, a son without a father, another tragedy has befallen a group ostensibly dedicated to protecting life yet is surrounded in blood. And Walidah and her ilk just move on to the next hip, revolutionary cause, without regard for the pain the words they inflict and no care for the carnage they have helped to unleash.


At 8:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having spent some time bouncing around the internet I have come across a few sites that I found interesting. "Bad Sis" was one. She seemed thoughtful if not kind of retrograde 60's ish. But until you began to post I didn't question her motives or will, but since than I think she might be not as "keepin it real" as she might think

At 6:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walidah is a fraud. Another brainwashed hack from MOVE. She being oppressed will say or do whatever her cult master leader orders her to do.

At 8:42 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Maybe a fraud. But not a brainwashed cult member, not in the way that serious MOVE supporters are. She is more of a tool. I think she knows the deal with MOVE and just doesn't give a damn.

At 4:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, she's not all I thought she was. She is blocking anoymous posts. That is close minded. She says others are closed... she's the one who's closed.


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