Friday, September 08, 2006

Mayor Street Snubs French Mumia Delegation

(Pic Of Mayor Street)

According to cop-killer groupie, and alleged activist Walidah Imarisha, the French delegation for Jamal was snubbed by Philadelphia Mayor John Street. In a post on a website Imarisha writes:

They had just come from an aborted meeting with Mayor John Street, who kept them waiting in a hallway for three hours, while his underlings pretended they had no idea that he was supposed to meet with these French delegates that day. It's such pompous arrogance, because in France, Braouezec holds a higher position than Street, because he's in charge of 12 cities, not just one. They raised hell though,”

It should say something to the bourgeois, mostly white, French delegates that the black Mayor of Philadelphia who came up as a true activist in the city would give them the cold shoulder. Street knows, just like the rest of Philadelphia outside of the Mumia cult that Jamal is a shameless killer.


At 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"alleged activist?" c'mon tony, at least give me an "infamous" if you're going to slander me. i haven't said word one about you or lori in any of my writings, my posts, my blog or even my personal conversations. i find it sad that you have time to call me a groupie and a fake activist, but if that's what makes you happy...

i call out a system of oppression, tony, i don't waste my time badmouthing individuals. apparently i am a lot more important to you than you are to me, if this is how you waste your blog space.

and please don't try to play the race game, cause as a black woman whose been involved in this shit almost her whole life, that's not going to work with me. there are a lot of black folks, in and out of philly, who have problems with street, not just around move and mumia, around operation safe streets, around his push for gentrification and destroying houses that could be fixed up and be livable, around his push for more police that are simply brutalizing and incarcerating the black community. these are the systems of oppression that need to be addressed, this is where my energy is going, not tearing down people who in the grand scheme of things, really aren't important. and by that i mean both you, and me.

At 5:24 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

I don't know how exactly begging for the freedom of murderers counts as activism.

I will take you at your word that you haven't said anything about me.

But when MOVE was waging it's horrid campaign against John Gilbride I saw you right there with the rest of us.

How do you rationalize what happens to the young girls in MOVE?

How can you sit silently by why these mostly African-American children are deprived of any semblance of an education?

You are right that there are many problems within the community. Philadelphia is edging towards something like 300 murders so far this year. How exactly does your calling for the release of murderes like Hasan, Mumia, and Sundiata figure into this?

At 1:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walidah, aren't you the hypocritical activist. C'mon Walidah, weren't you the one who wrote many articles slandering and badmouthing John Gilbride? A man you didn't even know. You Walidah did what your cult master wanted and you being the oppress person followed your tyrant's orders.

So you say your energy is not to tear down people who in the grand scheme of things "aren't really important". When did you take on this new stance? Before or after John Gilbride was murdered.....

At 8:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The point here is that Mumia is completely innocent of this false charge the he killed Officer Faulkner. All the prosecution evidence has been totally discredited, Mumia never confessed, and the courts have routinely denied his legitimate appeals, because of their racist and system-loyal bias. This case is a symbol of the criminal justice system's racist origin in the suppression of slave rebellions, and the modern persecution of Black Panthers and others, among lots of other things in between. We who oppose this deeply racist and anti-working class system say no more! Is there anyone here who wants to address the real facts? Look at it. Deal with it. And cut the crap. - Chris Kinder, Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia


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