Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anti-MOVE/Mumia Blog Up For Awards

Hey All,

I was just notified that this blog is up for two awards from the website "In Cold Blood", which focuses on reporting on issues of crime and justice. The Anti-MOVE blog is up for "Best True Crime Blog" and me for "Best True Crime Blogger". Please check back next week at the "In Cold Blood" website so that you can vote for the "Anti-MOVE Blog".

Obviously, I am always happy for the work of this website to be recognized and am happier still to know that there are people out there who are still interested in the subject matter. That said, I must confess a sadness that there is still a need for this blog to even exist.

The fraud that is the "Free Mumia" movement still exists, the rape and abuse of children in MOVE continues, and those who murdererd John Gilbride are still walking free.

Until those ongoing issues are all properly addressed, I will continue this website and the people who support this work will continue to have my gratitude.



At 8:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you will get awarded for erring on the side of the racist system responsible for an innocent man and men being locked behind bars for crimes they did not commit. If people are so sure he did it than why not allow a new trial to see what evidence would really lead to another quilty verdict. It is nice to know thata there are still racist bastards that dont want to know the truth.

At 5:51 AM , Anonymous KC said...

Congratulations for your efforts being recognized of getting this award. While those who like to support a cold blooded murderer (& for those screaming RACISM, please take this & suck on it: if the situation was reversed & it was a black cop killed by a white, it would be considered a "hate crime" but black on white crime is basically considered status quo...)may not feel that your blog is worthy, there are plenty of us that recognize your hard work & insightful words. Good on you! Keep writing about whatever you want, especially when it can help others...

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