Saturday, December 13, 2008

Was There Even A Mumia Rally?

(Photo from alleged Mumia rally)

There supposedly was a “mass rally” with “several hundred” people in Philadelphia last week, but apparently hardly anyone saw them.

There was no media coverage of the event to speak of and supporters of the man Mumia murdered, Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, could not locate the Jamal supporters to counter-protest them.

Although there is scant evidence of the purported Mumia demo, I am inclined to believe that there was one, however, I also know the Mumia supporters penchant for over-inflating the amount of their devotees, so the mass rally was probably at the most a hundred or so people. The majority of them bussed in from New York City.

To me though, the issue of Mumia rally or no rally is a moot point.

What is the issue is whether Jamal is a worthy benefactor of one protestor or a million.

I would argue that he isn’t and I have over a decade of research into the matter under my belt and know both sides of the issue backwards and forwards. The fruits of my labors have been explored and articulated on this website and others and I think I have done a fair job of debunking the generally absurd Mumia mythology.

I would stand firm in my convictions whether or not there was in fact “Millions for Mumia” or half a dozen. I know the case. I have not, as many of my former comrades have, simply embraced Mumia as part and parcel of my political identity and ego and replaced the critical faculties with a mind built around conformance in the guise of rebellion.

Certainly, there are many causes and people to be helped out in this world. People suffering horribly, imprisoned unjustly, beaten and abused for their expression of a political or religious opinion. Honor them. Support them. Send your money to them. Not Mumia. He is a convicted murderer who is unrepentant and apparently gets a savage kick out of manipulating the hearts of kind people and embraces cold cynics at the same time.

He is not a murderer or a crass exploiter because I say so, but because the facts say so. Look to the facts that transcend the political slogans and understand just how it is that the Mumia movement has shrunk to the point that people even question whether or not they even had a rally in the first place.


At 5:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I see are a bunch of low life fools walking in a parade. For an affirmed cop killer. LOL

At 8:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, can you point me to specific points on this blog that address the faults in the prosecution's case? For instance, the lack of any physical evidence tying abu-Jamal to the crime, the evidence of coerced eyewitness testimony that was contradicted even by the same people, the highly inconsistent gunshot trajectory, the existence of an actual confessor to the crime, etc? I looked but could not find the links to where you lay out the case as to why he's in fact guilty. I don't care about MOVE, and I'm not a participant in any rallies or donations towards either MOVE or abu-Jamal's cause. I have, however, read the trial transcripts and the various difficulties in substantiating guilt, and I would like to see where you make the case for his guilt. Thanks.

Feel free to email me at loadedorygun-at-gmail offline if you like.

At 6:54 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

All of the above issues have been dealt with at various times on this website. More importantly, they have been addressed in court proceedings and are adequately documented at

If you have read all available information about Jamal and still believe in his innocence, well than that is on you my friend.

-Tony Allen

At 7:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

was there a rally? jesus. for someone who was in the move organization for so long you sure are milking all this anti-move/mumia/anything-you-were-ever-associated-with. as if it's all that black and white.

At 8:11 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Some things are black and white...

Some things with regards to Mumia's case are worthy of arguement...the imposition of the death penalty for example.

However, his guilt is clear to me.

What is also clear to me is that the child-rape in MOVE must be fought against, the adoration of murderers must exposed as such, and the deranged rantings of cultists must be brought to the light of day to be seen for what they are.


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