Friday, August 08, 2008

Philadelphia Tribune On John Gilbride

-John Gilbride: Murdered By MOVE

Earlier today I wrote that there was not an article in the Philadelphia Tribune regarding the "unsolved" murder of John Gilbride. As it turns out there was, but when I checked the paper's site this morning the article was not yet on it. That was my mistake.

Larry Miller, who wrote the piece on John for the Tribune did a damn good job laying out the facts and circumstances of John's death. For that, he deserves credit as his reportage may well incur the wrath of MOVE members and supporters.

Unfortunately, his article cannot be re posted here due to the way it was posted on the Tribune's website. What readers can do and I certainly encourage anyone interested in John or MOVE to do is to cut and paste this link

That link takes you to the site where you can view the article on John Gilbride. You can either type in John's name into the search engine on that screen or just go to page 17 to view the article.

A telling statement about the nature of MOVE comes from Pam Africa when she says that your humble blogger should "stop putting out lies" about MOVE. Or what? Will I too get shot to death in my drive-way should I continue?

Furthermore, Pam's squalid defense of MOVE regarding the murder of John Gilbride is patently absurd. She grossly overstates the amount of police surveillance of MOVE in claiming that nobody in MOVE, not member or supporter could have shot John. This is typical of MOVE propaganda. Sort of like how MOVE claims they "couldn't" have killed James Ramp and Mumia "couldn't" have killed Daniel Faulkner.

There were Police around MOVE's HQ after it was boarded up, that much is true. But nobody in MOVE brought up the spectre of Police being around any of the other properties in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Pam is lying, she knows it, and I know it. MOVE killed John and she damn well knows that as well.


At 1:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over at the Root, they have a Free the Move 9 article

by this guy Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

At 9:51 AM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Marc Lamont Hill is a smart guy. I have read some of his work and seen him on TV on a number of occasions, but he is dead wrong about the MOVE 9.

Getting him some proper information about MOVE should be a goal of people concerned with this issue.


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