Monday, June 30, 2008

Anti-MOVE Blog T-Shirt Ideas

(Anti-Mumia shirt available at the Police Officer Daniel Faulkner website.

I will be honest with everyone. If you are contemplating getting into the business of telling the truth about MOVE or Mumia than you had better not think of quitting your day job. I go by the axiom of writing as stated by George Orwell, and this is one's chief duty is to tell people things they don't want to hear. The other side of that contrarian coin however is that unless you are extremely talented and prolific you aren't going to make much money doing that kind of thing. Even Orwell, never made much money off of his writing while he was alive. Much like the artist as writer that he was, his work only was to become appreciated and renowned after his early death.

The slew of pro-Mumia books, films, t-shirts, DVD's, etc...are proof positive that the death row oracle to the "great un-washed" has the market cornered. The alleged anti-capitalists that they are have managed one of the greatest public relations coups in history by not just convincing people of a guilty man's innocence, but also turned him, his bogus story, and captivating image into a small, but obviously somewhat lucrative financial endeavors. The scene of shriveled up, armchair revolutionaries, charging $20 for a "Free Mumia" shirt is one that can be seen worldwide at pro-Mumia events, the irony apparently missed by just about everyone.

Periodically, I have requested donations from people to aid me in my work. And thankfully, since the inception of my website and blog I have had assistance, financial and otherwise from too many people to thank and probably a few who would rather not even see their names up on this site. That said, my total expenses for this endeavor are ultimately covered by me and if I were rich or getting the money from the "FOP" as is claimed by my opponents, than there would be no issue to be had. But this is not the case.

An idea I have been kicking around for literally a year or so is to have t-shirts or stickers or something of that nature to sell as a fundraiser for my work. The problem with that is I haven't come up with what I think would be a great idea. So, I am asking for you, the reader to help me out.

There are a few things that I won't do. No shirts having anything to do with Mumia. The website for Officer Faulkner has their own shirts and I wouldn't want to cut into anything they are doing to raise money for their charity. Also, and as tempting as it may be, nothing that calls for violence or death for those in MOVE. Neither do I want anything that could be misconstrued as bigoted or humorous. And while I have spent more than a few lines poking fun at MOVE for various reasons, at the end of the day this is a group that ruthlessly abuses children, is responsible for the death of Police Officers, and employs a variety of nefarious tactics to silence their critics.

With all of that said, please send your ideas. I would be going thru Cafe Press, which has it's customers design the shirt while it handles the actual production and sale of the shirts and a variety of other products with the same design or logo on them online. They obviously take a cut of anything sold, but their service is worth it.

This is a bit of a contest. The person with the winning idea gets their own shirt and a copy of Maureen Faulkner's book "Murdered By Mumia", as well as a copy of the new book on Officer Faulkner's murder by John Hayden once it is released.

I look forward to reading your ideas and hope we can get this done soon.

-Tony Allen


At 5:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

your Idea is great and I will put on my thinking cap tho if I win, I already have a copy of Maureen's book so you may donate that to someone interested in Justice for Daniel let me think...mmmmm

John Di Zio

At 4:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "MOVE Stinks"?

Truthful and to the point.

Seriously I will look and ask around. Ditto's to Mr. Di Zio a good idea. look forward to seeing that you come up with

At 4:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOVE stinks!...I can attest to that as I was assigned to the MOVE detail in 1977 until the fateful day of August 8th 1978. I remember seeing Chucky Africa sitting on a whatever in the side yard and making a deposit. I really don't remember if he wiped himself :) if at all..and YES...he did have a weapon with him viewed from night vision equipment

John Di Zio
Stakeout Unit...retired

At 9:51 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

One idea I have so far is to list on the back of the shirt MOVE's victims, including the kids John Africa used as human sacrifices in 1985 and some kind of comment calling for an end to the legacy of violence with the Anti-MOVE Blog name on the front of the shirt in small writing similar to the front of the Faulkner t-shirts

Keep the ideas flowing people, me and my tired imagination needs all the help we can get

At 6:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got it!!! On the back of the T shirt would be a likeness of Tinker bell sprinkling angel dust and superimposed would be the printings:

Mumia is not an affirmed murderer

MOVE did not kill Officer Ramp

MOVE had nothing to do with the execution of John Gilbride

MOVE does not impregnate innocent children

MOVE children are not used as confrontational shields

Fairy Tales..don't you think

At 6:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said... the way..the above posting is mine..John Di Zio..and the shirts should be a bright YELLOW. I have a connection as to printing and cost

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