Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mumia's "Great Un-Washed" To Profane July 4th

Join the "great un-washed" as they scream profanities at puzzled tourists and vexed Philadelphia natives. The body odor even more pronounced as the summer heat beats down upon the concrete on the mostly New York crowd. People a couple of hours away from Philadelphia and the place where Officer Faulkner was killed by Mumia, but whose ideology ensures their blinders to the truth stay firmly in place.

Of course, there will have to be some kind of meeting in order for them to get the cabal of self-appointed activists, to get their story straight. Considering half of them probably weren't even alive when Faulkner was killed and they are ripe for the myths.

Who will be the killer of Officer Faulkner this year? Kenneth Freeman, Arnold Beverly, maybe Mumia's brother. Anybody but the savior will do.

T-shirts and books will be sold. Old men and women, still burnt about the dissolution of the Soviet Union will be hawking newspapers full of dry, Marxist platitudes, and Mumia's picture for marketing sake.

Oh, how I don't miss those days. The sweltering, stinking heat and the grim reality that most of the people who were around us Mumia people hated us or were at best ambivalent. Rare was the protest when an actual Philadelphian offered us much more than the 1 fingered salute. The City of Philadelphia, nearly 50% African-American, could care less about the Jamalophiles or their hero. They know, probably better than most that at the end of the day, these white suburbanites will hit the road back to the suburbs, the plight of black Philadelphians unchanged, unnoticed, as the vitrolic from the amplified profanity, with it's unintelligible, staccato rhythm and contortion of the word "motherfucker" in ways never imagined.

I will be thinking of the children of MOVE, dragged out to another demonstration, told what to say and when to say it, as they dream of doing things like normal kids would be doing, BBQ's in the backyard and firecrackers lighting up the night. But what to a slave is the fourth of July.

For freedom and those who fought and to continue to fight for it.


At 4:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn..I wish I could be there. I would wear my BRIGHT YELLOW t shirt with a likeness Officer Faulkners badge on the front and a likeness of the executioner Mumia Abu Jamal on the back with the caption of "Convicted Cop Killer" with a red slash thru the the way, 800 of these shirts were sold and the take was donated to the Faulkner fund. We care

JD...guess who

At 9:46 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

One thing that was always disconcerting when I was a Mumia supporter was it seemed like everywhere I went, to the mall, the grocery store, downtown, there would invariably be somebody with a Daniel Faulkner shirt. This was especially true when I worked right down the street from Genos Steaks. Joey Vento had his employees wear specially designed Faulkner shirts and I saw them all the time.

Of course we know where the money from the Faulkner shirts go. But where does the money from the Mumia parephenalia (I once heard they were selling Mumia bongs and thong underwear)? I know some of it goes to Pam Africa's pocket.

Maybe some more of it went to those who killed John Gilbride.

At 11:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we're giving them(MOVE) too much publicity.Their rallies get smaller every time.Most "free thinker"are starting to realise the astounding amount of bullshit being dealt and can no longer blindly follow through.Perhaps if we ignore them,they will go away
Justice will prevail.


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