Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Murderers Of Police Officer James Ramp Could Walk Free

(Picture of James Ramp on the ground after being shot)

Sign the petition to keep the "MOVE 9" In Jail


It is a possibility that the murderers of Police Officer James Ramp walk out of jail come August of this year.

This despite the fact that the eight surviving members of P.O. James Ramp bear responsibility for the veteran Officer’s death and the attempted murder of several other Officers and firefighters during the MOVE "confrontation" in 1978.

It is an incident chronicled in Maureen Faulkner’s new book "Murdered By Mumia", as more evidence that the violent cult that took the life of her husband, also stole the life of another Officer just three years before is a violent and destructive entity. Officer Ramp, was a father, husband, Korean War Veteran, World War Two Veteran who served the people of Philadelphia faithfully for 23 years.

He died while attempting to aid a fellow officer who MOVE members had gunned down just moments earlier. That he is a hero, a member of the "greatest generation", is of no doubt. That those who stole his life deserve neither mercy nor support is also doubtless.

James Ramp was killed by people who have never once acknowledged the crime to which they have committed, never apologized to the family they left devastated, never once told the truth about the situation. And to add insult to injury, they defile his memory by claiming that the bullet that ended his life was one fired from a fellow officer.

And just as absurd as it is to think that these MOVE members will breath the free air, it should go without saying that one of those sent to jail for the killing is already free. This August she was observed screaming around the city "Free The MOVE 9". She is still unrepentant, still a devotee of the cult of death that murdered James Ramp and still a murderer. But yet she is free to do as she wishes, while Officer Ramp is free only to lay in his grave.

In an effort to demonstrate to the parole board the resistance to the release of the "MOVE 9", I started a petition that to date has garnered nearly 2,000 signatures. I have set a goal of 10,000 to send to the parole board around June or July.

Additionally, with the help of one of this website’s readers, I have been able to ascertain more information as to how people can voice their concerns about the possible release of these killers.
However, I am sad to report that according to the rules of the PA Parole Board that as outrageous as it may sound, the concerns of individual citizens are not to be considered when parole is considered for an inmate. The only exceptions are for those directly affected by the crime, family members, those officers and firefighters wounded, etc...Incredibly, the people of the community to which these murderers are to be released upon are not to be considered .

However, I would have to think on a personal level that if inundated by letters and presented with thousands of signatures, that such an outpouring of outrage would have to affect the decision of the parole board. That the board has already let out one of the murderers of James Ramp is vile enough, to unleash eight more is unconscionable and must be stopped.

The destruction that MOVE members have wrought upon the community is well known, the last thing the world needs is more of them out there. As it is, the cult on a daily basis, engages in illegal activity stretching from welfare fraud to the rape of children. All of this and the still "unsolved" murder of John Gilbride, whom I have no doubt was killed as a result of his conflict with MOVE.

So, in addition to signing the petition, I am encouraging people to write the parole board at the following address:

Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole1101 South Front Street, Suite 5100Harrisburg, PA 17104-2517(717) 787-5699

If you would like to have a copy of your letter reprinted on this website please email a copy to sept27th2002@yahoo.com and indicate any information that you do not want to have posted online.

For more information on the case of the "MOVE 9" please visit the following website or email me at sept27th2002@yahoo.com


At 6:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

police brutalized pregant women and babies, dropped a firebomb... and all to frame innocent u.s. citizens. those police are guilty of an act of terrorism and murder.
they continue to walk free on american soil- that is the threat. the real killers are not in jail. how can you support a lie of a racist cause?

At 9:37 AM , Anonymous Christopher Cedre said...

I am Philly native-born and raised! I was only 2yr when this all transpired...and 10 when the Goode administration and the Philadelphia Police & Fire Dept.,as well as the late Frank Rizzo sr., collectively conspired the murder these people.How do 9 people kill 1 man with 1 bullet?????? This officer was killed by his fellow officers...Period. Anyone has has thoroughly researched this whole case from 1977-1985 will concluded the same....and if you dispute these undeniable truths, than I say you are a Racist Pig Sympathizer...Nothing more. By the way, I am a 34 yr old Half Irish Half Puerto Rican!!! FREE THE MOVE 9 and Mumia Abu Jamal!!!!

At 2:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a very good point. How DO 9 people kill one man with one bullet? Furthermore, at first it was reported that Officer Ramp was shot in the back, then later, he was shot in the chest.

Sounds like the familiar police practice of changing the evidence to suit the story the police want told. Sad to say, it still happens.

At 12:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the same old excuse of certain types of people blaming everyone but themselves for the failures of their community.
I am African American and my parents taught me the difference between right and wrong. Our people can continue to blame the police and the main stream for all our problems or we can show some integrity and fix it ourselves. Dr. King would be ashamed.

At 4:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A cop shot another cop in the back...are you people fucking serious? That absolutely never happened. Murder is murder regardless of color or status. Cops don't go around shooting eachother in the back.


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