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(Picture of Pam Africa's daughter being married at around 12 years old. Help to put an end to this)

There are over 300 blog postings on this site so far, nothing prolific, or really much to brag about, but I think I am doing what I can to stem the tide of absurdity that comes forth from the Mumia machine and the MOVE cult that benefits from it.

Those of you who know me also know that nearly all of the work for this site is done by me, that I am not funded by any entity, group, or organization. Anything I get for this work comes from individuals.

None of this I mind. But I do need your help.

There is not a need for some huge group of people to point out what most people know is obvious. MOVE is a cult in decline and the faux cause that is the Mumia movement lumbers forward, a mere shadow of it’s formal self.

However, from my vantage point, there is still plenty left to be said as the core injustices that prompted me to begin writing about this remain. The murder of John Gilbride remains unsolved, the children in MOVE are still being abused in just about every way imaginable, the cult is still managed to recruit a few people here and there, although certainly not like they used too.

There is still a danger to be discussed and worked against.

But, while there is work to be done, there is much that has been accomplished, and one should not mention the one without the other.

-Since starting this blog, I have been contacted by dozens of people wanting to know more about MOVE. Invariably, most had only heard MOVE’s propaganda, and so therefore I had my work cut out for me. And while some may argue that debating such people is a waste of time, in my experience it is not. Many people, especially after hearing of MOVE’s treatment of children were appalled and turned away from MOVE for good. Just the other day I recieved an email from a political group from the former Soviet Union sharing with me the fact that they will no longer be supporting Mumia and MOVE as they had in the past.

-With the "MOVE 9" coming up for parole I have started a petition for people to urge the board to keep these murderers where they belong and will soon be presenting more information for people to follow up on this matter. So far, we are closing on 2,000 signatures and through the winter we hope to get many more in time to present the petition to the parole board.

-I have done numerous interviews with various media outlets with regards to MOVE and Mumia, giving the perspective that is somewhat unique to the discussion.

-This blog has been a forum of sorts for people from around the world to coalesce around and perform research about MOVE and the Mumia movement, as there is hardly any issue about either that has been touched on in the more than 300 posts.

-More than just a research tool, this site has allowed for people wishing to take a stand against the "activism" on behalf of Mumia and MOVE. When Jamal supporters wanted to name a street after their hero, I started a petition to counter the pro-Jamal efforts. To date, over 35,000 have signed on to demand that no street in NYC be named for a murderer. This was a blow to the Jamal movement as the ability to pull of such publicity stunts like street naming is a key component of their propaganda efforts.

-This site has also helped to exert pressure upon venues and groups who would enable and provide a space for MOVE and Mumia groups to raise funds. By naming names and offering phone numbers for people to call in protest, the cultists are finding it harder than ever to find havens from which to spread their sick message.

-The Anti-MOVE blog has gone beyond just reporting what people have already known about to actually breaking stories. One of the biggest was in the form of an email admission by Ramona Africa that girls of MOVE who enter puberty are than expected to become pregnant. This admission of what amounts to child-rape has dealt a serious blow to MOVE’s efforts to make itself more "mainstream".

-We have also exposed the hypocrisy of MOVE on a number of issues and have pointed out that instead of caring for "life", that the group is a destroyer of it. Whether it be the lack of health care for the children in their midst or even the animals whom the group claims it cares for.

-Research presented on this site has done much to de-mystify the Mumia and MOVE propaganda efforts as their claims have been exhaustively explored, explained, and often debunked. Key players within the "movement" have been proven to be charlatans and interlopers without integrity, and participate in their activities for personal gain.

-"Journalists" such as Linn Washington and Dave Lindorff who feign a lack of bias with regards to their position on Mumia, have been exposed for the cynical, covert, pro-Jamal activists that they are.

-We have worked to keep MOVE from erasing the name John Gilbride from history. By consistently highlighting his murder and the circumstances surrounding it, we are keeping MOVE from succeeding in one of it’s long-term goals and that is to cause people to forget that they terrorized him and his family.

All of this has been done, and plenty more, but there is still much work to be done. As someone reminded me just yesterday, my work, and the work of others on this site may well keep some young kid from getting themselves mixed up in MOVE and wasting the best years of their lives
on a cult that takes their youthful naivete and gives them a potentially violent and cynical outlook on life.

Of course, it would be impossible for me to have done all of this work by myself. Those people who have helped out with this endeavor are numerous and they are appreciated. I could not have done this and could not continue to do this without them.

However, at the end of the day the majority of the burden of this work falls upon me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nobody asked me to do this and I will continue to do this as long as I feel there is a need to do so.

But, with the burden comes the monetary costs. Thankfully, this blog is free through the blogspot network. The website I have about MOVE is thankfully paid for by a gracious donor and so therefore I have no costs from the actual internet work itself.

The fact remains though, that there are numerous costs that I incur as a result of doing this and doing it right. There are books and articles needed to be purchased for research. Phone bill costs as a result for doing interviews and increasingly costs for travel, that are sometimes covered and sometimes not.

There are also plenty of little things that add up as well. The kind of things that are hard to put a price tag on, but inevitably end up costing me. There are things I cannot write about for reasons that I hope are obvious, but are necessary for this work to continue in it’s proper way.
And than there is the big cost coming up over the horizon. Sooner rather than later this computer, which is my weapon in this war, will have allowed me one last keystroke and than it will go off to the great hard-drive in the sky.

Long story short, if you appreciate at all the work and the ideas presented on this site, I would greatly appreciate any kind of monetary support, no matter the amount.

This is not one of those overblown requests for donations where I exaggerate my situation. Whether or not I get single penny I will continue to do this. I don’t do this website to make a buck. But, I also am desperately attempting to keep from going into the financial hole as a result of this

But the reality is that with more funding the more I can do. With better software and hardware, I can more easily and effectively do the research I need to do more quickly, and be able to upgrade the MOVE website in order to make it what it needs to be.

If you know the truth about MOVE and Mumia than I urge you to offer a few dollars in support of this effort to ensure that there is always an antidote to their lies.

To donate online, simply click on the icon at the top of the site or if you are interested in sending a check send me an email for mailing information. What would be extremely helpful would be if some of you could commit to a small contribution each month.

Much has been accomplished already. With your support, we can do more.

I am also open to any further ideas on how to raise funds on a consistent basis.

Thanks in advance for your support,
Tony Allen


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