Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mumia For Jihadist Schools

Many people over the years have mistakenly thought that Mumia is a convert to Islam.

This has much to do with the name he took in 1971, of which the first part "Mumia" is of African origin and the second part, Abu-Jamal is Arabic and means "father of Jamal". Apparently being named "Wesley Cook" was not good enough for Mumia.

The other reason that many have mistakenly assumed Jamal’s religion to be Islam is his repeated pronouncements on behalf of Islamic causes as varied as the Nation Of Islam, conspirators in the attack on 9/11, to convicted terror enabler Lynne Stewart, nauseam.

Many Muslims have also been heavily involved in the efforts to "Free Mumia", with many individuals and organizations publicly signing on to his cause.

Recently, Jamal again took up for the Jihadist cause in a nearly fact-less essay about the controversy surrounding the opening of Kahlil Gibran International Academy, which Jamal claims will be a "center for the study of Arabic language and culture.

Not surprisingly, Jamal considers those who question the merits or validity of the school "racists".

Far from being rabid bigots, the people raising questions about the school are making legitimate points and are making appropriate inquiry’s about the school.

It has been pointed out that despite numerous requests, the City of New York has provided no explanation to the public about the exact nature of the curricula, the text books that will be used, the publishers of those texts, or the lesson plans. Further, no one from the City has provided information about the selection process of the teachers for the "Arabic" and "Middle Eastern" subjects, whether they will be certified, and if not, how they will be effectively supervised

These are reasonable questions to be asked by taxpayers considering they are expected to foot the bill for this school.

It is no secret that Islamic schools throughout the world are preaching the gospel of Jihad.
According to Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, "I think there’s a special problem with an Arab school because of the reality of the world that we live in today. The sad reality is that a lot of the terrorism...almost all of it, has come from a particular community — a minority — but a particular community. That’s a reality we better face."

In light of the fact that thousands or perhaps millions of Muslims throughout the world consider America the enemy, it is not racist to question the establishment of a Madrassa on American soil paid for by you and I, it is only responsible.

Moreover, the first principal of the school, Debbie Al-Montaser resigned after it came to light that she shared office space with an Islamic group that sells T-shirts encouraging New York Muslims to join an "intifada."

The" intifada" refers to the attacks on Israeli Jews by Islamic radicals between 1987 and 1993, in some of the territories gained by the Israelis after the Six Day War in 1967 and includes the daily rocket attacks against Israeli citizens.

In addition to their being questions as to the curriculum there is also the issue of how much access extremist groups like the "Council On American Islamic Relations" or "CAIR" will have to the children. The group has already interjected itself into the debate and has made clear it has no respect for the Jeffersonian "wall" between religion and state. To them and their jihadist ilk all that matters is the Koran and the furtherance of their faith.

It is already known that instruction to the 55 or so students will be at least partially indoctrinated by a front group for "CAIR" known as the "American Muslim Lawyers Association" and the "American Mideast Leadership Network", the latter of which is reportedly run by a supporter of the terrorist network Hezbollah.

To question the wisdom of funding or even allowing such an "education" to occur is anything but racist, and Jamal I am sure knows this.

Mumia, like so many others who share his ideological bent, cares not for the preservation of this country or it’s institutions. So, you can pretty much be sure that if he is for it, you may well be against it

And it is not like anyone needs Jamal to tell us that Kahlil Gibran was a great writer.
But what should be pointed out is that those who are committed to preserving Gibran’s legacy are calling the school into question.

The Friends of Gibran Council (doesn’t sound like a "racist" or "right-wing" group to me) stated that, based upon available information to date, the school "would not honor the legacy of a great poet, an artist who achieved greatness in the US as an emigrant fleeing Lebanon where his community has been suffering persecution in their ancestral home in Lebanon at the hands of religious powers." They further point out that Gibran’s ancestry was Lebanese, Christian, and Maronite, making the act of attaching his name to a school dedicated to Arab language and studies somewhat disingenuous.

And as you may well have noticed, the Gibran Council noted that the famed writer was not, as Jamal wrote an Arab. Proving once again that the "voice of the voiceless" is more an architect of ignorance than the contributor to intellectual discourse that his acolytes portray him as.

As usual, Jamal’s essays are more symbol than substance. Ideology over facts and are reeking
from the stench of anti-Americanism.

And while there is always room for informed and well-intentioned dissent. Mumia represents neither. He is a cult apologist, a friend of tyrants, and resides firmly on the side of terror, all while presenting a facade of empathy, concern for victims, and intellectual tenacity.


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