Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ramona Africa: Bullshit In Britain

Ramona Africa is off on a tour of England and I am not supposed to say anything about it.

Not surprisingly, a number of my posts on the UK Indy Media Center have been summarily, and of course without explanation, stricken from the site.
I don’t want to read too far into things, but it appears that the organizers of Mrs. Africa’s propaganda jaunt are not keen on people knowing anything about her or the cult of which she is a member of.

Only authorized information is allowed. Informed debate is squelched and the people who go to hear Ramona speak are none the better for it.

Luckily, unlike with the French, there isn’t so much a language barrier to overcome and the Brits are able to read my site and other places where information about MOVE is not authorized by the cult and it’s enablers.

Also, it seems that some of the readers of the UK IMC don’t have their bullshit detectors completely disabled and are able to pick up on the idea that perhaps MOVE is little more than an opportunistic cult.

One reader opined:

" MOVE's position on abortion, contraception, and homosexuality was not decided by women, it was decided by a man - JOHN AFRICA ('THE COORDINATOR'), MOVE's demi-God. It is not a question of MOVE members not choosing to practice contraception or abortion, or just happening to be heterosexual - they are vehemently opposed to a woman's right to choose abortion, to the use of contraception, and MOVE condemn homosexuality as an abomination (because the purpose of sex is procreation.) So the organisers of this tour are either being conned or they are trying to con the rest of us. Where would MOVE be without Mumia Abu-Jamal? Just a washed-up bunch of cranks with reactionary religious and political views. It is shameful that people choose to muddy the waters about Mumia by defending the indefensible position of MOVE."

signed-Not fooled by MOVE bullshit
I am encouraged.


At 1:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I don't take mis-information on such people's blogs so seriously, and neither does the rest of the world, but I just have to drop a few things on this issue before I leave here. First of all, MOVE is not a cult, it is an organization. Second of all, it is true that MOVE does not believe in homosexuality, but we don't hate homosexuals. Sex is by natural law a means to procreate, yes, and we see it as a crime against nature to have an abortion. But it must be made clear to you, MOVE people do not oppose a woman's choice to have an abortion. We know that this system got women afraid of having a baby, or not wanting to have a baby when they do actually get pregnant, even though having a baby is one of the wonders of life, but we understand that the system makes it so hard on people and on women to have a new person in their lives and it makes them do these things. We don't go against anybody's choice to do anything. All we do is say what is right by showing that the thing is right, and this is why people do trust MOVE and believe in MOVE. Because of our strong examples. We don't just talk rhetoric and leave it there. The other thing is, we don't view John Africa as a demi-God, infact John Africa himself NEVER let any MOVE member put him above anybody else. And whenever he sees somebody putting him above anybody else, he immediately stops him and tells him not to do that again. John Africa teaches MOVE the equality of Life. And that's where everything we do is based on. Respecting life equally, on any level. So really, you just waste your time trying to make MOVE look as something we are not. And people are much smarter than that, they know what is right, and it's a shame that you cannot try to be smart enough to see what is right also. I hope you become wiser and smarter with time. ONA MOVE!

-Omar Africa.

At 7:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um speaking on Mumia's behalf, here's a link to how he feels about homosexuality period, concearning the death of Matthew Shepard in 1998.

and as for homosexuality not being natural?, well its 2014, and there is plenty of evidence in not just talking with people, but in the natural animal world as well. i'd paste a link, but you can just google that. hell, you could even youtube it. that is,anyone who happened to stumble upon this page.
A kid in solidarity with Mumia,MOVE, and all Truth and life seekers. Eddie.
by the way, this page totally propaganda.
Thanks for the anonoymous comment adding!


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