Monday, April 16, 2007

Mumia's Friends At The AFSC Are No Friends Of Yours

When it was announced that the Mumia birthday party cancelled at the Clef Club was now going to be held at the American Friends Service Committee, I could hardly say that I was surprised.

During my years as a Jamal/MOVE supporter I attended numerous programs at the large AFSC Headquarters in downtown Philly, so I knew that this is one of the places that the Mumia folks have an open invitation to do their dirty work.

But more than that, MOVE members have actually worked at and for the AFSC. Ramona Africa, at least for a time collected a check from the group as did former MOVE member Mario Africa. So it goes without saying that the connections between the Mumia cult and the AFSC run deep.

The AFSC was founded by Quakers in 1917, but little remains of it’s original ideals and true commitment to non-violence. The group is now a haven for communists and anti-American groups of all stripes and acts as a conduit for propaganda for many a nefarious group. And holds a philosophy that blames the United States for being the primary agent of evil within the world.

During the 1930's the group was openly supportive of the Soviet regime.

During the 1970's the AFSC reported that the genocide in Cambodia under Pol-Pot was an American "misinformation campaign". And when it became clear that this was a lie, the AFSC fell back upon the easy position that it was all the fault of the United States anyways.

More recently, the AFSC has decided that unilateral disarmament of the U.S. was the solution to international strife. This in a world where nations of varying stability are rapidly pursuing nuclear programs of their own as well as biological and chemical weapons programs. Again, the AFSC likes to blame the problems of the world on the U.S. and moreover would like to see this country defenseless in a world rife with dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Equally disturbing was the AFSC position that the attacks on 9/11 were criminal acts and so therefore any military response was un-called for and made the case that the terrorists were acting on legitimate "social injustices".

So, it seems that not only does the AFSC find common cause with cop-killers, but they are also communist supporters and support policies that if carried out would lead to the destruction of the United States as we know it.

This is a group that despite it’s benign sounding name is anything but and they need to be exposed as the extremists that they are.

Now, I am not under any illusion that this entity which has been around for nearly a hundred years and has won a Nobel Peace Prize is going anywhere soon, but I think it certainly within the realm of possibility to call upon them not to support Jamal and MOVE by providing them with a place for their fund-raisers and programs.

Contact this group and let your voice be heard:

AFSC · 1501 Cherry Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19102



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