Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Mumia Street" Website And Message Board


Never let it be said that the French are not proud of their "accomplishments".

It is apparently not enough for them to enrage many a U.S. citizen by naming a street in their country after convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. An action which even had Jamal supporters scratching their head searching for a point.

After all, isn't the naming of street after someone usually done after the honoree has passed on to the nether regions? I could go on a long tangent about that, but I have faith in my readers that they could adequately interject their own ideas about that one...

Anyways, now that a street in France has been defiled by Jamal's name, the Organizers have seen fit to enshrine their vulgar act on the Internet with a website that chronicles their actions.

Needless to say, the site is written in the "language of love" and has been a challenge to figure out given my self-taught Latin and two years of Spanish in school. But, given the fact that Mumia sites peddle mostly the same lies I have gotten through most of it well enough.

And, best of all, they have a message board. Now, anyone who knows me or who keeps up with this blog knows that I have a love for message boards. The problem of course is that those who are in charge of pro-Jamal boards have a proclivity for banning me from the site or shutting the board down all-together.

To their credit, the French have yet to ban me from the site or delete my posts and so I fully intend to continue to make my presence known and encourage everyone else to do so, especially if you have the command of the French language that I do not.

It is crucial at this point to understand that France remains one few remaining bastions of extremist, pro-Jamal sentiment, because it's people remain ignorant of the facts of the case.

By using the forums we have available to us to engage in dialogs and debate, we help to break down this wall of slavish orthodoxy and diminish the Mumia mythology that pervades French, leftist culture.


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