Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Witnesses To Jamal Confession

Priscilla Durham, Officer Alphonse Giordano, Officer Gary Bell, Officer Thomas Bray, Officer Gary Wakshul, all made statements to the effect that Jamal confessed to killing Officer Faulkner.

We can now add to other names to this list. Officer Tom Brady and NBC Producer Kathleen Gerrow.

NBC 10’s Mike Strug spoke with one of the officers who responded to the shooting.
“I remember a nurse tossed me this patrol jacket. It was so surreal, like something you would just see in a movie, said Bill Colarulo.
“She gives me this patrol jacket and there was blood on the jacket, on the badge and I saw the name Faulkner, badge 4669. I was a rookie. I didn't even know who he was."
Twenty-five-years ago Colarulo was a rookie cop assigned to guard the door to the Emergency Room. Now he's a chief inspector who can never forget the night Faulkner died.
"When they brought (Faulkner) into the hospital, he was obviously in bad shape. I remember Joe Shuck yelling, 'Can we get some people here? Let's get some help here.'"
But Faulkner couldn't be saved. He was pronounced dead about an hour later.
That's when Colarulo said remembers was Mumia Abu Jamal arriving, he'd been shot once in the chest.
Colarulo then says Abu Jamal made a confession to his then partner Tom Brady.
"He said to my partner something to the effect, 'I'm glad I shot the M-F’. That’s what my partner said (Abu-Jamal) told him,” said Colarulo.

Kathleen Gerrow, now an executive producer at NBC 10, was a radio reporter back then covering the story.

Gerrow said she also remembers hearing the confession.

"I distinctly remember a very distinctive voice shouting, 'I shot the mother f----er, I shot the mother f----er,” said Gerrow.

That voice, Gerrow said, belonged to Abu-Jamal.


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