Saturday, June 24, 2006

Let Us Give A Warm Welcome to The Woman Who Is In Charge of the Mumia Charade In France

(Julia Wright is pictured to the immediate right of Pam Africa)

A little birdy has let me in on the fact that Julia Wright, the head of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia in France will be in Philly this Monday, June 26.

Her itinerary is as follows:

-At 10 am she will be on the “Cody Anderson Show" at WURD 900 AM. The stations phone number is 215.763.4833.

-At 11:30 am she will be at Mayor Street’s Office, on the 3rd floor of City

-At 6 pm, Wright will join Sonia Sanchez, Pam Africa, and convicted felon, Fred Hampton Jr. at the American Friends Service Center's Rufus Jones Room for a reception. At 7pm there will be a strategy “session”.

Let us give this foul creature the kind of response that she so desperately needs.


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