Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Latest Mumia Outrage

It is one thing to continue to see Jamal’s writings slopped up on the pages of various Marxist and extreme “leftists” periodicals. That is a disgrace that won’t be remedied anytime soon.

But it is quite another issue to see that Jamal’s rotten words are polluting what would otherwise be considered “mainstream” publications.

Now, having spent a good time in the muck and mire that composes the alternate reality that MOVE/Mumia supporters inhabit, I have to confess that it takes a lot to shock me. Until today I thought I had just about seen and heard it all.

I guess I hadn’t.

Today I learned that Jamal contributed to a new book entitled, and I am not making this up, "Forgivness and Child Abuse".

Don't believe me? Go to the authors website

She is so proud of the fact that Mumia is in her book that she lists him first amongst the 50 or so contributors.

If Jamal was one of those rare wonders of the penal system who admitted and took responsibility for what he had done, one might be able to excuse his inclusion in a book with “Forgivness” in it’s title. But this is not the case.

Instead Jamal has helped to orchestrate a campaign of disinformation that spans the globe while simultaneously, through tools like Pam Africa, defaming anyone who dare cast doubt upon the principle of “absolute innocence” that is the foundation of the “Free Mumia” cult.

Just look at what has been done to Maureen Faulkner over the years. She has been spit upon, literally, by Jamal’s goons. She has endured vicious ad-hominem attacks as well as vulgar attacks upon the character of her dead husband. And now she has her husband’s killer enshrined in yet another book, this one ostensibly titled dedicated to the issues of “Forgivness and Child Abuse”.

But it is not just that Jamal is an unrepentant killer that makes ones blood boil (after all he did take twenty years to get around to saying that he did not kill Faulkner). It is also the fact that Jamal is the biggest defender of, and chief proponent for, MOVE.

MOVE, the organization of child-rape, the organization of children as human shields, the organization of enforced ignorance and illiteracy. MOVE, the indefensible.

What the author of this book is doing is not just allowing Jamal a platform. She is giving Jamal a forum to generate sympathy for his cause and through that, engender support for MOVE. For it is no secret that nearly every close supporter/member of the cult has come to the group via their initial support for Jamal.

So in effect, by including Jamal in her screed, the author, Lois Einhorn, has squandered whatever significance her book may have otherwise had. By including Jamal she is helping to perpetuate MOVE’s well documented history of abuse of children and that is in-excusable and since we are on the subject, quite un-forgivable.

And I think everyone who reads this blog needs to let Mrs. Einhorn know what they think of her book and her choice to put Mumia in it.

I am taking this one personally as the abuse of the children of MOVE has been a chief concern of mine since even before leaving the group and for more information on the plight of these children you can visit my other website as well as multiple posts on this blog pertaining to the issue.

I would encourage anyone who reads this to drop Mrs. Einhorn an email to let her know just exactly how utterly despicable it is for her to include Jamal in her book. Her address is


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