Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm Back in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article by Monica Yant Kinney about this blog and my efforts to educate people about the MOVE cult. The article can be read in it's entirety at philly.com.

Here is a small sample.

"It isn't every day I get a great tip from MOVE.

But there it was, on my voice mail over the weekend: a breathless message suggesting I take a look at a new Web log attacking the radical West Philadelphia sect.

You'd think from the blog's name, http://antimove.blogspot.com/, that MOVE would be disinclined to promote it.

To the contrary. My tipster thinks it's hilarious. "A real laugh," he said.

Then again, he thinks the blogger, and a certain newspaper columnist, are secret FBI agents.

MOVE also suspects the blog is the work of a government think tank."

Some "anonymous" person commented recently on this blog that the only thing I can accomplish by doing this website is to attempt to make MOVE supporters look "retarded". It is hard to do that when they are doing such a good job on their own. More on this later...


At 9:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your anti-MOVE efforts are VERY appreciated by
members of the Philadelphia Police Dept., including the MANY cops who post on the forums at http://domelights.com/eve/ubb.x

Keep up the good work!

At 12:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't beleive the above comment came form a police officer and i think MOVE gives you-Tony far too much credit.
All of you should just get on with your lives. Crusaders are as deadly as any cultist.

At 6:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

rather weak article, my fave quote was-

Last year, the Allens broke away from MOVE, packed their things, and moved out of state. But instead of starting over, Tony started a new cult...

At 12:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOVE Response to Fox News Attacks At 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, February 22, Fox 29 News reported they had an “exclusive” on the John Gilbride murder of 2 years ago. They went on to report that the Maple Shade Police Department was working with the Philadelphia Police Department and were hot on the trail to finding answers to who murdered John. They went on to show a picture of John Gilbride, the so-called crime scene which consisted of only a car’s windshield with bullet holes, no body, no blood, followed by news clips of Alberta Africa doing an interview on John’s death and MOVE people demonstrating during the custody case. Move people aint murderers we had nothing to do with John being murdered and we resent these slanderous subliminal messages in these news reports that Move people are the ones responsible for John’s death. Every time there’s any mention of John Gilbride, right away here comes the pictures of MOVE people, Alberta Africa, MOVE supporters. We know what the news media is tryin to implant in people’s minds with these tactics, they’re trying to subliminally implant it into people’s minds that MOVE is the murderers because according to the media and the Burlington County prosecutor, “MOVE could be likely suspects” and they would have people believe nobody else is, which is a devious calculated lie on the part of both the media and Burlington county police officials, and MOVE aint gonna stand for it. MOVE’s Belief don’t teach MOVE to murder life, on no level, at no time, for no so call reason and while the news media and this government don’t respect MOVE Belief, MOVE people DO. All this latest Fox 29 reporting is about is just another government conspiratorial attempt to destroy MOVE and ultimately Alberta Africa’s child. Fox 29 must think MOVE is stupid, and the people listening to their reports. Every 9 months or so the media tries to take a swipe at MOVE over John Gilbride’s so call death. We didn’t forget the Inquirer’s hiring lawyers to intervene in the courts to aid the Burlington County prosecutor in finding John Gilbride’s “Killer”, and the only ones who went to court was MOVE. Just like Monica Yant Kinney’s articles for the Inquirer claiming to investigate into the “murder motives” and the only ones talked about was MOVE. What people need to know though is that these media people are working hand-in-hand with this government to try to divert the public away from the truth. People need to know that John Gilbride was remarried to a woman from the Dominican Republic named Rosario (the government and nobody else, including John’s father, his mother, these investigators, the news media, U.S. Airways officials, Nobody even knows this woman’s first name, according to all of them) they were married for only one week when Ms. Rosario left John. John then filed for an annulment and soon after John turned up dead, while Ms. Rosario on the other hand had “disappeared” according to the Burlington County court. Yet after John’s “death” Rosario re-appeared long enough to collect all Johns’ U.S. Airways monies and John’s only child got nothing. She then disappeared again and has not been seen or heard of since. Why isn’t Rosario’s picture and name flashed in the news like MOVE’s, why isn’t her behavior questionable and suspicious, and why isn’t the Burlington County prosecutors office held in suspicion for never even mentioning anything about this woman, not her name or her involvement with John Gilbride, not her sudden disappearance around the time of his death, nothing! Moreover, how was she able to turn back up to publicly collect all of John’s monies over his only child, and then be allowed by this government to conveniently disappear again. This doesn’t seem suspicious this is suspicious and very telling. What about the fact that John Gilbride had a gambling problem and a drug abuse problem. Why doesn’t the media print any of this. Why doesn’t the media expose that U.S. Airways had John Gilbride scheduled for rehab and why isn’t any of this questionable. People don’t get any of this kind of info. Because that would take the focus off MOVE and take away this governments excuse to persecute MOVE, take away their excuse to try to use their conveniently contrived, devious so called strategy to blame MOVE for murder. This ain’t nothing but that custody case all over again. Everything this government and their media is doin is aimed at MOVE on the surface but underneath the surface its Alberta Africa’s child that’s being targeted and MOVE knows it. These people think if they can take MOVE down they can then take this child and destroy his life like they did his father’s. but MOVE is exposing this treachery for everybody to see, and as always WE WILL PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.


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