Monday, September 27, 2010

Remember John Gilbride...Murdered By MOVE Sept 27th 2002

It is saddening to me that it has been eight years since John Gilbride was murdered.

I am not going to revisit the circumstances of John’s death or yet again talk about who is responsible. I have done that on this site ad-nauseum.

Obviously, the person or persons responsible for John’s murder are still at large. They still are walking the streets. They could very easily do what they did to John to someone else. This to me is one of the most frustrating aspects of this case.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is in jail and is never going to get out. The same goes for the “MOVE 9”, who after years of raging against “the system” now have to beg, bitch, and moan in a desperate bid to breath the free air before they die of old age. Their fate lay in the hands of a parole board that has shown that it is in no mood or hurry to let MOVE members guilty of murdering a police officer out of their cage. I think it is pretty safe to say that those MOVE members will never be free.

The murderers of John Gilbride, however have managed to escape justice, but that does not mean that they have gotten away with their crime.

As I write these words there are efforts being undertaken that will help to blow the lid off the case and bring attention to bear on MOVE in a way that they have never had. For the first time MOVE’s leaders will have to endure the kind of scrutiny that they deserve and this may finally bring forth some answers to questions that have gone unanswered for the past eight years.

Much to the consternation of MOVE members and close supporters, John has not been forgotten.

There will be much more to say about this in time.


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