Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MOVE Again Avoids Gilbride Murder

(It was last month that Philadelphia Inquirer reporter wrote a scathing article on MOVE’s continuing madness and now a month later MOVE has decided to “respond”. To be sure, it is not much of a response; it is essentially a long-winded ad hominem attack on a reporter who has meticulously covered issues surrounding MOVE and Mumia for the last several years.

Ramona Africa asserts that Kinney is attempting to bring MOVE down through “blatant lies”, but in her entire statement she does not bother to repudiate one of these alleged “lies”. I guess Ramona wants us to take her word for it.
It is no coincidence that Ramona does not mention the name John Gilbride once in her rambling statement. This is no accident. MOVE has been doing its best to keep John’s name from coming across anyone’s lips and they mostly managed to do that in the month of May. The notable exception is when producers from the T.V. show “America’s Most Wanted” showed up unexpectedly at MOVE’s program commemorating their destruction of Osage Avenue. The producers showed up and made the mistake of asking about John Gilbride and according to witnesses were summarily cursed out. One of the “AMW” producers was black and he got a taste of what MOVE did to their African-American neighbors as he was called a “nigger” by Pam Africa.

As usual with MOVE statements, you learn more about them than you do the target of their attacks. This attack on Monica Yant Kinney is paranoid, devoid of facts, and serves to divert from the pertinent issues through rhetoric that is designed to obscure reality and keep people from thinking.

That is what MOVE is about at this point. Whatever vision of MOVE that John Africa had has died. That vision was corrupted and perverted long ago by those who marketed his “revolution” for their own self-aggrandizement and personal gain at the expense of those who bought the lies. MOVE is run now by sick old women who can’t muster the courage to acknowledge that the “belief” that was supposed to liberate them has brought them a level of suffering that will only increase as they age, as the lies pile up, and the reality that John Africa chose fire and death over a life with them finally comes into focus.


Kinney is a delusional misfit who is on a futile mission to bring down JOHN AFRICA’S MOVE Organization. She is foolishly attempting to do what the entire U.S. government, with all of its resources, could not do. She is attempting to bring MOVE down through blatant lies that are designed to discredit MOVE but we of MOVE have a thirty-five year history as our credentials. What does Kinney have, access to a newspaper column. The only thing that Kinney can do is what the government tried to do for years in the early days of MOVE, misuse media outlets to spread ridiculous lies about MOVE in a feeble attempt to discredit MOVE and turn people against us. It didn’t work in the early days of MOVE when we would have been more vulnerable to such lies because people didn’t know us so well then, and it certainly ain’t working now when our consistently strong honest example is set, world-wide. All Monica Yant Kinney has in her arsenal is words, lies, but a thousand lies can’t stand up to the truth, can’t stand up to the strong clean righteous example set by JOHN AFRICA’S MOVE Organization. MOVE was here long before kinney and we will be here when she’s long gone. JOHN AFRICA’S MOVE Organization has our consistent righteous example in our arsenal and there’s nothing more powerful than that. To quote The Coordinator, JOHN AFRICA, quote-THE POWER OF TRUTH IS FINAL-end quote. Kinney can spread all the vicious lies she wants to about us but she can’t unset our example nor can she dispute the wisdom of JOHN AFRICA. Better and more so-called powerful people than her have tried, and tried with more vicious lies, tried by beating us up, beating pregnant MOVE women into miscarriage, killing our babies,unjustly jailing us, bombing us & burning MOVE men, women, babies and animals alive, but we are still here, still fighting this rotten system. All of these serious issues surrounding MOVE and Kinney talks about me wearing new sneakers. What does something as insignificant as sneakers have to do with justice or the vicious crimes committed against MOVE? Kinney says MOVE is fading out but where is the example of it. If we’re fading out, why is she still talking about us and how does she explain the world-wide support we have, the letters of support we get from all over the world, the world-wide respect we have? Madam Daniela Mitterrand, the former first lady of France, came to our home, ate with us and talked with our children who she was very impressed with; we have been received by members of the British Parliament, The European Parliament as well as Belgium and German dignitaries. Can Kinney claim the same. Furthermore, How does she explain why people from all over the world want to know how we’re able to stay strong and loyal, healthy and clear-visioned about our direction despite all that the government has attacked us with. Kinney thinks she’s qualified to interpret MOVE, and interpret us based on other organizations she may be familiar with but she found out that she’s wrong. Kinney knows that our brother Delbert Africa has always been known as a spokesperson for MOVE, always been known to speak to the media, always been known for giving clear sharp information to members of the media, and that his daughter was murdered in the May 13th bombing but she didn’t ask Delbert for an interview about the bombing, she went to our brother Chuck Africa. MOVE knows that any MOVE member is qualified to put out strong clear information but Kinney and other media people don’t interpret things that way. They see certain people as spokespersons and that’s how Delbert has always been seen. If she simply wanted information, why bypass Delbert a known spokesman or me as the sole adult survivor of the bombing who is known as a MOVE spokesperson and Minister of Communication for our family. She tried her sneaky tricks but she didn’t get what she was looking for because MOVE ain’t like other organizations that she’s familiar with, you can’t play MOVE people against each other. Kinney can play these impotent games all she wants but it won’t get her anywhere with MOVE people. She can lie on MOVE all she wants but it won’t change who we are and what we are and it won’t nullify the example that people all over the world see in MOVE. This is why, people world-wide, ask MOVE for advice on health, on how to raise their children, on how to take care of their animals, etc., and not Monica Yant Kinney. As was said earlier, Kinney only has words but MOVE has over thirty-five years of example as our credentials.


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