Monday, March 29, 2010

An Oral History Of MOVE

In the new issue of Philadelphia Magazine is an article billed as an "Oral History of MOVE." I don't think this is an appropriate title. I say that because it effectively ends after the 1985 confrontation. That being the case, the "confrontation" MOVE had with John Gilbride is completely omitted.

I think that the author of the article did a great disservice to everyone but MOVE by failing to mention this. I plan on letting him know this and I encourage other people to do so as well.

Aside from that, the article was pretty interesting. Ramona Africa sounds like the perpetual victim we know her to be and that was pretty boring as was former councilman's Angel Ortiz's "police state" nonsense. However, I was curious to read Tigre Hill's comments as well as some other people's. A good and interesting read, but one that I think was incomplete. Check it out.

Monday, March 08, 2010

MOVE To Sue City Of Philadelphia

Color me momentarily speechless...Ok I am fine now. The word now is "audacity". I guess the money has run out from the last lawsuit. More to come

Thursday, March 04, 2010

This MOVE Book

So here I am writing this book about MOVE...Although to be honest it is not really "about" MOVE at all. It is about everything that MOVE is not. It is about hope, faith, humanity, and perseverance in the face of terrible adversity. It is about honesty. MOVE knows nothing about that.

I would have hoped that I would be further along by now, but writing posts for a stupid blog is not the same as writing chapters for a book, but I am still pressing on.

At one time I thought I knew just about all one could know about MOVE, but the more research I do and the more I talk to people the more I realize that there are layers of "truth". One "truth" revealed and peeled away leads to more "truths" and so on. The trick is trying to flesh out what is most important and then write about it in such a way that makes sense and is not too tedious.

More to come...

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