Thursday, April 03, 2008

MOVE 9 Parole "Press Conference"

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In the above video from the MOVE press conference, the supporters of MOVE again demonstrated that they are generally confused, ignorant, and guilty of having a general contempt for the truth.

And for the record, I did nothing to this bit of propaganda. The awful editing job and a suspicious lack of noticeable press at the “press conference”, was how the MOVE supporters wanted their awful bit of propaganda to be.

It did not escape me that Kevin Price and Maiga Milbourne, the young white MOVE supporters who spoke, seemed like they wanted to be anywhere but where they were. Their cold recitation of MOVE’s mythology was as un-inspired, rehearsed sounding, and as pitiful as anything I have ever heard. The fact that they were pissing and moaning about parole stipulations that no longer exist and haven’t for several years, demonstrates that they hadn’t even got around to internalize the latest batch of MOVE myths.

If they are the future of MOVE, than the future might be brighter for the children suffering thru MOVE’s deprivations than I had previously thought.

That does not mean for one second that their platitudes are not wicked, cruel, and deceitful. That their performance on behalf of the murderers of Officer James Ramp would not reach the ears of those whose politics blind them to the obvious.

Even if they are not putting their best foot forward for their imprisoned idols, they are still participating in a fraud that steals lives, deifies murderers, provides cover for sexual abuse of children, and is at best a violent, cult.

On another note, I heard on the Michael Smerconish Show, that at least some of the MOVE members going up for parole are considering the idea of a “half-way” house if given parole. While this could be read as a way for them to figure a way out of MOVE, my guess would be that it is more likely a cynical attempt at manipulation of the parole board.

These MOVE members in prison are violent extremists, but they are also very well versed in how to be pragmatic and mask the odious aspects of their belief system, so long as it serves their purposes.

If we do nothing else, we are obliged to remind the parole board that in thirty years, none of the imprisoned MOVE members have done anything to show remorse or display any sense of responsibility for the crime they committed.

If, as a society, we allow people like that back onto already violent streets, than we are failing ourselves, our communities, and our children. Let us not fail in our obligation to endeavor to make our world safe, and that does not happen by releasing un-repentant cop-killers out on the street so they can recruit more adherents for their cult of death.


At 9:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How convenient to simply "forget" important facts about that standoff: numerous attempts at negotiations, the smell, the trash, the noise, the MOVE arsenal.

I was amused at the fellow's comment about these "peace-loving" people. Peace loving people don't carry or stockpile guns. Peace loving people don't shield themselves with innocent kids either.

Oh please.

At 2:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should read the e mail sent to me by the Drexel Prof and MOVE supporter. I think it will be coming up



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