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(Pam Africa)

Pam Africa is again making her way to NYC in an attempt to beg for money for her "continued legal work". The event is goint to be a"brunch with Pam" on Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 1:00 PM at a venue usually dedicated towards music called "Sistas’ Place" in Brooklyn

I wasn’t aware that Pam had passed the bar exam or that leader of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia and MOVE member had anything to do with the legal end of the Jamal effort.

In previous fund-raising efforts, there had always been a distinction made between "legal" and "organizing" monies. This is the first time that I can recall the line being blurred between the two. It is also worth noting that the information about the fund-raising is somewhat ambiguous.
It is unclear whether the money raised will be going towards Jamal’s legal efforts, that of the MOVE 9, or whether there is some other as of yet, un-named legal issue for which the money is to be used.

This event is being billed as a "Tribute To A Warrior" and is set to include anti-Police, NYC Councilman, Charles Barron and a host of other crypto-Marxists fringe groups, as well as the usual menagerie of organizations dedicated to the outdated philosophy of identity politics.

I find it repugnant that anyone of any political persuasion would find it within themselves to consider Pam Africa to be a "warrior". At best, she is a con artist for a penchant for contorting the word "motherfucker" and punctuating every other spoken sentence with "and uh you know."

At worst, she is a keeper of MOVE’s most odious secrets of child abuse and murder and Mumia Abu-Jamal’s most dedicated inveterate liar who exploits the movement for her own personal gain, both monetary and otherwise.

The seldom, if every employed, Pam Africa lives off of the blood of Officer Faulkner as she ruthlessly exploits his murder and celebrates his murderer, Mumia. There has never been a lie about the case that she hasn’t employed and has never once admitted being wrong about anything in her so-called pursuit for justice. As one pro-Mumia lie gives way to another after being exposed as such, she simply modifies her propaganda accordingly. Anyone who takes the time to read her public pronouncements of several years and compare them with ones from today will easily discover just how much they have changed as Jamal’s attorneys and the story of his innocence changes. The absurdity of it all apparently has no effect on the dedication of Pam Africa. Ever the cynic, and master manipulator, she will not let a little thing like the truth impede her career of self-aggrandizement.

That she gets away with all of this with some people is hardly a miracle. What she lacks in factuality, she makes up for in sheer audacity. As the appointed gatekeeper to Mumia , it pays to be in good with her, if you want access to the convicted cop-killer. She also has developed a cult of personality of sorts. It is of the nature that people are not so much interested in what she is saying, but in how she is saying it. She has all the trademarks of street hustler who knows how to handle an audience and has a knack for knowing when to be sweet and feign concern and when to be loud and over the top.

There are some other things that people should know about Pam Africa.

-During a Mumia fund-raiser in NYC at Madison Square Garden, Pam let it be known exactly what she thought about the man Mumia killed, Officer Faulkner, by referring to him as a "monster". She left out the part about how just hours before Mumia killed him, this "monster" had made a trip to the hospital to visit a little black girl who had been the victim of a sexual assault. She has made wild accusations against Officer Faulkner’s widow and in a press conference in December again accused Maureen Faulkner of being a "liar."

-She is also a criminal who has been arrested 10 times and found guilty 5 times on charges varying from simple assault and contempt of court. She is also a prominent member of MOVE, but not a "leader" of the sect as has been asserted by the media. Her role in the group is to follow orders and to provide a voice and a face to the Jamal movement.

-Pam apparently does not distinguish the distinction between MOVE and ICFFMAJ and one can bet that many an activist who thought they were donating their hard earned money to Mumia instead had it diverted to MOVE. There were many occasions when I had seen the large, water cooler container that served as the donation jar for Mumia end up at MOVE’s Headquarters and not at the Mumia office.

- Pam Africa, not only endorses the MOVE practice of child-rape, but she has quite willingly gave over her two young daughters to serve as examples. One of her daughters gave birth at 12, the other was not much older when she was initiated into the group’s deviant sexual practices. This act of child rape is not anything that MOVE denies. That this fact remains un-reported in any media outlet, "mainstream" or "alternative" is shameful. Yet I have it from an email directly from Ramona Africa when she wrote that "Women in MOVE do marry and have babies at what this american society might now consider to be a young age but we follow the coordination of Mother Nature who coordinates it such that she determines when a woman is ready for marriage and babies, which is when a woman has her monthly period, then she is ready to have babies and be married. It's just that simple." Indeed, it is that simple. It is child rape no matter how benign or as "natural" as Ramona would like it to be. Not only do I have Ramona’s words to confirm this, but knew these barely pubescent girls were pregnant and that is was being done by design. In fact they are quite proud that they can force young girls to become baby-making machines for their cult. And if this were not bad enough, these children of MOVE can barely, if at all read. The memory of watching second generation MOVE members with children of their own, struggling thru Dr. Suess books will remain forever be burned into my mind.

-As a MOVE member, Pam Africa holds onto some of the most reactionary, retrograde, ideas of the political spectrum. While MOVE practices overt child abuse, the group also holds reactionary views that should astonish and repulse anyone remotely concerned with basic human rights, not to speak of progressive politics. For MOVE, homosexuality is a disturbing and immoral violation of God’s Law. Reproductive rights are viewed by MOVE as a symbol of societies degradation and devaluation of life. Education for example, in MOVE exists only if it coincides with the rambling lunacy of JOHN AFRICA’s so-called wisdom. The children of MOVE are taught to see the world as a terrifying place with police assassins hiding around every corner. In MOVE, your children are not your own, they are the property of MOVE. And if anyone has any doubts as to the veracity of this last sentence I would urge you to look no further than the terrible saga of John Gilbride for proof.

I can accept the notion that many people who work with Pam and support her work for Muima are unaware of these facts and find these assertions difficult to belief. If that is the case, than I challenge those who disbelieve what I have written about her to go and ask her whether this is true or not. Does she dare deny the ages her daughters, Pixie, and Rose gave birth? Has she ever offered a full accounting of the money she has raised over the years? Could she deny that MOVE is explicitly anti-gay and anti-choice? She can certainly try, however there are many around her who know the truth about such things and keep these truths hidden away for obvious reasons. And these are people who ought to know better. People like Dr. Suzanne Ross for example. As a Clinical Psychologist she must be fully aware of the implications of children growing up in a world of sexual deviancy and intellectual depravation, yet she stands fully behind Pam Africa and dare not ever say anything that may interrupt her role as co-chair of the NYC Free Mumia coalition. Her life in "Mumiaworld" obviously more important than taking a stand against enforced ignorance and child-rape.

I would argue that giving Pam Africa money is a less than oblique way of endorsing and enabling the abuse of children. Furthermore, it is bad enough to be taken in by the fraudulent Mumia movement, but to assist in lining the pockets of a woman who does not now, and has not ever, accounted for the money she has taken in is even worse.

There are legitimate movements for change, the abolition of the death penalty, and for fighting racism that are deserving of support. MOVE is not an entity that truly represents any of those ideals. It is a group that preaches the preservation of life, yet whose history is rife with violence and the death of innocent people including children, from pointless and suicidal "confrontations" with authorities. MOVE is itself so rife with internal contradictions and hypocrisy that it ceases to be anything other than an authoritarian sect, bent on controlling the lives of those around them, as they cling tenaciously to anything that smacks of legitimacy. Pam Africa is a part of all of that and deserves not to be honored, but someone worthy of scorn. A coward, who sacrificed her little, innocent girls upon the altar of MOVE’s sexual subjugation, who parrots the lies of those around her, all the while out there drumming up support for a man for whose guilt or innocence is irrelevant to her because she is simply following the orders ostensibly given to her by MOVE’s founder John Africa.

Having been effectively run out of Philly, Pam’s fund-raiser is being held at

Sistas' Place

456 Nostrand Ave,

Brooklyn NYA or C train to Nostrand - Corner of Nostrand & Jefferson Aves - Entrance on Jefferson Ave

Anyone at all concerned with the fact that this establishment is providing a facility for a women that celebrates cop-killers, is a member of a cult that abuses children, amongst countless other nefarious things should contact this facility and make your feelings known.

Their website is and their email and phone number is as follows

Melchilzedek Productions:

718.237.1246 /

718.467.1527 /

Those who are scheduled to appear at the event are:
Sediq Sundiata
NYC Councilman Charles Barron
Dr. James McIntosh
Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People
Suzanne Ross
Free Mumia Coalition
Elombe Brath
Patrice Lumumba Coalition
Larry Holmes
International Action Center
Viola Plummer
December 12th Movement
Amina Baraka
& many more


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