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Drexel University Professor Wants To “Free The MOVE 9"

As of this writing, some 500 people have signed a petition calling for the parole of the remaining eight members of the "MOVE 9". Much like the petition to keep MOVE in prison, it is online and allows for comments. I can only think of how wonderful it would be to have a multitude of people sign "No Parole For MOVE" and than include on the petition a fact about the case ignored by the MOVE supporters. The website for the petition, allows you both to sign and read the signatures of others, as well as their comments.

After examining a fairly good, cross-section of the comments left by those who signed the petition, I discovered that few of those who are signing have anything near a clue about the case, and those who do, just about all of them make the mistake of believing that MOVE members are in jail solely for the murder of Officer James Ramp.

This "oversight", that is in actuality a reflection of ingrained, MOVE propaganda, not only denigrates the sacrifice of those public servants that MOVE members nearly killed in some cases, but also is a blatant attempt to revise the history of the group’s crimes in a way to increase the public support for the group.

Readers of this blog, those who were actually at the scene of the crime, and people who do their homework realize that the myth of "9 MOVE members in jail for the murder of one cop with one gun", is a grim fantasy espoused by inveterate liars, to be believed by fools.. Five hundred fools at last count.

Truth be told however, many of those who sign do not even parrot MOVE’s propaganda and instead come up with their own reasons for MOVE to be paroled. From those who clearly only view MOVE thru the prism of race, to those who will always, no matter what, support those who kill cops. These are people that do not even necessitate a lie for them to at act on MOVE’s behalf. As ideologues, they have allowed themselves to be hard-wired to only think critically about the "system", and ignore the crimes of those they share a political affinity for.

One name stuck out to me on the "Free The MOVE 9" petition, not only because of the geographical location of the signer, but because of the absolutism of his inaccurate comment.
His name is Dr. Robert Zaller and he may be teaching your kids History at Drexel University.
I find this interesting as Drexel University is very near the location where MOVE killed Officer James Ramp and nearly killed several other Police Officers and Firefighters as it is rare that anyone in Philadelphia is ignorant enough to support MOVE, but that an actual teacher of History makes the mistake to support killers is particularly notable. If that is what this man, who makes the point of being a Professor, and also name drops the University is doing online, one has to wonder what kind of teaching is going on in his class room.

And for the record, these are the comments of Dr. Zaller:

"270 years of collective punishment for the single shot that killed Officer James Ramp is surely sufficient by any yardstick of justice. No one was ever indicted, let alone punished, in the death of eleven MOVE members in 1985. I am not a member of MOVE, but a citizen seeking fairness and equity in the administration of justice. I hope that the Board of Probation and Parole will act favorably in this case, and help all Philadelphians begin a process of healing and reconciliation.
Sincerely, Dr. Robert Zaller Professor of History Drexel University"

I find the above comment repellant not just in it’s inaccuracies, but with the arrogance with which they are presented.

It is a fact that MOVE members are in prison for much more than the killing of James Ramp, something that the Professor either doesn’t know or pretends not to. And as un-important as these other ignored victims of MOVE are to people like Dr. Zaller, what is clearly important is to regurgitate MOVE’s tale of victimization while making the point that he isn’t a member of MOVE, as if that fact in and of itself is a mark of credibility.

He ends his plea for the release of un-repentant murderers on parole by arguing that in doing so there will "begin a process of healing and reconciliation" This of course, is one of those "feel good" platitudes employed by the herbivore left that echoes well through the halls of academia and allows for those inhabiting ivory towers to rest easier at night as they suffer through the delusion that everyone does indeed just want to get along.

However, Dr. Zaller fails to recognize that Philadelphians are hardly clamoring for such a process with MOVE, especially considering the fact that the MOVE members in jail remain defiantly absent of any sense of remorse or responsibility for their actions. Certainly, in terms of offensiveness, Dr. Zaller’s lack of empathy for MOVE’s victims are more egregious than those deluded children who are ready made fodder for MOVE propaganda. As a Professor, one would think that Zaller would at least feign intellectual curiosity, but it appears he has willingly abandoned his critical faculties in the name of ideology and a desire to make a political point in signing a petition in support of a reactionary, violent, and anti-intellectual, death cult that abuses the children in it’s midst.

Dr. Zaller does have a background in fighting against the death penalty, and I have no quarrel with him there, as I too, like an ever growing segment of the American populace, have an issue with murder by the state. Unlike the death penalty, where there are plenty of shades of grey, enough to keep the debate going on for years to come, the MOVE case is rather clear, that is of course, if you bother to do your homework. Dr. Zaller has failed to do his, and in doing so has made the mistake of blindly supporting the release of un-repentant cop-killers. Shame on him.
His action in support of those who killed a servant of the people of Philadelphia are a blight upon his profession and disgrace the University where he teaches.

Please send Professor Zaller an email and help educate him about the reality of MOVE.
He can be reached at and it is he who is in need of an education.


At 7:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I added my comments on the petition along with my e mail address. I will post any feedback
J.D. Stakeout Unit, retired

At 1:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As post was deleted on the MOVE 9 petition site and I received no response as of yet to my e mail address


At 6:11 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Well, I am not surprised.

They are too busy crying over Mumia.

At 4:47 PM , Blogger TheBitterAmerican said...

Hey, Tony, heard you on Smerconish today.

I am cross-posting this to my blog for more exposure!

Keep up the good fight!

At 5:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9:02 PM , Anonymous Another Philadelphian said...

Thank you, Professor Zaller, for telling the truth about the MOVE 9. They were not convicted on the basis of evidence, but due to prejudice. There is no way that MOVE's location in the basement would have allowed them to shoot James Ramp.


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