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What Is "Robbins Enterprises"?

("Mo Africa helping to board up "MOVE HQ during the "confrontation with John Gilbride in 2002)

I have no quarrel with those people released from prison making their way back into society and managing to succeed at making an honest living.

What I do have a problem with is someone whose business directly enables the rape of children, the proliferation of cult propaganda, and the fermenting of hatred towards society, while seeking out new converts.

That is why this is an article that must be written.

If you live in and around Philadelphia and you have had general contractors from "Robbins Enterprises" work on your home, you have unwittingly shoved money into the coffers of the MOVE Organization and all that they represent. The business, built around renovations and other such projects is owned and operated by long-time, MOVE member, "Mo Africa", whose real name is Alphonso Robbins.

Although he is not nearly as well known as say, Pam or Ramona Africa, he does hold a key role in the group and he, like so many MOVE members is a convicted, violent, felon. In MOVE, Robbins is considered to be a "spiritual cornerstone" of the group and has a reputation as one who is completely devoted to MOVE. And while many MOVE members around him have embraced the world of technology around them, Robbins stays more true to MOVE’s rustic beginnings and attempts to keep things simple.

He is tall, with greying dread locks, extremely soft-spoken, and un-failingly polite. But this calm exterior masks a seething hatred of "the system" and the people in it.

"Mo Africa" as he is most often referred to, is one of John Africa’s first "disciples", and has been one of MOVE’s "enforcers" throughout the years. His history, like that of MOVE, is one of violence.

In 1977, a federal arrest warrant for "Mo Africa" and John Africa was taken out for the pair after a cache of weapons, bomb making material, and military manuals explaining how to make bombs was found in a car owned by Mo. However, he and his mentor were one step ahead of authorities and were already on the way out of town, according to Mo, via bicycle.

They would end up in Rochester New York and were later joined by a host of other MOVE members, including John Africa’s than wife, and current leader of the cult, Alberta Africa. It was there they would stay until 1981 when the feds were finally able to track them down.

Reportedly, the ever courageous John Africa, upon seeing agents coming to arrest him picked up the children he was with and held them in front of him. It was not the first time and certainly wouldn’t be the last that MOVE would use children as "human shields".

Although other MOVE members and supporters had been convicted on the same charges, Robbins and John Africa were found innocent. This, in spite of a mountain of evidence, the testimony of former members of the cult, including it’s co-founder Donald Glassey. One witness was conspicuously absent from the case, William Whitney Smith, who like Donald Glassey had turned on MOVE. However, unlike Glassey who entered the witness protection program, Smith continued to work and live his life in Philadelphia and in the open.

Before he could be brought to testify against Mo and John Africa he was found dead in the Schuylkill River. It was ruled a "suspicious death", but in the absence of evidence, no charges could be brought against anyone. The fact remains that there were only a few people to gain from his demise and they just happened to be MOVE’s leader and his protege, Mo. The next question you should be asking is whether or not I believe that Mo or John Africa were capapble of murder. Clearly, the answer is yes. It was true than and I believe it true now.

In a similar scenario to that of the murder of John Gilbride, MOVE spun wild tales about William Smith, claiming the feds had killed him because he wanted to return to MOVE. It is the same thing the cult said about John Gilbride after his still "unsolved murder". To me, the coincidences are uncanny and too obvious to be ignored.

It is hard to say how much the prosecution was hurt by the loss of what would have been a key, corroborating witness to Mo and John Africa’s crimes, but the case did end in an acquittal.

For MOVE, this case would be forever remembered as the one in which John Africa slept through much of the trial and still beat the charges, a symbol of his divinity, of his unquestionable power.

Former MOVE members would recall this event as yet another turning point in the life of John Africa. He had become more obsessed with himself, more paranoid, and yet more emboldened.

One could argue that the ashes of Osage Avenue could be traced back to the fuse lit by a jury who ignored the obvious and acquitted a mad-man and his apprentice.

After Mo's acquittal, split his time between MOVE’s new headquarters on Osage Avenue and the MOVE house in Chester PA, just outside of Philadelphia. It was there where his wife was raising a half-dozen children under the oppressive doctrine of John Africa. These children are the illiterate, baby-making machines, that sustains the membership of the cult. They are children who were taken in as wards of the state after the 1985 confrontation, but were catastrophically given back to their mother, who like Mo is a long-time MOVE devotee, ensuring a life of enforced abuse and ignorance.

Like his leader, it seems that Mo was also emboldened by the outcome of the trial, and he became a key component of MOVE’s terrorist campaign waged against their neighbors on Osage Avenue.

The man who you may have currently restoring your kitchen is the same man who was once helping to destroy the lives and the homes of his own neighbors.

He was instrumental in building the bunker on top of MOVE’s Osage Avenue house and even told a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer that it was built explicitly for a "confrontation with police".

Whether by design or through Mo’s own violent tendencies he frequently tangled with Osage Avenue’s residents and later with police, one of whom ended up shooting Mo during a violent confrontation in 1984.

The law eventually caught up with Mo and he was sentenced to five years in jail for "terroristic threats".

It was during the closing agreements of this trial Mo, in typical MOVE fashion, made the point that enemies of MOVE had "suffered heart attacks or a bullet in the head." This comment however, was nothing compared to one that he made during a preliminary trial. At which time he boldly told the Judge that

"Beat me, be prepared to die. If I don’t get you...MOVE Underground will kill you."

An interesting comment from a man ostensibly dedicated to the protection of life.

Since being released from jail, Mo Africa has continued to play a pivotal role in MOVE’s activities. In addition to rearing a half-dozen children under the oppressive environment started by John Africa, he now is a grandfather and is passing his toxic brand of cultism to another generation of children as he helped to preside over the forced impregnation of his own little girls when they hit puberty and will likely force the same barbarism upon his female grandchildren.

In addition to his leadership role in MOVE, his business, "Robbins Enterprises" brings in a steady flow of cash into the group and provides employment to a number of the cult’s members and supporters.

Obviously, Alphonso Robbins keeps his identity as a MOVE member a secret from his clients and his website makes the claim that he is a "licensed" contractor. A claim that I could not verify. Another secret that he surely keeps to himself is his long criminal record. One of violence and terroristic threats.

His clients will only see the one side of "Mo Africa", the amiable, hard-working, and successful contractor. They do not know that the money that they are paying him goes to support the actions of Philadelphia’s most loathed and feared cult.

Moreover, and perhaps a point of interest for those who would employ Mo Africa in spite of all that has been written, would be how he and MOVE views those outside of the cult.

For any MOVE member or close supporter, it is not only not frowned upon, but encouraged to run scams on people or steal from businesses. It is a cult that believes that it is ok to "bleed the system" and by "system", they also mean you Mr. Birkenstocks with a Prius emblazoned with an "Impeach Bush" sticker.

MOVE is a cult that has no moral compass or scruples. They are actively engaged in the abuse of the children and animals in their midst as they perpetuate, or rather are attempting to perpetuate a fraud on the "radical community". They deserve not support, but contempt and exposure for the top to bottom criminal entity that they are.

Let your neighbors and your community know what kind of outfit "Robbins Enterprises" is.


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very interesting.

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I wonder if he made Craigs list!

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you don't know what you are talking about


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