Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seeking To Silence Maureen Faulkner

After writing this blog for the last couple of years, there is one thing that I have learned to count on, and that is that those who consistently look for the lowest common denominator can usually find it.

As if one needed one more example of this (I certainly don't and find it a testament to my own intestinal fortitude that I can continue to write about such things), the Mumia movement can always be counted on to provide it.

Such is the case with the latest attempt by the morally bereft, oblivious to facts, entity that now constitutes the Mumia cult, to counter the impending media coverage of the release of the book that tells the story of Maureen Faulkner "Murdered By Mumia".

With an obvious air of contempt, the Jamal supporters acquiesce the fact that Officer Faulkner's widow has a "story to tell", but that is where the concessions end. To the friends of Mumia, the widow of a dead cop is an enemy to be feared and loathed. That she continues to speak out on behalf of her murdered husband makes her a target. One that has been literally spat upon, rhetorically disparaged and called a liar on more occasions than one can count. The last charge of which, for the record, has been thoroughly repudiated.

The ongoing "media campaign" by the Mumiaphiles will surely meet with the failure that it deserves, and not just for the more obvious reasons. Certainly, one can read the letter at the Mumia website and catalog on their own, the fallacies and absurdities contained therein, but what struck me was the glaring logical fallacy that lay at the root of their supposed "argument".

The complaint for "equal time" by Jamal's supporters pre-supposes that the book is about Mumia's case. In the letter on the primary Jamal site, it is said that "The ethical interests in balance and fairness in presenting "news" regarding the Abu-Jamal case, arguably requires providing Today Show viewers with information evidencing Mr. Abu-Jamal's innocence and unfair trial."

Now, I have not read Maureen Faulkner's book, but in the interest of full disclosure I have offered to it's authors, information I had as a former supporter of Mumia, and have offered to do what I can to publicize the book, for reasons that I hope are obvious.

But, I do not believe the book's intent is to dispel all of the myths to which the Jamal supporters subscribe to. After all, there are so few of them, supporters that is, left that you could hardly even consider there to be a "movement" to speak of. What does exist is a few opportunists like Hans Bennett, and "author" Micheal Schiffman who are still intent on obtainings what few Euros there are left to be squeezed out of their vile little enterprise. Pam Africa, the reigning Queen of the Mumia cult is increasingly marginalized and reclusive, her Organization not even able to manage to maintain a website of it's own.

More damaging than yet another refutation of already debunked Jamal mythology is the testament of one of it's most morally potent victims. The story of Maureen Faulkner's ordeal, the vile attacks waged against her, and her tenacity in the face of it all will be perhaps the most crippling assault on the "movement" to date. This, because it exposes the fact that there simply is no depth to which they will sink to in their endeavors.

The most cynical of Jamal devotees will of course not be moved by Faulkner's words, no more than they are by the increasingly obvious reality that there simply is no plausible story that would explain Jamal's innocence. However, for those people whose mind is somewhat open and not blocked off by ideological blinders, the brutish reality that the Mumia movement's origins are in a violent cult, immune to logic, of which Jamal himself was and continues to be a part of, will be further laid bare.

It will be clear that for all of the blathering about the "protection of life", that MOVE and it's most known proponent and adherent is wedded to death and obsessed with destroying it's enemies, truth be damned. As the saying goes, "the truth will set you free". In Mumia's case, it will keep him where he belongs, and this same truth will continue to ensure that his devotees will continue on their path towards irrelevance, alienation from the "radical" community that they continue to attempt to defraud, and ultimately their disappearance from the political scene.

I would be remiss not to address one more issue that has been grating at me since first reading of the impotent whining about "balance and fairness" with regards to this situation.

I have to wonder just how concerned Mumia was with such lofty ideals when he ran up and shot a stranger in the back and than in the head. I have to wonder how fair it is for Jamal to continue to withhold the truth about his role in the killing from a still grieving family or how fair it is that the people who loved Officer Faulkner still must contend with being defamed and vilified for pointing out the obvious and apparent.

The authors of "Murdered By Mumia" will be on the "Today Show" on December 6th to discuss their book. For up-to-date information, continue to visit this website.


At 4:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow..My bride and I as well as several old time Stakeout officers were there that dedication day. Very emotional. Thank you for letting us never to forget those who gave their all



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