Monday, November 12, 2007

A Rejoinder To The Mumia "Movement"

"...with Tony Allen. He is one of the certifiable whack-jobs who posts around the internet... What makes Tony Allen a little different from the other "internet wackos" is his fanatical racism and religious intolerance. ..So far example, he loves referring to John Africa as a "retarded black man," and has also used extremely offensive language referring to Pam Africa as a "filthy animal." ... Lately, he seems restless and in need of more targets for his rage, so has now been joining other racists in his condemnation of Muslims... One one hand, TA's comments are inarguably biggoted and offensive, as is clear to ANYONE reading this. So readers should seriously question whether or not he is an appropriate contributor to a community forum like the IMC (most other IMC sites completely banned Tony Allen a long time ago)... However, in the meantime, Allen's racist and VERY HATEFUL diatribes serve to seriously discredit the FRY MUMIA / anti-MOVE folks. So, in many ways Allen may actually be helping Mumia and MOVE... Who knows? One thing is for sure: Tony Allen has some VERY SERIOUS mental problems...In my opinion, you have far too much tolerance for an obviously hateful bigot who has a long history of trashing and abusing this valuable community forum we have in the IMC... there are many people quite disgusted by overt racism (the subtle, covert racism is bad enough), myself included."

-comments from the Philly IMC by someone named "Down With Racist Scum"

The campaign to disclose the truth about Mumia and MOVE, waged by your humble author and others has been strongly, albeit crudely, and repeatedly been the target of reckless ad hominem.attacks of the most vile nature. It is a fact that comes as no surprise to me.
It is, after all, evidence that there is not much left in their arsenal. More proof, that there really never was to begin with.

With the arguments for Jamal’s freedom being refuted virtually as soon as they appear, the once high and mighty movement that had so much money and support, has been on a slow, crippling descent downwards, working it’s way towards oblivion.

These spastic, rhetorical attacks against me, represent the true face of the Jamal movement, ugly, immune to truth, intolerant of opinions other than there own, a proclivity for out and out lying, and the abandonment of even the pretense of a dedication to truth.

There is no point in me attempting to prove that I am not a racist. Those who are naive enough to just take someone who makes allegations and hides behind anonymity, who cites nothing in the way of serious proof, and attributes statements to me that I never said or wrote, are beyond my reach, and probably a waste of my time.

Much like the white supremacists, who share more than a few common threads with the Mumia machine, the "movement" exists primarily online, where the lack of real support can attempt to be mitigated by high-tech, web-based, sophistry. For it is a movement that in reality has always been about symbol over substance, so the transformation from a real movement to faux movement, to one that exists primarily on the cathode screens of a few ardent devotees, is only a natural progression.

The Mumia movement, even at it’s peak was something of a political Ponzi scheme, where Jamal zealots would trade time and space with even more odious zealots of the most foul and retrograde political persuasions in order to present a united front. To go to a Mumia demo back in the day was akin to stepping into a kind of time machine that shot you backwards into a veritable junk-bin of bad ideas. There were tables of pamphlets, books, and videos from a whole menagerie of Marxist groups, none of whom actually like each other, all vying for your attention and your ill-gotten capitalist money. They peddled the kind of political theatrics that cause one’s eyes to glaze over as these arm-chair "revolutionaries" battled over whose interpretation of Marx was superior. This to the point, that I saw one of these "revolutionaries" shrink away from such a debate in tears as if somebody had tried to sell her the icepick that Stalin’s goons killed Trotsky with.

But now, as the Mumia fad no longer sells the papers to the "proletariat" that it once did, there are new heros and martyrs to be latched onto. The stock of the Mumia brand has plummeted downward to the point that aside from Jamal’s attorney, you can’t pay somebody to argue for his innocence, and can barely find people who will even make a case that he did not receive a "fair trial". Those who still do this can be counted on two hands, perhaps one, and they represent those who are clearly still dry-humping the remains of the "movement" in order to squeeze those last few cents from the "dead-enders". The same crowd who, a decade from now will still be pulling out their faded "Free Mumia" t-shirts, hitting the streets of Philadelphia, as people drive by trying to figure out just what the hell those three white guys with a faded picture of a black man with dread-locks were screaming out "motherfucker" for.

The writing is all over the wall already with all of this "Tony Allen is a racist" rubbish. After two and a half decades of wailing for Mumia and piling lie on top of lie, the frustration over their apparent failure is bubbling over into this frenzy of pointless name-calling. It is yet another example of the devotion to the idea that if you lie about something enough times, perhaps it will come true. It is an example of the notion that the repetition of the same behavior over and over again, with the expectation of different results is madness, has never fully sunk into the minds of the Mumia "dead-enders".

Now, with the Mumia "movement" being nearly completely outsourced to New York City, one can see that the people of Philadelphia have unequivocally turned a cold shoulder to the cause, as the idea of deifying a murderer in a city awash in the blood of murder victims, has finally run it’s course.

As for New York, they can’t even get it together enough to throw a "dance party" for Mumia without it getting "postponed" and their petition to name a Harlem Street for Mumia hasn’t broken a thousand signatures in over a year of being up, while the one to counter it is at 35,000 and still going strong.

So, while some people may take offense at the misspelled, hysterical, demonstrably false, invertebrate calls for my censorship, as offered by "anonymous" people on a website, I see such absurdity as a sign of the times for the Mumia cause and a good thing

The "Free Mumia movement" is a "cause" in the last days of it’s existence, convulsing, attempting to strike out at anyone and anything as it careens into nothingness. It’s devotees clinging desperately to any kind of "new evidence", the fact that it is neither new or evidence, is found in the fact that Jamal’s own attorney has not even bothered to attempt to force it down the judiciaries throat. That is something that truly does speak volumes

So the Mumia supporters can call me a "racist" all that they want and it will not make me into one, just as they have been attempting to call Mumia "innocent" despite his guilt.

The problem for them now is that they have something to sell, it is just that they can’t get anybody on this continent to buy it.


At 5:16 AM , Blogger Trench Reynolds said...

I hope you're wearing their insults like a badge of honor. :)

At 6:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. If they had a strong argument or evidence to stand on, they wouldn't have to resort to calling you a racist. It's a last ditch effort to get support or attention.

Which I think is really Ramona Africa's bottom line here - how much limelight can I get?

At 5:23 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Their "race baiting" is just further proof to me that they have nothing of substance to offer.

Instead of being anti-racists, they need raciscm, and where it doesn't exist. They contrive it.

It really is a pathetic display of cowardice.

At 9:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would agree that your leaving MOVE and the campaign to assist Mumia are not the issue(s) to call out your racists tendencies, but your history as a youth and one time disdain (and possilby something you still harbor) for interacial coupling do indeed deserver inspection and dialouge...

At 10:00 AM , Blogger Trench Reynolds said...

Wow, that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel isn't it? Is that the best you've got?

At 8:01 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Even if I was sitting here with a Klan hood on, a cross burning in my backyard, and a swastika tatooed on my forehead, it wouldn't chang the fact that Mumia murdered Officer Faulkner.

As for interracial relationships, I have dated outside my "race" a few times. I don't know what the hell you are talking about, but I am sure you got it out of the same rubbish heap where people got that I was an FBI agent, etc...

At 10:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply becouase one date outside of their race dows not absolve them in any way of racism or issues concerning race...

No the information was not obtained from any secondary source or incoherent was direct from your lips to my ear...

At 4:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it true that you called John Africa "a retarded black man"? Is it true youve called Pam Africa "a filthy animal"? If these things are true you should stop writing publicly and go write for your cop friends in the bar somewhere.
These statements are crude and ungentlemanly. furthermore they are not fit for intelligent discourse in the public arena, and beyond that the first one positively reeks of racism. The second is suspect.
I myself know Pam is a human being. Your 5th grade mouth is hurting your cause as are all the racists attached to it. You say you have other political views (besides just wanting Mumia dead).
Yet that seems like all you want. In the public eye you are a one trick pony. Become a gentleman first and then you might one day become a real journalist. confident youll leave this up as a gentleman, the February 29th Brigade.

At 6:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I would like to say that I support Tony's endeavors.

I do remember the "retarded black man" statement, and I do because I found it in poor taste then as I do now. However, that does not make Tony a racist. Politically incorrect? Maybe at times. Such is the risk you take when you are dedicated to the truth rather than some mold of an ideology . And although the statement had a derogatory tone to it, it's also undeniably a factual statement. Vincent Leapheart (aka John Africa) was both retarded and black.

Tony is no more racist than one is sexist because they spell women correctly.

On this blog alone, despite exposing Move/Mumia being his focus, Tony has mentioned police misconduct, his anti-death penalty and anti-racist views. Since when does having a focus equate with being a "one trick pony"?

And if having a "5th grade mouth" at times make one unfit for intelligent discourse in the public arena, then Move should have been written off long ago as completely irrelevant and ignored.

Unless of course, Move's incessant usage of the words "faggot", "nigger", and "motherfucker" are more gentlemanly than "retarded".

Sometimes people get colorful with their figures of speech, that doesn't make them hateful. Move's policy of abuse... that is hate.

At 7:36 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

My big mistake in all of this was to respond to accusations made by someone who is "anonymous" and who is now claiming I articulated some kind of bigoted remarks to them.

If someone wants to man/woman up and identify themselves as they accuse me of something, I have no problem with addressing the issues raised.

In the end, this whole attempt to paint me as some kind of bigot is clearly a pathetic attempt to discredit my writings concerning MOVE and Mumia.

But it is good to see that the MOVe supporters nothing left in their aresenal save for accusations.

At 9:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could the original accuser here possibly be referring to the fact that you were once a devotee of MOVE, a group which is for all practicality against interracial marriage?

At 4:43 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

That is a point. One probably worthy of a blog post in and of itself. Certainly, I said plenty of dumb things while believing in MOVE and than even after I ceased to believe and wanted to preserve my famililial relationship.

To the point though, MOVE is against interracial marriage, however their view of who is and who is not African-American is rather un-conventional.

More on this later


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