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from Michael Smerconish

Neither Maureen Faulkner nor I are accepting any of the proceeds from the sale of the book "Murdered By Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain, and Injustice." Instead, any income from our three year investment in the writing of the book will be a charitable donation.

All author proceeds from the book will go toward Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, the 501c(3) non-profit originally organized by Maureen in 1998 to honor Danny's memory and to combat the propaganda of those apologizing for the man convicted of killing her husband.

Since then, she has expanded the mission of that entity, and now makes scholarship grants to the children of murder victims in the City of Philadelphia. Lord knows, there are plenty of potential recipients of her generosity which is itself a silver lining to the execution of her husband 26-years ago.

Because of advance sales, on December 10, 2007, I will donate $170,000 to her non-profit. This money will then be directed to the educational needs of Philadelphia youth who have lost a parent to violence. Young adults like Erma Aponte.

The story of Erma Aponte is representative of those the educational fund has sought to help. In 2000, less than two weeks before Christmas, Erma's father Jamie was killed while driving his taxi – shot just minutes after he finished eating dinner at the Aponte's North Philadelphia home.

Just minutes after he had told Erma he'd try to earn the $50 she needed to submit an application to computer school.

At the time, police suspected that whoever killed Jamie intended to rob him. He became the third cabbie shot in the city that month, and his murder left six children without a father.

Not long after Jamie Aponte was killed, Jerry Watkins, who was then one of the stable of volunteers who make Justice for Police Officer Danny Faulkner work, called Erma to tell her Maureen Faulkner wanted to give her $5,000 to put towards college. Erma told Jerry Watkins: "It shows my dad is still watching over me." (Watkins, himself a gem of a man, has since left this earth.)

I often wonder what else Jamie Aponte sees as he watches over Philadelphia. No doubt he's watching a city still buckling under the weight of the violence that claimed his life – and left his daughter to earn her keep before she even applied to do so.

These are days in which nobody is safe. Philadelphia's drug market continues to fog our streets, many of our city�s families are scattered and broken, and those sworn to protect us are enduring an unparalleled tension. Six police officers have been shot over the last two months.

This makes Maureen Faulkner's work – done today in Police Officer Danny Faulkner's name – even more significant. Just ask these students, each the recipient of a $5,000.00 grant:

Aking Beverly Cabrini College
Justin Frisby Cabrini College
Erma Aponte CHI Institute
Dana Dutch Community College of Philadelphia
Charles Ritterson Wesley College
Zilika Meade Art Institute of Philadelphia
William Billy Kite Kutztown State University
Michael Selby Frankford School of Nursing
Edward Fields University of Pittsburgh
Nicole Ballard Pierce College
Kaitlin Eichhorn Philadelphia University
Angela Ahmarov Gwynedd Mercy Academy
Anthony Bruno To be determined (Graduates 2008)
Gina Capriotti Jean Madeline Institute
David Capriotti To be determined (Graduates 2009)
Nora R. Rafferty LaSalle University
Tyzahvon McCloud Penn State University- Schuylkill Campus

"We wanted to actually help them in some way and we determined that the best thing we could do was to assist the children in furthering their education," Maureen told me. "That's why we began providing educational grants for the children of murder victims and those who have had a parent severely disabled in an attempted murder."

"So many people needlessly lose their lives in my home town and after the initial news buzz their families are left alone to pick up the pieces. We founded the educational fund to help the survivors and to let them know that as survivors of murder they are part of an extended family."

Those wishing to apply for education grants can write to Maureen Faulkner at PO Box 39270, Philadelphia, PA 19136.

"Murdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain and Injustice" is on sale everywhere.

Michael A. Smerconish
December 1, 2007


At 1:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how, in heavens name, can Pam Africa or Romona dispute this.

To Pam and Romona, we KNOW you read this blog so please enlighten us with your foul language please

jon pisano

At 5:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yours is a strange comment friend.
Of course people should be educated but it is exactly the same people (police courts politicians and fascist organizations like the FOP)
that uphold a system where people are systematically brainwashed into ignorance. Made to live in ghettoes, shot by cops outside their weddings BOMBED BY FASCIST BATTALIONS OF HATEFUL PIGS AND THEN SHOT AT AS THEY TRY TO ESCAPE THE BURNING BUILDING. (dispute this
It is this same system we get Smerconish on the radio everyday and arent allowed to hear Mumia on NPR. It is a system where revolutionary culture is locked away from revolutionary people.
(there are many and we shall win.)
So i commend smerconish and faulkner (i do feel for her loss though she is a pawn in a much bigger game.) for throwing scraps to the less fortunate so the less fortunate dont head to their natural side of the class war.
It is simply propaganda in a war where a mans life is involved another has already been lost and another almost had his head bashed in by a police flashlight.
In this war we may all choose our sides. you have chosen yours Mumia has chose his Pam chose hers and i have chose mine.
Long live Move
Long live Mumia
Long live George Jackson
Long live the ability to think.
Long live revolution!
-the 229 brigade.
(not affiliated with MOVE
though we would like to be!)

At 5:55 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Indeed, one could easily point out all the silly innacuracies in the above statement, but what is most telling is the desire by the author to be "affiliated" with a cult that is responsible for child-rape, death, enforced ignorance, etc...

Enough said.

At 6:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

These themselves are silly inaccuracies also vicious lies
the police are responsible for the deaths of many people, many rapes, many slanders, (yours probably included)
and enforced ignorance.Can you deny sean bell was murdered outside his wedding?
Can you dispute that people were bombed by the police on may 13th 1985?
Can you dispute those cops were in doing so, pigs?
How about the cops that shot at those trying to escape?
How about the fact a witness saw faulkner repeatedly hit Mumia,s brother with a flashlight?
How about Mumia being kicked off NPR cause Bob Dole was gonna cut the funding? Is this not revolutionary culture that people in power separate from the common people? How about the fact Faulkner and Smerconish are gonna be on the today show the 6th and any Pro Mumia journalist has not yet been invited?(we will be there)
Maybe the only thing that you might find to be an inaccuracy (in your view) is that people should be educated. Maybe thats your real issue. Maybe ignorance is the territory of the FOP and all fascist police plants like yourself.
Now as for your accusations against MOVE.
If Child rape is going on in that organization it is something we in 229 will investigate before getting involved with MOVE send me your proof instead of your fake stool pigeon accusations.

Long Live Revolution
Long Live the Brigade of the 29th of February!

At 7:28 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

There really is nothing in your comment that has not already been addressed on this blog.

I will not re-state them over and over again because you are too lazy to do research.

Your really ought to know all there is about a group before you claim to want to be affiliated with them. That you have not already heard about MOVE's enforced policy of child-rape demonstrates that you know little about what you speak of.

Your comment also shows the kind of logical fallacies that idealogues commit in the pursuance of the political agenda.

It is an excercise of tremendous cognitive dissonance to not be able to understand that while the Police were mostly wrong in their handling of the MOVE instigated crisis, but the point is that it was a MOVE instigated crisis.

Could you allow yourself to comprehend that Sean Bell was killed unjustly and so was Daniel Faulkner and John Gilbride?

I find it interesting you accuse me of being anti-education after you want to be aligned with a group that forces girls of 11 or 12 who cannot read or write to become breeding machines.

I am fully confident in my position which is why I allow people such as yourself to comment on this site and link to pro-Mumia sites. How many Mumia sites allow discussion? How many offer the trial transcripts?

Don't forget that it is incumbent upon you to convince people like me that Mumia should be free.

And just so you know, you are failing miserably.

At 10:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will not restate?
that may be lazy in itself.
People who are true (and not paid off)Will explain their opinion again and again if need be.
Because society is not mechanical it is based off of objective reality.
It is realized and interacted with by humans subjectively but also influenced and saturated by the way things are. SO DEBATE IT WITH THE MASSES COME DECMEBER 8TH FACE OFF SCHIFFMAN I WILL BE THERE I WILL SAY LET HIM SPEAK.
Just like the today show should let Linn Washington Jr be there on the 6th.
Let the debate begin.
But lets set it on the premise of the BPP plan for community self defense. Or maybe for you the policy of community self determination.
as for research I have done much and have read all the police websites and probably the only reason im commenting on yours is because i read yours through RESEARCH!
Also the police werent wrong in the MOVE bombing. they were acting on the orders of a government, a state that has always fought against radicals.
Always killed radicals!
From Nat turner.
To Fred Hampton.
From George Jackson.
To Che Guevera.
And ya'll would have Rage Against the Machine lynched if you had your way.
Dont lie.
Maybe you dont Tony but look around you you are surrounded by mintuemen
police klansmen and yuppies.
I am surrounded by Immigrant workers Young rebels radical unionists internationalist parlimentarians, the people in
ghettoes and barrios, Amnesty International, An "invisible army" of all these forces.
We are the ocean you and your forces are the sand.
Come to this protest we will come to the today show?
is that giving up too much? of course it is cause you dont want us in the mass media and we want to debate let it happen.
Let It be

At 5:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh baby, Tony, you got a live one going here! I haven't heard so many sound bites since the last time someone was foolish enough to put a mic up close to Pammy!!

Hey "229". This thing on 12/8? You are calling it a "debate"?

Oh please. There isn't enough information that your side could muster, that hasn't been refudiated, to make a decent conversation of more than 10 minutes.

"The cops lied, blah blah blah"

"Mumia was set up, blah blah blah"

"Sabo was a racist, blah blah blah".

I will use the same argument that I use when "debating" the truthers. Too many people would need to have been silent all these years in order to make this work.

Here's a lesson in human nature for you my freind.

People talk, they brag, they confess their sins.

As you have seen, other than the bogus hitman story (his name excapes me at the moment), your side of the story is left with nothing.

Occaam's Razor says it best, "one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything"

At 1:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many people's testimony has changed.
I think those couple of points are something we could go into a debate with.
As for Beverly he is as credible as Robert Chobert a convicted arsonist.
Im saying we should have a debate on the today show.
Do you believe it is fair just for the police side to be shown only, at such a juncture as this?
I know this event is for Mumia on the 8th.
However i dont mind a debate.
What about those new photos showing a cop handling the guns at the scene?
Why did the bullet fragment "disappear" just in time for an earlier appeal?
What about the fact Faulkner was beating Billy Cook with a flashlight repeatedly?
What about the fact that Tony Allen says the police were "mostly wrong"
in the handling of the 85 confrontation.
They simply were doing their jobs.
Which fits a certain need for those in power.
It was not handled wrong it was deliberate terrorism.
No murderer on the police side has served a day in jail for 13 MOVE deaths!
(Im counting Life Africa the newborn stomped by the cops and Merle Africa who died in prison.
Also James Ramp was killed by police crossfire.
So 14 deaths.
Maybe in your eyes a fine wouldve been appropriate?
Maybe a good talking to around the dinner table?
I think Smerconish/ Faulkner (with their supposed airtight case)
Should let Linn Washington Be on the show with them.
He doesnt use obscenities. (which yall seem to really dislike all while seemingly not thinking burning babies alive is at all obscene)
so hows about it?

At 11:12 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...


After nearly a decade supporting Mumia there is not one issue you raised that I have not already considered and more importantly answered to on this blog.

However, to indulge your apathy, I will answer a couple of your "points".

I knew Merle. She died of cancer. She perhaps could have been saved had she allowed herself the preventitive health care that MOVE eschews. She is another life wasted on MOVE and John Africa.

I cannot control what the "Today Show" does. I personally debate the issue when Jamal supporters come on here to do so. Also, there is a message board for debate at

I would be more sympathetic to the "equal time" arguement if Jamal's supporters had not consistently tried to silence me and have me censored on countless occasions. Not to mention the threats made against me for doing nothing more than speaking my mind.

Beverly was deemed not only not credible by the courts, but also initially by Jamal himself, as well as his own attorneys, to the point that Jamal's current attorney practically refuses to discuss him.

Chobert's testimony was corroborated by other witnesses and subsequent courts have ruled against Jamal's attempts to refute his credibility. He further enhanced his credibility by testifying again as to what he saw during the PCRA hearing in 1995.

Guess what? The photos are not new. They first appeared in the context of the current Jamal "debate" on this site. There simply is nothing to them that exonerates Jamal. If you read the trial transcripts and compare them to the picture you see nothing of value. The pictures are more or less meaningless. More proof of that is that Jamal's attorney hasn't even attempted to put them forth in any kind of legal fashion.

I am not one to fall for the whole "straw man" arguement. Because the "government" killed for example Fred Hampton, this does not mean they framed Mumia.

All of the people you cited as martyrs were leaders of rebellions.

Mumia was a personal, professional, and all around failure when he killed Officer Faulkner. He did not need to be "neutralized" as he had done as much to himself through his devotion to MOVE.

Neither was MOVE "radical". Unless you call their army of roaches and rats, the rape of children, the torture of their mostly African-American neighbors "radical". If you do, than that is your buisness. But to me MOVE is as reactionary as it gets.

MOVE members on May 13th effectively murdered their own children and killed themselves. What do you call it when you shoot at cops serving warrants on you when you are outnumbered and outgunned. I call it "suicide by cop".

James Ramp was killed by a bullet fired from a gun purchased by a MOVE member from which the bullet was conclusively linked. If you believe the "friendly fire" nonsense than what accounts for the dozen other firefighters and police officers also shot and wounded as they were facing MOVE? Are they all part of the conspiracy?

Let this nonsense go. You will feel better.

A former MOVE member makes the claim that "Life Africa" died of "natural causes" and that John Africa used the situation as a media stunt for attention.

Linn Washington's writings on Jamal are deliberately misleading and he misrepresents himself as an un-biased journalist, while in reality he is Jamal's friend and was an active participant in the conspiracy surrounding the nonsensical Beverly debacle. His journalistic misdeeds have been chronicled on this site and others.

Your comment about burning babies is repugnant.

Unlike you, I choose to stand against what MOVE did and continues to do to the children in their midst. I do not enable them by parroting their propaganda.

Do you know what life is like for a child in MOVE? I bet you haven't the slightest clue.

They barely know how to read. They have no choice as to whether they can be a part of MOVE or not because they have been intellectually deprived their whole lives. They are raised to believe without question the dictates of their "leaders".

The sub-literate at best 11-12 year old girls start their "careers" in MOVE as breeding machines at that age.

I stand against this kind of abuse of the body and of the life of the mind and will not support a group that does this kind of thing.

But you have stated you want to be more closely affiliated to this abusive cult. So don't you dare to presume to lecture me about "burnt babies", while you act as an apologist for those most responsible for the death in their midst.

Know what you are talking about before you step up here and attempt to lecture me.

At 6:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony, you're wasting your breath, and you know it.

It all comes down to this

This current crop of Mumiacs is PO'd that there is a new book out, about Maureen's side of the story. This absolutely is no reason for a debate on the Today Show. It is to launch a book. Now, if they had a book deemed worthy of being released in a like manner, they'd have a shot on the show as well.

They don't have a book.

They're not on the show.

End of story.

Sorry, guys, if the widow of the man your guy shot gets to tell her side of things.

Want some cheese with your whine?

At 7:08 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

I never know if I am wasting my words or not.

You are certainly correct in all of your analysis as to why they are all so pissed, but in my experience today's fanatic is tommorows apostate.

People probably said that they were wasting their time and breath on me when I was a Mumia supporter, but they weren't.

Although, I would have never admitted it at the time, the truth was slowly starting to creep in and penetrate the ideology that I had buried myself in.

And here I am today, one of the most vocal opponents of the whole Mumia charade.

So you do never know.

At 1:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The facts are the cops dropped a bomb, then let it burn down a house with people inside, they did this knowingly and they couldve put the fire out.
(they had been spraying the house with fire hoses already.
Chobert was "corroborated" by other non credible witnesses like Cynthia White.
10 thousand rounds went into MOVEs house.
The police had SILENCED sniper rifles at the scene supposedly to shoot out the lights silently.
Streetlights 15 feet in the air cannot be shot out silently without crashing to the ground.
The sniper rifles were to finish off those trying to escape.
In at least one of the bodies inside was found buckshot.
A shotgun is used at close range,
how is this reconciled?
Did they shoot themselves?
Hard to do with a shotgun without cutting yourself in half.
I believe this was one of the people the police shot on the way out of the house.
The MOVE people were forced back into the house.
Ramona was there and says so also.
That she escaped was very lucky.
As for Linn Washington and his "conspiracy"
of Beverly,
Im not sure if i believe the Beverly confession,
although i know a couple years ago we showed it in the street during a demo and we were almost instantly attacked by phillys "finest".
I saw the way these police act.
With my own eyes i saw them beat up a 50 year old buddhist monk (he had a heart attack).
Then saw them drag a 100 pound woman down the street 2 blocks by the hair, breaking her tailbone. These people were pacifists. (maybe they shouldnt have been).
So whether the Beverly confession is credible or not
the police sure were terrified we were showing it.
So Linn Washington is pushing the Beverly confession as much as your pushing the John Gilbride conspiracy.
Merle Africa's death may have been caused by cancer but cancer was caused by the stress and unhealthy conditions of the states dungeon.
As for personal threats against you,
You may be a police plant an fbi provocateur
the most disgusting traitor i could imagine, however it is wrong that you have received threats
of personal harm.
It is stupid to silence someone.
You will only make their message louder.
Also i hate violence unless in self defense and as far as i know you never tried to do bodily harm to anyone besides Mumia.
As for Mumia being a failure as you say,
It reminds me of the type of people who determine value by money/fame/or ill gotten influence.
As for journalism Mumia reaches a hell of a lot more people then either of us do so dont insult our collective intelligence.
Now on to Life Africa.
The baby was stomped into the street by the police.
MOVE displayed a broken nightstick a body and a police hat, With my eyes i have seen the police act similarly and i do believe it happened.
You probably do too.
Now the MOVE 9 and this conclusively linked bullet.
Who was the gun registered to?
I admit i didnt hear this yet.
Even so i never saw 9 people pull 1 trigger in my life.
I suppose MOVE has tiny fingers?
As for censoring you, I think it is wrong i heard something about indymedia doing it.
Is it true?
If so shame on them.
Now as for the today show i think you need to take the same stand.
So should Smerconish as Should Faulkner.
As for the "straw man argument".
I allow room for coincidence.
But how about the fact that this is a pattern.
And if it wasnt Sean Bell's killers would faced charges,as Fred Hamptons killers wouldve.
As many many more would.
As for the photos, mishandling evidence means nothing?
As for suicide by cop as you say.
Because one defends themselves at their house mind you, even against incredible odds they are killing themselves?
With people like you who assume the cops are right we would never have gotten past feudalism.
for now- the 229 brigade

At 7:16 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Weaving a web of fatuous non-sequitors is hardly doing your cause any good.

I have answered all of these issues on this site and if you cared to find them you would have done so by now.

I do have to wonder though just who you are trying to convince here with all of this. Do you really think that in my decade of support for MOVE and Mumia, that I hadn't considered all that you have commented upon before now? It seems to me that you want to convince yourself about what you are saying,not me.

What I find most boring about your posts is your inability to concede that MOVE may have acted irresponsibly, or could have prevented their own downfall. Simply put, they could have.

Yes the police dropped a bomb. But MOVE barricaded their home with not one but two fortified bunkers and than shot at the police. That is not self-defense, it is suicide, and for what? What noble cause did they sacrifice children who weren't even their own for?

Are you actually bitching about the weapons the police used? You don't bring a knife to a gunfight my friend. MOVE at the point of 1985 had killed one police officers, critically wounded others and had promised to kill the mayor, the police officers arriving to serve the warrants, and to blow up the neighborhood.

MOVE wanted a fight, they orchestrated it, they started it, and now want to complain about the violent ending. They were not the victims. The children were, children who had no buisness being in that house, but were ordered to be there.

Don't try and run some game on me about the alleged police "attack" on the "peaceful Mumia march". I was there. My address was where people sent money for bail. That incident began when a Mumia supporter kicked someone's car and began screaming and chasing someone who took issue with his conduct. That people got caught up in the fracas is unfortunate, but the conflict was initiated by Mumia supporters and the Monk did not have a heart attack, but was having heart problems, a slight difference. It had nothing to do with the whole Beverly nonsense. After all, it had already been on the front pages of the newspapers and covered extensively in the press and was starting to come undone.

Of course you are woefully unaware of the ballistics evidence concerning the MOVE 9. Do you expect them to tell you the truth?

Phil Africa's purchased the weapon that killed Officer Ramp. Whether he killed the Officer I do not know. But MOVE is not in jail for killing "one cop with one gun", they are in jail for third degree murder as well as several charges of attempted murder.

The evidence against them is so sturdy that they have long since given up on appeals.

You do not know what happened to "Life Africa" and neither do I. What I do know is that at least one former MOVE member, who had nothing at all to gain came forward to say that the child died from natural causes and that MOVE blamed the authorities for propaganda purposes.

I also know that at that time it was pretty much mandatory that all children born to MOVE members were to not recieve neo or post natal care. This is just plain stupid. And the women were expected to give birth alone, sever the umbelical coard by their teeth and lick the baby clean like a dog.

I also know that in addition to "Life Africa" a number of other babies born in MOVE died under questionable circumstances. I also know of several instances while I was in MOVE where had mothers not made last minute trips to the hosptial to have their children that these children may have died.

My own daughter spent days in ICU after being born. Had she been born at home without medical care, she would have died. That, there is no question about.

But back to the Polakoff photos. They show the officer handling the weapons exactly as he described doing so in his testimony. The jury heard it, the defense heard it. If it is so crucical how come Robert Bryan hasn't ran with it straight to court with it as proof of exculpatory evidence? Because it isn't. When I interviewed Polakoff he hadn't even been deposed by Bryan. Why? Because his story is worthless as are his photos. They make for decent propaganda but held up against the reality of the case they mean nothing.

Why don't you explain to me how it was that Mumia's gun ended up out of it's hidden holster, on the ground next to him, all rounds fired, with people pointing him out as the shooter? How is it that Jamal, in his afadavit failed to mention anything about the gun?

Yes, I have been censored, threatened, wild accusations hurled against me, all in an effort to stop me from doing what I am doing now. The Philly IMC won't censor me because they aren't completly deluded by the Mumia nonsense, but plenty of other IMCs have.

Mumia had pretty much ruined his life at the time he shot Officer Faulkner. I was talking about Mumia in 1981 not Mumia now. I was talking about Mumia who had been booted from media outlet after media outlet for his increasingly un-proffesional conduct. I am talking about the Mumia who was obssessed with MOVE and gave up his family time to spend it with his cult friends. I am talking about the Mumia who worshiped the murderers of Officer James Ramp and who prior to that worshipped the murderer of Officer Frey.

The whole "infiltrator" thing is rather funny to me except for the fact that some people buy into it. I came around the movement when I was 18 years old. Not as a cop but as a very idealistic and naive "activist" whose energy and devotion was manipulated and exploited.

I did not sell MOVE out. They sold me out by claiming a reverence for life while proving a worship of death.

Like I said to you before, do some research before coming on here and attempting to sound like an authority.

At 10:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone kicked a car you say? Is that why they dragged that girl and beat that monk?
I was there too and those people did not deserve it.
How do you know someone kicked a car?
You obviously didnt see it or you wouldve said so that day unless you are dishonest.
The unprofessionalism of Mumia's you speak of is the same thing i call telling the truth and not selling out to make money.
It is what we love Mumia for.
- The 229 Brigade.


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