Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update On Anti-MOVE Petition "Keep Them In Jail!"

Keep MOVE In Jail!

Back in mid-July, I started a petition in order for people to have their voices heard concerning the up-coming parole hearing for the "MOVE 9".

The eight MOVE members will be up for parole after reaching the thirty year mark of their thirty to one hundred year prison sentence for crimes committed during the MOVE instigated shoot-out in August 8, 1978. However, the choice about whether they shall remain in prison will have long since been decided. You can be a part of that choice.

MOVE’s violence that day resulted with Police Officer dead, and MOVE members facing an array of charges that would result in their conviction. And not just for the murder of James Ramp as MOVE has repeatedly claimed, but also for the attempted murder of seven other police officers and firefighters.

The cult’s various legal strategies over the past three decades have met with complete failure, but their public campaign, un-restrained. un-burdened with facts, has been able to con a small, but vocal group of people from around the world that into believing that they are victims of an injustice.

Some of these MOVE supporters are simply mis-guided people whose good intentions are being cynically manipulated. Others are hardened ideologues whose hatred for law enforcement or any representative of authority enables them to equate pointless killing with the pursuance of a greater political agenda.

It is this convergence of ignorance and un-mitigated disdain for human life, that is the fuel for MOVE’s contemptible agenda and allows them to travel through the world preaching their gospel of martyrdom as heros, as victims of a racist "system".

This while they themselves victimize the children in their midst, their critics, as they cruelly make their victims out to be the perpetrators. MOVE represents not a religion, but organized crime hidden behind a political agenda and the most bogus of all fraudulent faiths.

To date, over 1500 hundred people have signed the petition to keep MOVE in prison. And while I think this is respectable, it is nothing compared with the 35,000 signatures that the "No To Mumia Street Petition" that I also started. To be honest, I don’t know what avenues were used to get this many people to sign the "Mumia street petition".

I would assume that it was bloggers and individual people who took it upon themselves to spread the word and demand that no street in this country be named for a convicted murderer, especially a killer who murdered a Police Officer in the line of duty.

However, I would be remiss to if I did not point out that the idea of eight cop-killers, people as equally as guilty as Jamal, could possibly be released out on parole is as equal . Don’t think it can happen? It already has. One of the MOVE members who was in the MOVE house the day that Police Officer James Ramp was shot down, was released on parole, did her time on parole, and is now "free" to do what she wants.

Unlike the "MOVE 9", Consuella Africa, had asked for and received a trial separate from the other members of the cult, and her attorney was able to get her a lighter sentence. When she went up for parole she was granted it. She not only walks the streets today, but helps to perpetuate MOVE’s mythology and was a host to the recent MOVE protest on behalf of the still imprisoned MOVE members. It was there where she again held down the MOVE party line that alleges that Police had shot James Ramp and that MOVE had done nothing wrong that day.

The point to be gained from this is that not only is it possible for parole boards to free MOVE members despite knowing full well who they are, but that these members when free, continue recruiting new devotees for the sect. They also have no apparent moral qualms with making it public knowledge that they do not take responsibility for the crimes that they committed or respect for their victims.

Nobody should doubt for one second that MOVE’s time in prison has done anything but stiffen their resolve. There has been no evidence put forth to make anyone believe that MOVE has ever taken responsibility for their crimes. Publicly at least, the group continues to perpetuate the myth of MOVE’s complete and total innocence, while occasionally taking it a step further in saying that even if one were to believe MOVE guilty, that the police deserved what they got for harassing MOVE and attempting to come out to "their house and kill them".

Being that the MOVE mentality remains unchanged and generally unchecked, it remains the responsibility of people who are aware of the truth about this group to take a stand against it. By signing the petition to keep the people who killed James Ramp in jail you are attesting to his value as a person and are reminding MOVE and their support network that he has not been forgotten. By taking the time to spread this petition and working to get others to sign it, you are making the point that MOVE is a group that still represents a danger to society and is continuing to prey upon people.


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