Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Report" From MOVE Protest

(Convicted Killer Eddie Africa w/MOVE supporters)

I am not in the business of giving my political opponents helpful advice. But I don’t think I am going out to far out on a limb, or giving away company secrets, when I inform the supporters of MOVE that it takes a little more than just their word for it when it comes to the innocence of the "MOVE 9".

In the "report" from the protest of behalf of the MOVE 9 that occurred on August 11th, one Sundiata Sadiq claimed without a hint of doubt or a nod to reality, that "Having now spent 29 years in prison, despite being innocent, the MOVE 9 will be eligible for parole on August 8, 2008 when their minimum sentence will be met." Syntax aside, this statement has some immediate and self-evident flaws.

After all, it is now the burden of the MOVE supporters to convince people that the murderers of James Ramp are innocent and not the other way around.

Considering that for over 30 years MOVE has proclaimed their innocence and has enjoined their perpetually tiny core of supporters to do the same and that nothing has happened, that maybe a change of plans may be in order.

But what do I know?

Since it is known that MOVE has abandoned their attorneys (or was it the other way around?) and have now pinned their hopes on John Africa’s voodoo, the only real hope for release for them comes down to the parole board.

Perhaps there is the hope that the great John Africa will descend from his heavenly perch and bitch-slap the parole members into seeing past the cult’s record of brutality inside and outside of prison. But given the state of affairs of MOVE, it is rather obvious that the late John Africa is not particularly interested in alleviating the suffering of his devotees.

Another thing that stuck out at me from Sadiq’s semi-literate rant, was the claim that "the attack against MOVE on August 8 of 1978 and the dropping of the bomb killing 11 MOVE members in 1985. We think it was a move to wipe out the whole family of MOVE women and men, and in particular the children."

Ignorance like that is simply precious.

I have written about this before and will likely a thousand times more, but I must remind the Sadiqs of the world that it was MOVE who orchestrated the confrontation in 1978 and 1985. It was MOVE who flagrantly violated the law, terrorized their neighbors, fortified their home, and than filled said home with children and women.

Now, it is a fact that the police did not act properly in the face of MOVE’s complete lack of concern or regard for their own children. But, it is also a fact that in addition to having to attempt to save the lives of MOVE’s children, that they were having to do so while protecting themselves from gun-toting MOVE members. It was a cult that had killed James Ramp, wounded other officers and fireman and had vowed a repeat in 1985.

Further, if it was the position of the authorities to "wipe out" the children of MOVE, than they did a poor job of it. There were MOVE children all around the city of Philadelphia in May of 1985, yet there were no police raids on those homes. There was also a MOVE house in Chester PA that was in fact raided where children were remitted to social services, but the mother of the children was able to have them returned to her, despite her continued connection to the cult.
If there was a genocidal conspiracy to kill off the children of MOVE than why did the police not round up the children of MOVE en masse? And why give the children back to the cult that had been taken? The answer is obvious and dispenses with Sadiq’s nonsensical, and ignorant assertions.

The one entity that has proven consistently bad for the health and well-being of MOVE is MOVE. It is a sect who sits idly by while children’s teeth rot out of their mouths, while their education is neglected to the point that these children cannot function on their own outside of the cult’s orbit. It is MOVE that forces the young girls in their care to become baby-making machines at age 11, depriving them of any semblance of a future in the "outside" world.
It is obvious through Sadiq’s writings that he is frustrated that more African-Americans have not sprung up to MOVE’s defense.

Perhaps he is unaware of the fact that the victims of MOVE have been primarily African-American, and for them to embrace the cult would be to embrace the destroyers of their community. It would also mean endorsing the destruction of the life of children’s minds, the vast majority of which are African-American. A modern day version of slavery dressed up in political platitudes that is enabled by white liberals and ignorant blacks like "Sadiq".

Sadiq also spouts the latest of MOVE’s myths about their children and that is they are "home-schooled". Really?

There is a criteria for how home-schooled children in PA are to be taught. I wonder how many geography lessons Mr. Sadiq was witness to while he was visiting. How many children in MOVE know Algebra or even what it is? And who there is competent to teach them? Many of the mothers of MOVE children can barely read and write themselves.

To claim that MOVE "home-schools" their children is the same as saying that MOVE members are innocent of killing James Ramp.

My retort to this kind of audacious idiocy is "prove it".

The burden is on you. I already know what MOVE is and what it isn’t. Do you?


At 11:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m pretty sure that hardcore MOVE supporters and MOVE members pretty well know what to do in order to increase the chances for parole. At this very moment they simply act ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense to put pressure on the parole board by organizing a car caravan or making stupid claims about the “innocent” MOVE 9. No one from the parole board believes such claims and MOVE leaders know that. Actions like those may impress some political supporters but not the parole board. It would make much more sense to impress the board members by facing reality and making less noise in the media. Parole boards usually do not give in to pressure from the street, especially not if the claims are that stupid.

I have the strong feeling that the leaders of MOVE do not want them to be paroled. For them it would not be an advantage to have 8 more brothers and sisters to feed. Even more dangerous is the fact that this 8 people would be surprised by the changes that took place during the last 30 years and they could claim some sort of leadership for themselves. Maybe I’m wrong but this would explain why MOVE leaders consequently sabotage the hopes for early release.

At 3:08 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Christian, from my vantage point I think you are exactly right. In fact, I have written more than one post echoing your sentiment.

These demonstrations are more so for the benefit of the cohesion of the cult as opposed to actually freeing the "MOVE 9".

I am very happy that I am not the only one to have picked up on this.


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