Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Things Fall Apart

(Pic of cop-killer Janet Africa)

"Ona MOVE! This is an alert to all of our supporters..."

Since coming around MOVE back around late ‘95 I have seen plenty of "alerts" sent out into cyberspace by the cult chronicling some kind of purported abuse by this entity of that one.

Hell, I even authored some of them.

As I write this, there is one pertaining to Janet Africa, one of the "MOVE 9". It appears that the guards aren’t showing her the respect that she deserves, or rather think she deserves.

As you might know, MOVE doesn’t have to abide by anyone’s rules but MOVE’s. And those rules can change at any time according to the whim of a particular MOVE member as they see fit.

These are the grand delusions that the dead god, John Africa poisoned the minds of his followers with before he took the easy way out visa vi "suicide-by-cop", back in 1985.

You can murder a police officer, be convicted of doing so, be imprisoned, but still get to call the shots (no pun intended).

There is no driving need to delve into the latest complaint by MOVE members as it can be filed away into the box of a thousand other grievance that basically are extensions of the psychic wounds inflicted upon those who have given up their self-respect and replaced it with the servile mentality of absolutism.

Not only are MOVE members and their close supporters condemned to immiserate their own little "community" with their nihilism and vulgar platitudes, but they also suffer under the delusion that the rest of the world is in need of their contagion.

Because of their lack of judgement and inability to make proper choices, we in society who did not go out and kill a police officer must pay obeisance and bow before the alter of their sacred "rights"?

I don’t think so.

People in jail do indeed have rights. And those rights should be defended as vigorously as are any others in our country. Because of the very insulated nature of jails I would argue that we need pay much more attention than we do presently, but in the case of MOVE, they are the ones causing the problems and are not innocent victims of some persecution.

A cursory glance at MOVE’s history will demonstrate that the group initiates confrontations to attempt to make this point or that point.

I have personally been present in visiting rooms when MOVE members, after being told something they didn’t like "put information" on prison staff. And just so there is no question of what it means to "put information" on someone, it essentially entails a profanity laden tirade extolling the virtues of John Africa while heaping contempt upon whomever has the misfortune of being the representative of the "system" at that particular moment in time.

It is a show of attempted verbal bullying that for MOVE is the only means of releasing the frustration of nearly three decades of life wasted. Instead of taking ownership for their personal failings and confronting the brutish realities of the four walls that bind them, they project all of that hatred and self-loathing outward and onto whomever is around them.

At this point I should remind readers that many of these MOVE members entered jail barely in

their twenties. This fact, coupled with the realization that obedience to a "high demand group" arrests the mental development of cult members, it is clear that the MOVE people in prison today are emotionally the same bunch of spoiled brats that went into jail back in 1978.

Nobody should expect them to take responsibility for their actions. For over three decades they have been armoring themselves against just that kind of maturity and have instead focused upon blaming all of their failures on everything and everybody else. That is, after all, one of the appeals of cults, is that you are seemingly allowed to circumvent your failures by using those on the outside of yourself, your group, as an all too convenient scape-goat.

From my vantage point, as an ex-MOVE devotee, I see the walls that imprison the MOVE members in jail to be not so much an impediment to them as are the mental barricades that they have made a conscious choice to hide in.


At 11:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't recall why the MOVE 9 were
incarcerated: In August of 1978, the MOVE home in Phila.
was attacked by a small army of police armed to the teeth.
MOVE members were forced down into their basement where
they attempted to defend themselves against the onslaught
of police fire. One officer was killed by "friendly fire"
as evidenced by the trajectory of the bullet that killed
him (downward). Even the judge who presided over the
trial admitted that he didn't know who shot the officer.
Nevertheless, 9 MOVE people were arrested and given
30-100 years each. Merle Africa, one of the 9, died in
prison. The remaining 8 have refused to renounce MOVE
(which would no doubt lessen their sentence). They are
innocent of any criminal activity and should never have
been incarcerated in the first place. FREE THE MOVE 9!


The MOVE 9 completes their minimum sentence of 30 years in
Aug. of 2008 and become eligible for parole. They will be
interviewed by the parole board in a few months. We intend
to do everything possible to insure that they are in fact
paroled, so this Aug. 11th we are doing a car caravan
through Philadelphia neighborhoods. We want to inform
people of the current status of The MOVE 9 and gather
support to pressure the parole board to release innocent
MOVE people. We want as many cars and people as possible.
If you want to participate but don't have a car, it's not
a problem. Some people will be walking and handing out
information to people. People can also alternate between
riding and distributing info, so there's something for
everybody to do, with or without a car. We will assemble
at 45th & Kingsessing Ave. at 12:00pm. Join us for a day
in the community and working for the release of The MOVE
9. This year's activity is more important than ever
because of the upcoming parole hearings. It is not simply
a commemoration of the Aug. 8, 1978 police attack on MOVE
but it is the launch of our campaign for the parole of
innocent MOVE people. Join us in the fight for freedom,


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