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MOVE Celebrates The Murder Of James Ramp With Pollution Parade

(pic of MOVE's God John Africa a.k.a Vincent Lephart)

MOVE’s "activities" typically entail bullhorn amplified, profanity-laden, harangues, that most certainly constitute noise pollution.

Usually, the cult picks some street in downtown Philadelphia to set themselves up at and scream and holler at perplexed pedestrians who, for the most part could care less about the rabble and their semi-intelligible, always profane, "message".

This August, in celebration of the death of James Ramp, MOVE has decided to double up on the pollution factor and instead of just defiling a street corner, they intend to drive around and inflict their atavistic delusions upon a number of hapless neighborhoods throughout the city.

According to a message at the New York Free Mumia website:

"We intend to do everything possible to insure that they are in fact paroled, so this Aug. 11th we are doing a car caravan through Philadelphia neighborhoods. We want to inform people of the current status of The MOVE 9 and gather support to pressure the parole board to release innocent MOVE people. We want as many cars and people as possible. If you want to participate but don't have a car, contact us at 215 387-4107 and we will try to get you into one of the participating cars.

We will assemble at 45th & Kingsessing Ave. at 12:00pm, August 11 in Philly"

The "parole" they are talking about has to do with the imprisoned MOVE members who are still imprisoned for the murder of Officer James Ramp. Next August the "MOVE 9" will be eligible for parole and MOVE apparently thinks that driving around Philadelphia will somehow convince the parole board that their members are worthy of release.

What I find interesting about all of this is that MOVE has continuously presented itself as a vanguard of environmentalism. The group’s propagandists make much of their purported support of extremist environmental groups like the Earth Liberation Front and the MOVE prisoners are themselves listed in many a journal and website as prisoners of the war against the environment.

The "back to nature" cult claims to adhere to the teachings of John Africa, who taught that cars, planes, and all things manufactured by man are "evil" and that it should be MOVE’s position to set the example of how to live without such impediments to the world.

Yet, here they are asking people to drive around in their cars, spewing toxins into the atmosphere, wasting gas, in the August heat, as if the city does not have enough smog and pollution to begin with.

This is just yet another example of the kind of rank hypocrisy that MOVE represents.

A cult that abuses animals, terrorized their neighbors, keeps it’s children illiterate and barely pubescent girls pregnant.

The group is responsible for the killings of James Ramp, it’s chief supporter Mumia Abu-Jamal murdered Daniel Faulkner, and there is the cloud of suspicion that hangs over the group concerning the death of John Gilbride.

And now of course, the cult can be known for it’s indifference to the environment.

But than again, there is nothing new about MOVE’s pollution.

On Osage Avenue the cult literally tortured it’s neighbors with it’s vile practices.

"They could go on for hours on that loudspeaker system of theirs," recalled Marguerite Walker, of 6217 Osage. "Sometimes they would start at 3 in the afternoon and they would stay on there until 1 o'clock at night. Different times they would come on. But you know, with that kind of thing you are tense all the time. You are just always wondering when it is going to come on. "So you never relax."But, for the residents of Osage Avenue, the bullhorn assault was only the beginning.

There were also the barrels of raw meat that MOVE members fed their dogs and the smell of cat urine that hung in the air.The foul stink of what residents believed to be human excrement and unwashed bodies filled the summer air, making children and adults physically sick.An omnipresent stench rose up from the MOVE house, seeping through screen doors and forcing people inside. The MOVE people kept dozens of cats and dogs, but never cared much about controlling them. One day, Osage Avenue resident, Bennett Walker was working in the back of his house when he remembered "noticing this smell."

"So I looked around, and then there were all these dead kittens. They were covered with flies. I had to go and throw them out."

In the spring, another Osage Avenue resident, Pearl Watkins enjoyed drying her wash on a clothesline - she liked the fresh air and sunshine on the clothing. But she feared the flies that fed on the garbage and waste at the MOVE house. So she was forced to hang her clothes to dry in the basement.Inez Nichols of 6228 Osage remembered the flies as well. "I couldn't open my screen door because for some reason, not the small flies, but those big, green flies - when I opened the door, it seemed like there was a swarm of them that said, 'We're coming in.' So I went around with a fly swatter - banging, banging, banging."

"How did it smell?" asked Shirleen Benson of the odor that clung to the neighborhood. "How does filth smell? It has an odor of its own. Something rotten or dead."

Other MOVE neighbors reportedly had to turn on their stoves to clear out armies of roaches before they could cook their families dinner at night.

As if the stink, and infestations, and bullhorn harangues were not enough of an assault on civility, MOVE would also singled out certain neighbors for particularly brutal treatment. There would also be ominous threats of violence on the part of MOVE members against children. Maugerite Walker would tell reporters that: "On the loudspeaker, Conrad (Africa) used to shout that he was a rapist. He would get on there and say that he used to go into people's houses through their skylights and rape young virgins."

As the war on their own community waged on, MOVE brandished firearms terrifying children and convincing adults that MOVE had no intention of living peaceably.

So for MOVE, pollution of everything around them nothing new.


At 6:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would hope MOVE drives thru the Fox Chase neighborhood where many graduates of Aug. 8th reside

jon pisano
graduate,MOVE confrontation,
August 8th, 1978
"We will NEVER forget"

At 4:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, c'mon up to the Great Northeast. You think the police make you feel unwelcome here? You haven't seen anything yet!

At 4:01 AM , Blogger Tarun Kumar said...

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