Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Wrong Are Always Wrong

(Pic of MOVE member protesting John Gilbride)

by Tony Allen

"There are no jokes. Truth is the funniest joke of all."
-Muhammad Ali

I must be certainly lurking in the area of gross redundancy by pointing out the fact that MOVE’s support network has gone completely sideways with regards to all powers of mental reasoning.

That is of course, if you assume that there was a time when such faculties such existed within that sordid realm. I, of course, know that the remnants of MOVE are not exactly the members of a brain-trust. Nor are they committed to any semblance of truth.

Yet more evidence of the obvious appeared on the Mumia website within the last couple of days.
It came in the form of a "response" to the recent article by Monica Yant Kinney pertaining to this blog and me as one of it’s writers.

The author of said "response", was at least not stupid enough to actually sign their statement, this likely being evidence that they are aware of civil actions that can be taken against those who commit libel.

It was alleged that my work is born out of a result of some back room deal made with authorities to keep me out of jail because I was arrested for some kind of drug charge. No proof is given of my purported corruption as if non is needed. And I can write and say and with full honesty deny that I have ever been arrested for anything to do with drugs, and I challenge anyone to provide proof otherwise.

As to the other charges leveled against me, I only ask that people read my work and come to their own conclusion as to my intentions and alleged bigotry.

And to my "impotence".

If my work is so inconsequential than why is there such a deliberate and malicious attempt to disparage my character with cheap and un-substantiated smears?

I must, however, thank the author of the nearly hysterical rant as he/she has brought up John Gilbride and his death.

The issue of John’s visitation with his son is brought up and done so out of context in an attempt to discredit Monica’s article. It is a fact that John was murdered right before he was to have his first un-supervised visitation with his son. The writer brings up two previous instances where John was to see his son and instead was off "gambling" or otherwise ducking his parental duties. Again, no proof is given, as if the words of the anonymous MOVE supporter is good enough.

If one peruses this blog, or goes to my other website, they can discover the truth about John and the circumstances of his death. The circumstance that lead many to believe that the responsibility for his killing belong with someone at MOVE Headquarters. (For the record, I have no doubts.)

It is an undisputed fact that MOVE waged a veritable war against John and his family prior to his death.

It is also a fact that the courts saw fit to give John un-supervised visitation with his son. It is also a fact that his ex-wife, and MOVE members told anyone who would listen that they would never allow such a visitation to occur. Alberta Africa claimed that such a visitation was a violation of her "beliefs". Hardly a believable utterance from a woman who has broken just about every edict John Africa laid down for the Organization in the early 1970's.

It is also a fact that on Sept. 3, Alberta withdrew Zack from a private school, and 10 days after that John Gilbride went her to her home with two Cherry Hill police officers for his first four-hour court ordered visitation. Alberta and John’s son were not there. John was met at the door by Mary Africa who lives in Philadelphia and not at the Cherry Hill home.

Again, on Sept 20th, John was supposed to have yet another visitation with his son, but was advised by police to stay away after MOVE supporters made a well-publicized caravan to demonstrate at the Cherry Hill home and at the Cherry Hill municipal building. He did go to Las Vegas, but whether he gambled or not I don’t know and neither does the MOVE supporter who wrote the nonsensical retort to Monica’s article.

And the idea that John was killed as a result of his alleged Las Vegas gambling binge reeks of the usual MOVE bullshit.

Seventeen days prior to John’s death he was in a Camden County Courtroom claiming that MOVE threatened his life.

On Sept 27th John was shot dead in his car. Police did not report any attempted robbery or any other evidence that the crime was one committed out of financial motivation. He was only hours away from another scheduled visit with his son. He had been told by MOVE that such a visitation would not occur. He was in a Camden County Courtroom testifying that than MOVE member, Mario Africa, had threatened his life.

It is also a fact that Alberta was at the end of her legal rope and was starting to loose control of the situation she had been obsessing over for years.

At that time I was in MOVE.

It is important to know that there were no plans that I was aware of to further demonstrate against John’s impending visitation.

When I heard that John was murdered I knew why we had not been prepped for another protest.

Somebody had something more declarative and final in mind.

"Terrorists" indeed.


At 1:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so sad that Move feels the need to lie about you to try and keep their supporters from listening to what you have to say. You always have the facts to back up what you say. You lived with Move and you were on the inside and part of what they were doing. They can not deny that so they feel the need to discredit you.

Keep up the good work but be careful you must be upsetting these violent people that do make threats against people. It appears they may have followed through on one of their threats.

It is sad that the people inside move are so blinded that they let a killer walk amongst them. If I was a member I would be worried that if I do something to make them mad am I going to be next. They say that after you have killed once it gets easier. Move supporters that have information about the murder should be thinking about that.

Well enough said. Keep up the great writing. Maybe you should write a book.


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