Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mumia...Now Get Your Cavity Search And Go Back To Your Cell

(Glover gone wild!)

It was a rather inauspicious birthday for Philadelphia’s most well-known cop-killer/money magnet for deranged extremists.

Instead of a healthy slathering of invertebrate news coverage that has become the typical fare for Jamal events, the increasingly flaccid dramatics of the pro-Jamal stooges were largely ignored.

That is of course except for one rather pointed report on the local CBS News station that juxtaposed the dignified and largely silent protest of the family and friends of Officer Faulkner with the nearly rabid and undoubtably hate-filled Jamal supporters. The latter of which took to cheap cat-calls of "serial killers, pigs, murderers, etc...directed towards Officer Faulkner’s widow and those around her. How about that for class.

I am not entirely sure what worked the minuscule Jamal crowd into it’s frenzy of frustration, but perhaps it was the fact that their highly publicized party for Mumia only attracted around 100 people, many of whom were no doubt trucked in NYC, while the Faulkner supporters quite clearly had a superior presence not only in numbers, but in moral certitude.

For while the Jamal crowd was a marinade of true believers in Jamal and those who are un-sure of the "fairness" of Jamal’s trial, the Faulkner crowd was unified in it’s righteous indignation at the idea of celebrating the man that they know killed their husband, brother, friend, co-worker...

Perhaps it was the failed attempt earlier in the day to circle city hall as the turnout there was barely enough to surround a port-a-potty.

Maybe it was the fact that in NYC and in Philly, the locations of Mumia fund-raisers had to be changed after they were run out kicking and screaming and whining to the point that they got NYC City Councilman, and cop-killer afficionado, Charles Barron, to join in the fray.

It may have also been the fact that they know that the Mumia machine is running out of steam, it’s lies exposed, it’s welcome long since worn out, the whole damn thing stinking like Pam Africa after one of her two-week boycotts of bathing.

For my money however it is denial. Denial on the part of the cynics like Pam Africa who know, but refuse to accept that their death-row money-maker doesn’t draw in the gullible like he used to. Denial also on the part of those who have that irritating grip of doubt, that rot-gut feeling that they have been used up for a lie, but who march on the Jamal death march right along with their hero because they are too emotionally invested to give up on the facade.

And so here it is, my belated birthday message to Mumia:


Sorry it has been a while. I have been busy living my life while you rot and whither from the inside out. I have been enjoying the sunshine, my family, the occasional cheese-steak, reading and writing what I want.

Most of all I have been enjoying being free.

Something you haven’t been since you shackled your mind to the intellectual gutter that are the "teachings of John Africa", something that you will likely never be, even should the courts grant you the ability to walk out of the cell that you have so earned for yourself. So rot in the hell you have created for yourself and just know that there are those of us who know what you are, know what you did, and will never ever forget.


Tony and the Anti-MOVE Blog Family


At 3:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Glover know that supporting Mumia supports MOVE. Is he aware that MOVE is still going around and committing murder. That they are under a cloud of suspicion in regards to the murder of (Alberta Africa's Ex husband and father of her only son)John Gilbride in 2002.

Glover, I advise you to get in touch with the BC police ASAP and find out who your friends really are.

I think once you find out you might realize hanging with the Mumia/MOVE crowd is not a good PR move.

At 6:28 AM , Blogger Urban Infidel said...

Glover was/is a Black Panther. He knows exactly who he's in bed with.

PR moves? Remember, this is the guy who made very public kissy face with Chavez up in Harlem back in September during the UN Security Council sessions.

At 3:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Glover reads this blog or anything remotely anti Mumia?

Come on!

Why don't you get his contact info and tell him about what MOVE did to John Gilbride?

Post Glover's email address or website here. I am sure tony allen will put a way to get in contact with Glover so that he can be educated about who his friends are.

if we are going to defeat MOVE we have to be smart and pro-active. it is a waste of time to rail on about Danny Glover here and not follow up. There is always a way to reach celebs, they love the attention so why not give it to them?


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