Sunday, April 22, 2007

Admin For Mumia Website Goes Off The Rails

(hey look at me I killed a cop and people love me for it!)

It is painful to watch a propaganda victim at work. To see an otherwise reasonably intelligent person given over to the most mindless of absurdities and than spread them with the kind of audaciousness and confidence that almost makes them seem credible.

This is generally the state of affairs when I get into some kind of debate with one of the "true believers" of the Mumia movement.

Generally such disputations follow a pattern that I have come to be acclimated to over the last couple of years.

It goes something like this...

First the Mumiaphile will respond to me with the typical Mumia responses that can be pulled off of any number of Jamal websites. Than, after realizing that the facts are not on their side they spiral off into ad-hominem attacks that vary from comical to cruel to absurdities etc...Once that tactic fails than they just ignore me or try to get me kicked off or removed from whatever forum the particular debate is going on in.

Typically, these days such debates tend to be rare and when they do, they happen on message boards. I like message boards. They kind of epitomize the democratic values of the internet and than you get to meet strange and interesting people and than beat them in arguments that in five years nobody will remember, care about, or have the slightest interest in. But, I have fun anyways, especially when the person I am dueling with is a key part of the Mumia cult. That is the best fun one can have with your clothes on.

As I write these words Fatirah Aziz Ali, the webmaster for the International Concerned Family and Friends website called the "Freedom Journal" is furiously attempting to hold her own at the message board of the website of a Philadelphia radio station 900am WURD.

The irony of which is that prior to my leaving MOVE I was told by Pam Africa that Fatirah had to do the website in secret because her husband didn’t want her involved with such things. "Freedom Journal" indeed. I don’t know for a fact if what Pam told me was the truth, but I laughed about it than and I laugh about it now, although overbearing and controlling people should not be funny.

Now, I don’t want to bore my readers with all of the trite nonsense Fatirah is spewing forth, but in the interest of macabre humor I will offer just a taste of her bizarre and ridiculous statements for your consideration:

(writing about me) "You are the one with the grudge and political agenda since you have turned traitor for this government. I hope they are paying you well, I'm sure they're funding your web site.""How you can stand yourself is hard to understand, cause I sure can't stand ya."

"You're right, you didn't turn traitor ~ you were born one."

"Tony Allen, you are truly a cretin"

"MOVE may not like what you say, but they sure didn't threaten you"

"No one that is in their right mind can picture MOVE going around and gunning down people"

"Alberta and MOVE did nothing to John Gilbride."

"I am not race-baiting, but I do notice that white folk who are so-called liberals have a tendency to wear out after a while because they feel they are superior to the group they claim to support"

"Justice will be done; it will mean Mumia will be free"

"No matter what MOVE's speeches have been, they have never killed anyone; you know it. You twist anything to suit your purpose, but it's still the ravings of a sick white boy who just couldn't stand being around Black folk anymore."

"It was fortuitous for you that the FOP/government found a way to use your traitor skin for their own benefit."

"Even though I despise you for the weasel that you are, I can understand how a coward such as yourself would take the 'safe' way out, and lay down for the police."

"As for pre-natal care, each and every MOVE baby is born healthy and continues to live that way. Just look at them. Until the government kills them that is."

"It has been shown that the bullet that killed Ramp came from the direction of the police line, not from the MOVE house."

"No matter what MOVE says or threatens, the fact remains that they've not killed anyone."

"You are being used and manipulated, probably threatened yourself by the FOP. You are a pitiful little thing and that's not an attack, it's just a fact."

I swear on the life of my child that I did not make up one of these statements. These are all live and direct from Fatirah. I kid you not. And the sad thing is that she may actually believe some of her own bullshit, which I guess is an appropriate penalty for being so morally bereft.

In case you want to read more of Fatirah’s wise pronouncements you can visit the 900am WURD site and see them for yourself. It’s free and worth a few moments of your time.


At 6:30 AM , Blogger cksquonk said...

This is the cashier from "the government". There was a little mix up in payroll and your check will be a little late this week. Sorry

At 2:07 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

Well you bastards are about two years late so I would appreciate if you would get your shit together and get my cash together or else I am going to have to quit blogging and get a real job!

At 3:07 PM , Blogger Urban Infidel said...

Where's my check? I got bills to pay!


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