Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Protest NYC's Remote Lounge

The Remote Lounge in NYC is set to be the scene of the latest outrage in a long history of outrages in NYC with regards to Mumia and the MOVE 9.

This venue has seen fit to allow a fund-raiser on their premises for not only Mumia, but also for the "MOVE 9" as well.

An event honoring and raising funds on behalf of 10 cop-killers, all for the price of one.

I personally wrote the Lounge and asked them to comment on this "event" and they have refused to respond.

I wanted to know why they are throwing a get together celebrating the murder of police officers.

You should want to know why as well.

The organizer for this event is not surprisingly a MOVE tool named Orie Ross.

Contact the Remote Lounge and let them know your feelings on this matter.

They can be reached at 212.228.0228 or via email at info@remotelounge.com


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