Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why Choose Freedom From MOVE?

(pic of convicted murderer Janet Africa)

"The secret of happiness is freedom. And the secret of freedom is courage"

-(Pericles as quoted by Thucydides)

I find it cautiously amusing, the attention that I have received since the renaming of this blog over a month ago. It is reminiscent of the kind of spastic and hopelessly pathetic invective hurled in my direction after I "went public" about my views on MOVE and to a much lesser extent, Mumia.

Having been a part of the vicious and terrible campaign of words, that turned into acts, and that to my horror, turned into murder, against John Gilbride, In that kind of climate of terror I was hardly surprised that my former MOVE "family" would come at me with the most vile and at times, silly charges. Than of course, were the threats, which literally began the moment that MOVE new I was out of their control. The same goes for those on the outer orbit of MOVE. Their attacks, while being less vociferous, were of equal incoherence.

But while plenty of those who claim opposition to my views on Mumia have questioned my turnabout, a much smaller number of people have come forth questioning why I left MOVE. It is as if it is a question that they do not feel the need to ask. For they know why they aren’t in MOVE and despite their silence on the issue, I am aware that such a quietness screams volumes.

While few say it. Nearly everyone knows it, that MOVE is at the very least somewhat "out there", in their views, to the extent that people know of them, they know that MOVE’s ideas are somewhat retrograde and reactionary, but yet MOVE is given a pass.

There is, of course, a multitude of reasons for this acceptance of a violent personality cult by both the caviar left and the Marxist ideologues. The racial component is one. Nobody wants to be labeled a "racist" by being critical of an organization that is perceived as predominantly black. Similarly, there is a taboo amongst the politically immature of criticism in general, the thought being that any critique or act of simple truth telling will enable the "enemy". Of course this train of logic can be demonstrably true in the short term, the long term effects of turning a blind eye to the oppression in your midst can be irreparable, but nobody is trying to hear that. After all, Mumia has court coming up.

Than, there is MOVE’s well cultivated victimization routine that is their bread and butter. It is a revisionist history that causes them to grow fat off the ignorance of their wide-eyed college audiences, but it is a well rehearsed routine and one that has served the cult well. Ramona Africa, the hug-giver, ever the demure, the one with the calm demeanor, whose rhetorical theatrics are more likely to be rife with quotations of Jefferson than John Africa, whose costume includes the 1985 burn scars is the perfect character for this sad drama. This play for money off of dead children. It brings cynicism to a new and rotten low. And while I am relatively certain that there is no hell, at least in the biblical sense, I hope that if there is, that there is a special place reserved for Ramona and her ilk. A place where the consequences of their actions are replayed, a nightmare for which there is no waking up.

But enough about the nightmare of MOVE.

What of freedom? What is life like outside of the "house that John Africa built", the one that Alberta Africa tore down and re-built and re-arranged in her image, like the pig king from Orwell’s Animal Farm?

It is something to die for. For me, it is everything. To be able to speak and know the words are mine, for better or worse. To not have to knowingly mouth lies in order to attain the acceptance and attention of those around me. To have to plead unquestioned devotion in exchange for "love". A generic, bullshit, "love" that is a tool of control, not a genuine human emotion. It is all plagiarized. From the emotions to the language. The upper-middle class white boy who takes on the identity of an undereducated, slang talking, MOVE junkie. A fucking fraud from start to finish. Yes, to be free of that is everything.

To not have to live up to some expectations. To not have my words, my face examined for signs of stress or frustrations, so those things can be used against me, to make my own mistakes and learn from them and make my own apologies. You who have not sacrificed your soul and self to another human being and lived for their sake and not your own, know nothing of what I speak of. It is just more rhetoric of an "angry ex-MOVE guy".

But for those of you who were of the MOVE family and now departed, you know full well of what I say. The words I choose may not be the ones that you would, but you do understand.

There is also sacrifice in leaving MOVE. I walked away from people I cared about. People I still care about. People who don’t deserve to be there, people who deserve better. The children whose lives are pre-ordained and pre-determined to be in a state of forced ignorance. For the girls, a state of sexual servitude that begins at puberty. For these kids, whose own names they themselves can often barely spell, there is little hope of them tasting freedom. To know what it is like to not be under constant scrutiny and control. Even their own children are not theirs. They do not even have that. Their kids are "MOVE’s kids", read that as MOVE’s leaders kids. I shudder to think that my child could have shared their fate and am contented with the fact that she will grow up to have the privilege of having a chance and a choice. Things that the children of MOVE members do not likely have.

Never allow yourself to consider these youngsters to be "MOVE kids", they are not. They have made no conscious choice to dedicate themselves to this monstrous ideology, this death cult.
You do not have a choice if you are not informed. You are not informed if you are disallowed the ability of critical thought.

Someone, a MOVE supporter a while back tried to argue that what the children of MOVE members lacked in education they made up for in wisdom. But, why can they not be allowed both? Does one preclude the other? Is this deliberate destruction of the life of the mind not a crime? At least it should be. To deny a child the right to literacy is to play slave master, for what other purpose could such a state of intellectual denial serve, if not servitude itself?

So, to those of you who still live under the shackles of MOVE, who believe that John Africa or one of his cynical proxy is tending the light at the end of the tunnel, I implore you for the sake of yourselves, or if your view of yourself is so degraded, for the sake of your children, to awaken the spirit of freedom within you and walk away. It is truly as simple as that. Just walk away. It is time for you to begin to live again. Be your own hero and your own master. Those who are your true family will forgive your trespasses against them and you can reclaim what has been lost. It is not an easy road to be sure, but it is the correct one.

Ask yourself if twenty years from now if you want to be parroting MOVE lies and living a live still for others, while your own life and soul withers under the rot of despotism.


At 8:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony, thanks for keeping it real and truthful.

X-MOVE member

At 3:15 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

No, thank you for reading and commenting. Let us hope that we see more comments from those who sign their name as "ex-MOVE" member.

That makes my day and gives me hope.

At 11:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, here's another...

you took the words out of probably several of our mouths, or at least the thoughts out of our heads, and put them down for all to see.

thanks for your courage.

my only problem with your post is that in 20 years, there won't be a "move". just a handful of old, sad lonely, dying zombies. perhaps a few 40 somethings who regret having wasted a chunk of their lives. and a bunch of young adults seeking mental help for having been deprived a healthy childhood. move is nailing their own coffin shut daily.

get out while you still have a chance at freedom.

-another ex-move member.


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