Monday, January 29, 2007

Who And What Is Behind The " NYC Mumia Street" Petition

(Febuary 2, Update
In just over a week we have reached nearly 16,000 signatures. In the last 24 hours alone we have had 4,000 signatures alone. Keep it up!)

The idea to name a street in Harlem after Mumia was apparently spawned out of the New York Coalition To Free Mumia. The group, one of the largest of all of the "Free Mumia" groups believes "that Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent and should be released immediately." This according to their website.

But who are the people behind the petition?

Most certainly, one of them is a Clinical Psychologist named Dr. Suzanne Ross. Ross, who holds a PHD in her field, is a long-time Jamal supporter as well as a member of the "Friends of MOVE" group, which acts as a support network for the child-raping Philadelphia cult known as MOVE.

She serves as the "New York Free Mumia Coalition’s" primary spokesperson for the media and is very closely linked to the leader of the "Free Mumia" cause and MOVE member, Pam Africa. She is listed as the "co-chair" of the Free Mumia group.

Ross is also what one could certainly consider a "professional activist" who will sign onto any cause so long as it is anti-American. She also is a supporter of convicted criminals from Mumia to Leonard Peltier to the "MOVE 9". She is also a fixture of the extremist wing of the "anti-war" movement.

The actual author of the "Name a Street after Mumia" is another career activist named Jeremy Syrop. Syrop is the coalition’s youth coordinator and whose name the group’s website is registered to. He is the proto-typical "white revolutionary" hailing from the hard streets of Chappaqua NY.

In high school he signed a petition to free convicted Earth Liberation Front terrorist Jeff Luers. It was there that the now 20 year old also began his activities to "Free Mumia".

Syrop now attends the "New School" in NYC where he has continued his "radical" activities including setting up a speaking engagement at the school for the disgraced terrorist supporter, Ward Churchill, who will go down in history for equating the victims of 9/11 to Nazis. He will also be remembered for faking a Native American ancestry and plagiarizing his scholarly papers while he was a tenured professor at a University in Colorado.

In addition to his activities as a city planner for the city of New York, Syrop was also apparently the founder of a new incarnation of the extremist 60's group "Students For A Democratic Society". The rather benign sounding group graduated from protests to bomb making and aligning itself with groups like the Black Liberation Army (BLA), a group which just saw eight of it’s former members arrested for the murder of a police officer. Whether Syrop’s group escalates it’s activities in order to replicate the violence of it’s 60's predecessor remains to be seen.

What is clear is that Syrop and the NYC Coalition To Free Mumia’s petition to name a Harlem street after Jamal has stoked the ire of people all over the world which has garnered only 400 signatures since September. In contrast, as of this writing nearly a thousand people a day are signing my petition to keep the streets of New York free of Jamal’s name.

I have received dozens of emails wondering who is behind the Jamal petition.

So now you all know.

Now feel free to drop Dr. Ross and Mr. Syrop a message and let them know how you feel about their deification of a convicted cop-killer and their attempt to defile one of New York’s streets with his name.

Contact Dr. Ross at (917) 584-2135
Contact Mr. Syrop at (212)-330-8029


At 3:49 PM , Blogger TheBitterAmerican said...

Tony, I've crossed posted this and an original post about the on-line petition at my blog.

Best of luck and thanks for your help in trying to defeat this lunatics!

At 6:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I e mailed Ms Ross 2 day with some pointed questions ans as of 9pm 2 day have not received a response

Jon Pisano

At 6:20 PM , Blogger Tony Allen said...

I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for her...But if she does get back to you I would love to read what she has to say



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