Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dear Philly IMC Why Don't You "Deal With The Points"?

Deal with the points Dec 25, 11:58AM

Please Tony, don't change the subject. Readers want your response not a shift of ground. We have to hear you speak at us on tbis sight 2x a week. A credible witness has come in and challenged you on a host of grounds. You owe it to us, who decide to let you continue to speak on this sight, to defend yourself against these assertions, or you will be banned from IMC. tw philly imc>

The above "comment" was posted at the Philly IMC website after pro-Jamal fanatic and wrecker of facts, Steve Argue, posted a year old smear piece against me penned by Mumia’s ex-attorney, Eliot Grossman.

It is a matter of record and fact that I had previously responded to Grossman’s creed-screed back when he wrote it almost a year ago. And I posted this response on several IMC websites, one of which just happened to be the Philly IMC.

Yet, here I was posed with a dilemma. I could tell the IMC member where to go and be banned from the site or I could simply re-post what I had already written back in 2005 and be "allowed" to post my work at the Philly IMC a little bit longer. I somewhat reluctantly chose the latter, perhaps for no other reason other than to afford myself the opportunity to write and post what I am writing now.

To be sure, I lose nothing by being banned from posting at the Philly IMC, but maybe some of the more "independent" visitors to the site do gain something by my contrarian views.
I don’t do this for a living, nobody has asked me to do this work, and frankly, it wouldn’t be the same if they did. I do this on my own accord, time, and sturdy resolve.

I post at the Philly IMC because MOVE posts here as do the adherents of the "Free Mumia" fraud. I post because I believe that the ideals of both of these entities run counter and contrary to the progressive ideal and encourage activists to squander their time and energy on faux causes that are rooted in deceit and prey upon the good intentions of the well meaning. For my trouble I am threatened with censorship on the IMC forum.

I am no stranger to threats or censorship and am in no mood to turn this missive into some kind of pity party for me. I have chosen this fight and I know what my enemies are capable of and am not surprised when they do precisely what they have always done when faced with someone who possesses the truth and is not willing to go with it silently into obscurity.

But I will take issue with people who claim to provide a forum for expression and than threaten to silence those who do just that. I read and than re-read the editorial policy of the Philly IMC and there is nothing contained therein about having to respond to articles that attack your credibility and motivation. Nor do I believe there should be such a rule in a forum that claims the mantle of "independent". But I wasn’t born yesterday. I know that petty little dictatorial minded ideologues with grudges will mangle existing rules and will conjure up new ones in order to settle a score or shut somebody up.

I have dealt with enough of these kind of people in my day to be under no kind of illusions as to how they operate and I realize that they are anything other than "anti-authoritarian". They are the complete opposite and they do no service to any progressive ideal or agenda no matter how well they dress up their petty accusations and altruism.

So for the record I have played the little game of the little dictator at the Philly IMC for the last time and if this gets me banned from the site than so be it. Let the IMC be the pro-Jamal, pro-MOVE echo box that so many would like it to be. Like I said, it won’t ruin my day.

But I will take issue with the Philly IMC directly on one particular issue. It is by no means the only issue that I could make and probably isn’t the only one that I should bring to the table, but in the interest of concision I will keep my point brief.

MOVE, the group which has so often been presented in a favorable light at the Philly IMC is a cult that forces girls as young as 11 to become pregnant. Girls who can’t read or write. Girls who know nothing outside of the tiny world that MOVE’s leaders have allowed them to see.
I would expect someone from the IMC to explain to me why this issue has not been investigated and reported on. After all, is it not a story worth reporting on if little black girls are being treated as mindless wombs by a reasonless and violent cult?

I have brought the issue forward on a number of occasions at the Philly IMC and nobody has touched the issue. But I guess it is easier to feature year old smear pieces penned by Jamal’s former attorneys than to wander into more compelling territory.

If I am lying about this matter would it not be a simple enough phone call or even a walk down the street to MOVE headquarters to either confirm or deny my allegations?

And for the record, nobody in MOVE has ever come onto the IMC to deny my allegations.
So here is my challenge. If I am full of bullshit than let it be proven. If someone goes to a MOVE member and asks them about the issue of severely underage girls being impregnated and giving birth, and MOVE can offer proof that I am wrong, than I will never post at the Philly IMC site again. Period.

But, if I am proven right, than I expect to be no longer harassed by IMC members like "tw" who demand that I jump through hoops if I am to be "allowed" to continue to post. I don’t want special treatment, but I do expect to be treated like anyone else who posts at the Philly IMC site and that is all I am asking. Nothing more.


At 1:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOVE is a cult, and so is LAVA zone, a-space, etc.


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