Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Does This Man Have To Do With The Death Of John Gilbride?

(Pic of Gary Wonderlin)

Chances are, unless you have been around MOVE a good bit, you haven't a clue. And MOVE's leaders like it that way. Wonderlin, a middle aged, white haired, white man, with the dashing looks of an Auschwitz prison guard, is not the image that is brought forth when you think of MOVE. And that is one of the reasons that Wonderlin is so valuable to the group.

And this is why people did not immediately view Wonderlin as a suspect in the murder of John Gilbride.

Wonderlin, is also "married" to Alberta Africa, MOVE's unacknowledged leader and serves as father figure to her young son. The boy's real fathers name was John Gilbride. The same John Gilbride that was gunned down while in a custody dispute with Alberta and MOVE in back in 2002. Just a couple of months after Gilbride's death, Gary Wonderlin got a big promotion within the tiny world of MOVE. He married the queen of MOVE herself, Alberta Africa. And he became the de-facto father of her child. The product of the best reproductive science can buy, this child of Alberta Africa was genetically engineered to be white and is to be the leader of MOVE once his mother has passed onto the insane, cult-asylum, in the sky.

What is beyond argument is that this marriage was quite a step up for Wonderlin to say the least. He had been a MOVE supporter for over twenty years, yet his mannerisms were strange and eccentric and there were even muted whisperings about his sexuality (not a good thing at all in the notoriously homophobic MOVE). Gary was a freak amidst a collection of freaks, but his loyalty to MOVE and especially to MOVE leader, Alberta Africa was never something that was in question. It was known around the Organization that if some sly, dirty work needed to be done, that Gary would be the one to do it. Whether handing out libelous fliers about MOVE's opponents, or calling reporters with cryptic threats, no task was to underhanded for Wonderlin to take on. Especially if it was at the behest of Alberta or her shrill and Nazi-esque, clone Sue Africa.

What was clear to me while I was in MOVE was that Gary was fiercely protective of Alberta and her son. To say that he loved her and the child would not be an overstatement at all. Obsession would be also be a word I could use without sounding hyperbolic to describe Wonderlin’s rather unhealthy affinity for all things Alberta.It is a known fact that most violent crimes are committed out of "passion".

It is often only a deep up swelling of emotion that drives one towards extreme and cruel and seemingly pointless barbarity. It is also a fact that it is these kinds of crimes are committed by those that we least "expect" it from. It is not likely that the killers of John Gilbride wore dread locks and smelled of garlic.

Hypothetically speaking, of course, what would it take to drive a mild-mannered, middle class, man of good legal standing, to commit a terrible and violent act? Perhaps nothing more than the most basic of human emotions, love. A misdirected and warped love of course. A love of a manipulative and evil woman who would be cynical enough to exploit such a base human emotion. A love of a group, a group that had long ago replaced a man’s biological family with that of a generic one, a faux family, that oozed and dripped plagiarized emotion. Love for a child, a child that was supposedly in grave danger. A child that an evil government was bent on destroying through the means of an evil agent. A child who would grow up to lead the revolt against all that was wrong and to set things right. A child who had to be protected at any and all cost.

Sounds silly?

It may be. But people commit cruel and silly crimes on a daily basis. And in MOVE, things that sound silly are taken with the utmost seriousness. Madness with the facade of rationality.But this is this is a partial description of the mythological world that MOVE inhabits and when such dangerous perceptions exists, even more dangerous realities await anyone within MOVE's orbit. MOVE's world is one where it would be perfectly acceptable to lay and wait and stalk a human being and than shoot them apart just as long as it is being done to "protect" MOVE.

So long as the leaders of the cult have deemed it necessary. So long as the person or persons doing the deed have been sufficiently indoctrinated into ways of group think and of course if there is a payoff of some kind. MOVE members tried desperately to kill police officers in 1978 and unfortunately they completed their, John Africa, appointed, task. In 1981 Mumia sought to do the same and again met with success. In 1985, police officers lives were spared through a mix of body armor, new training, and luck. MOVE members are killers and no one should expect them to be anything else.

We should, however, expect them to change their tactics every once in a while.

It is known now that after John Gilbride was killed, Gary Wonderlin got a big payoff. He married the widow of John Africa. He gets to help raise the child that John Gilbride should have had a chance to love and care for. He moved from his small, rat infested, dump of a home, to Alberta's upper middle class home in Cherry Hill. He got it all, and we all know that in the real world, and even in MOVE's convoluted one, nobody gets anything for free.

The question begs to be asked, and I have to wonder aloud, just what did Gary do to deserve his big promotion? I do know one thing for sure and that is that Gary Wonderlin knows what he did to get his big bump up in the MOVE world. Maybe he can come out and share his big "secret" with the rest of us.

During MOVE’s campaign of disinformation and hatred against John Gilbride, Gary Wonderlin was on the front line leading the charge. He called John’s place of business in order to attempt to paint John as a member of a terrorist group (MOVE), despite the fact that John had long left the group. Here was an instance of MOVE exploiting it’s shitty reputation for it’s own personal ambitions. An interesting tactic for a group that allegedly prides itself upon it’s dedication to the "truth".


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What a shame Zack is being violated by this softy homo. With this as your pretend father the kid is doomed.


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