Saturday, November 11, 2006

Update on the NYC IMC Censorship

It seems that the nasty habit of censorship is catching on in the ugly way that it tends to.

Not only have I apparently been banned from the NYC IMC, I have also been banned from other IMC sites as well. Not just the article about Pam, any article I write seems to have been deemed too unfit for visitors to a number of IMC sites. And my IP has been banned on a number of sites and on others my articles have been removed citing unnamed “violations”.

Interestingly enough, the Philly IMC has continued to allow my posts. This, the media collective most close to the whole Mumia/MOVE phenomena. Again I must commend them for sticking up for the principle of Independent thought and Independent media that provides a medium for such thought.

Again, it is too bad that so many of their comrades in other cities do not see things this way, but given the state of the “left” today, one can hardly be surprised.

Of course, good things often are spawned from that which is initially seen as negative.

Upon hearing about what happened at the NYC IMC I was contacted by someone sympathetic to my situation and I was informed that this practice of arbitrary censorship has become something of a norm amongst the now ironically titled Independent Media community.

There is now a website for those who have found that the Indy media community has lost it’s way.

Please visit them and let them know you support their work at

Also, drop a line to the Philly IMC and let them know that you value their commitment to free speech despite the pressure put on them by MOVE and their supporters.

Drop them an email at


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